College Outfit Ideas: 5 Fashion Forward Rule-Breaking Outfits!

Want some rebellious college outfits? Be the most stylish and fashion-forward girl in college with these daring and rule-breaking college outfit ideas!

13c rule breaking outfits for college

Hey gorgeous! Fashion rules are set every now and then. And it makes me wonder why? Isn’t fashion all about expressing yourself and being who you really are? Who are these rule makers and who are they to tell us what to wear and how to wear it? And especially if you’re still young and in college, the last thing you wanna be doing is follow absurd rules.

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As a teen, I would read Cosmo where they’d make up all these rules that I now can’t believe I used to read. Thankfully, I was too lazy to follow them and just wore what I felt like wearing. Having said that, I never broke any rules either, just played it safe! Which is so not the way to live life!

Don’t be bound by fashion dos and don’ts, dress the way you want to and don’t hesitate to break every fashion rule out there that should never have been made in the first place. ‘Cause if you don’t break the rules now, when will you? So, here are five such college outfit ideas to ignite the rebel in you!

College Outfit Ideas for the Rule-Breakers: 5 Daring College Outfits

1. Wear Out-of-Place Separates

trendy college outfit ideas sporty-casual-formal-blazer-sneakers-stylish-college-lookWho says college fashion is all about tees and jeans only? Juxtapose formals with casuals to experiment with college outfits. Combining hard and soft, bright and dull, and feminine and edgy are some ideas to get you started. My pick for today, however, is sporty and formal. Pair two pieces from your closet that you think should never go together. For example, a sharp suit jacket and casual sneakers. And voilà! You’ve got yourself a college outfit idea that’s not only trendy but also breaks fashion rules.

2. Try Bold Pairings – Print on Print

13c rule breaking outfits for college

The concept of print on print can be found on almost every tricky fashion list. Apart from breaking fashion rules, mixing prints is tricky too. The idea is to combine different prints like florals, stripes, checks, polka dots or anything else you please in contrasting colors. If you prefer taking the safer route with college outfits, keep the colors of the prints monochrome or even making sure your footwear and bag are neutral toned will balance it out.

3. Try the Out-of-Bed Look

college outfits latest-stylish-college-wear-style-girls-university-fashion-outfit-ideas-tips-pajama-lookDare to mix up your day wear and nightwear in your college outfits? Silk pajamas have been a red carpet favorite for some time now. It’s so bizarre and cool at the same time. Silk pajamas work the best for this outfit idea ’cause cotton ones may just look a little too out-there even for a rule-breaking college outfit. But then again, who am I to state rules? As for the footwear, fur slip ons would compliment this college outfit really well. I love the whole rebellious and I-couldn’t-care-less attitude that this daring look gives off. Another outfit idea to try is an Out-of-gym look.

If only I could go back in time and wear this outfit to college. I so regret not doing something so crazy (fashion-wise). So, try out new things and experiment with anything and everything possible while you still can. #LifeIsTooShortForRegrets

4. Make the College Your Celebration


Even if you can’t go to a music festival, it shouldn’t stop you from dressing like you are going to one! Think along the lines of Coachella and Tomorrowland for these stylish college outfit ideas. Denim shorts, sheer skirts, fringed jackets and Aztec prints are some concert elements you can incorporate into your college look.

Accessorize with flower tiaras, tassle accessories, chandelier jewelry, nose rings and gladiator sandals. If you wanna go the extra mile, try some henna tattoos or even metallic flash tattoos which is a Coachella favorite year after year. It would look even bolder if you wear this outfit idea during fall as this is such a spring look.

5. Be Culturally Inappropriate!


This is going to make a lot of our readers unhappy but being a rule-breaker can also mean not having to please everyone. Nowadays, the concept of cultural appreciation is twisted around and made to seem like cultural appropriation. Which is what makes this outfit rule-breaking at its finest. Show your appreciation by being inspired with your college outfit ideas. Ideas include headdresses, African prints, silk turbans or matador pants!

A kimono dress is one of those dresses that don’t need any additional accessories or anything of that sort. It’s rich and striking enough on its own. Simply pair it with some flat or chunky-heeled footwear and that’s about it. In case you want to elevate the level of appropriation, go ahead and give yourself a geisha-inspired makeup look. Try not to take it too far though. It’s still college not a costume party. Other similar outfit ideas for college you can give a go are Native American and African tribes inspired looks.

Although, beware, with these college outfits, you may offend your classmates or even someone on the way to college, which is probably what you set out to do!

So, those were some ideas for college outfit ideas that break fashion rules and boundaries. Hope it inspires you to try some of your own. Do let us know if you do by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja! Or show us your own rebellious college outfits by tagging us on Insta @shilpaahujadotcom! 🙂

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