Top 10 Coffee Festival & Shows Around the World: Celebrate the Caffeine!

Coffee is a drink that touches all your senses. From New York coffee festival to Kona coffee cultural festival, here are the best 10 coffee festival around the world every coffee lover needs to check out!

coffee-festivals-worldwide-london-cafe-beansCoffee feeds the soul. I can’t imagine starting my day without an aromatic cup of goodness. Imagine hugging a mug of hot coffee on a Monday morning. Thank god for coffee! Apart from the cafes and local restaurants, where do all the coffee lovers find their dose of happiness? Coffee festivals to the rescue. Ah! Coffee festivals sound perfect for every caffeine addict. From trying new flavors to going on a cafe crawl to interacting with like-minded coffeholics, it’s the perfect way to know more about the drink. We have listed the top 10 coffee festivals that you totally need to know about! Let’s check out!

1. NYC Coffee and Tea Festival

The NYC coffee and tea festival turns 13 this year. It’s happening on March 10th and 11th of 2018. From knowing coffee’s history to tasting sessions, it’s the perfect event for coffee lovers in New York. There’s gonna be different types of tea to try, too! And you can volunteer if interested. Check out their website for more info!

new york coffee lovers around the world
2. Kona Coffee Festival

Kona coffee festival of Hawaii seems to be a fun-filled event. It started in the year 1970 and happens in the month of November every year. Its one of the oldest and one of the most popular and successful food festivals in Hawaii. The festival goes on for 10 days with many activities. It promotes culture and diversity and helps to preserve and promote Kona’s unique coffee heritage.

kona-oldest-coffee-festival-tasting-foodOne of the highlights of the Kona coffee cultural festival is Miss Kona coffee scholarship pageant that happens during the festival.

miss-kona-coffee-festivals-around-the-world3. San Antonio Coffee Festival

A typical coffee festival to taste fresh locally roasted coffee from all over the world. Coffee strolling through shops is one of the events. One can enjoy good food and music along with the tasting session. Though the festival is done this year, I couldn’t help but notice that the admission was free and the tasting session cost only $5. Wow! It’s on my bucket list for 2019!

san antonio hot cup of coffee lovers festival4. Coffee Fest Portland

The Portland coffee fest has been quite famous amongst caffeine lovers for the past 25 years. Basically, this fest is for people who are in coffee business as it’s a business to business trade show. There are some fun activities like latte art championship, America’s best espresso and best cold brew competitions.

5. International Coffee Festival

The International Coffee Festival, India is hosted by International Coffee Organization. And this year it happened in Bangalore, India. From cafe crawl to coffee quizes to awards, happiness is brewed.

india-coffee-festival-seminar-different-types6. Cincinnati Coffee

The Cincinnati coffee festival is an event that is held in the month of November annualy. There’s samplings, live music, demos and products to buy. The best part of the festival is the free tasting of a few samples, elegant pastries, and savory foods. Also, it’s a must visit for all coffee-holics for their exclusive artisan roasters, specialty brewers and expert baristas.

cincinnati-coffee-crawl-destival7. Chicago Coffee Fest

The Chicago Coffee Festival is hosted by The Consumer Coffee Festival. It’s a 2-day event with over 40 exhibitors and tasting sessions. From gaining knowledge about Turkish coffee to learning every aspect of home espresso to DIY cold brew coffee, it’s a total gala time for caffeine lovers. Apart from learning and the preparation of coffee, the highlight of 2017 coffee convention was the seminar about chocolates. Coffee and chocolate together. I’m already making plans to attend this coffee show in 2018!

chicago-types-of-coffee-tea-festival8. Coffee Festival Amsterdam

Amsterdam coffee expo is a 3-day affair and is happening from the 9th to 11th of March this tear. Apart from Amsterdam, it happens in other cities like London, New York, Los Angeles, Milan and Cape Town. That’s so cool! Innit?! Coffee cocktails, latte art, espresso martini party, tasting sessions, seminars and art projects are the highlights of the festival. Also, live music and street food market add charm to the event.

amsterdam coffee festival types of9. Seattle Coffee Convention

Seattle coffee week is happening from April 17th to 23rd of this year. That’s an entire week of coffee goodness that one can dive into! The event is hosted by Specialty Coffee Expo. From coffee skills program to workshops to lectures, the festival is all about knowing coffee well! Also, a new kind of combination of craft coffee and craft beer is explored where beautiful beers are made out of coffee. Yum! Now Seattle coffee convention has another feather in its cap!

coffee festival seattle-coffee-smelling-aroma-festivals10. Coffee Festival UK

The London coffee festival started in the year of 2011 and there’s no looking back. This was one of the first coffee bean expos by Allegra events. With gourmet food stalls, tastings and demonstrations from world-class baristas, interactive workshops, street food, coffee-based cocktails, live music, DJs, art exhibitions and so much more, the coffee festival is an unmissable event for discerning coffee lovers. It’s happening 12th to 15th of April this year.

london coffee festival testing tastingSo, these were the top coffee festivals for the lovers of the brew. Have you attended any coffee festival? Brew us with some interesting stories. Tweet us @shilpa1ahuja!

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