Classy Nails: 10 Best Shades & 40 Classy Nail Designs You Need to Try

From casual outings to parties to the office, classy nails uplift your fashion sense and also look royal. Here are the best classy nail designs you need to try to get a classy royalty look.

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Hey beautiful! With the increase in the number of nail art trends every coming day, the options to try in classy nail designs are aplenty. Girls love to keep experimenting with the latest ones but never forget, trends go out of fashion but classy style doesn’t. How much ever we rock the latest trends, sometimes we just don’t wanna try anything crazy and look classy. Same is the case with nails.

Here are a few classy nail designs and the best shades every girl would love to try!

40 Classy Nails You Need to Try

Casual Classy Nail Designs

It’s not necessary to pamper your nails just on special occasions, make them feel special even when your day is dull or you have nothing to do or you are just at home. On casual days, classy nail designs work well as you don’t have to think much. Just choose a neutral shade or white that’ll work well no matter what you’re up for in the week!

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Classy Nail Ideas for Party

Going to a party and yet not able to decide on what nail design will go with the outfit? Just try some classy nail designs! Getting decked up for the party doesn’t always mean dazzling, shimmery nails, you can just add a touch of bling to your classy nails.

Classy nail ideas for the party include either dark or neutral shades with a little glitter on them. Glitter with french tip nail art is the best option. Mix no more than two shades of nail paint for that classy look. You can also just go plain and match the nail color with the color of the outfit! Top it off with a matte or high shine coat to match your mood and theme of the party!

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Classy Nail Designs for Office

Office environments always crave classy and minimal fashion. The best idea for nail designs for office is stick to one color i.e go monotone! And if you want to try nail art then opt for nail designs with the same color and keep it as simple as possible. You don’t want people staring at your fancy nails when in a meeting or giving a presentation, right! So stay classy, stay beautiful!

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Classy Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are fake nails placed on the original ones to get an instant feel for long well-shaped nails. If you have a party coming up and your nails are yet not ready for it, then acrylic nails come to the rescue. Many varieties come up in these nail designs that are readily available in the market, just choose the best ones! Also, you can work on them with nail design of your choice as they provide a very good canvas!

Classy Nail Art

Small floral prints, geometric designs, French tips and tiny embellishments are best ideas for classy nail art. I’m loving the baby pink colored nail art! Perfect for dates and yeah, Valentine’s day! The shimmery hearts look adorable.

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Classy Toe Nail Designs

Amp up your toes with classy nail designs! Personally, I don’t like nail art on the toes as it gets hidden when I wear shoes and by the time it’s time to show it off it fades away! So, I prefer just classy nail paint on the toes like a single shade or alternate bright and light colors! You can also try tiny dots or lines to make the nail design stand out!

Classy Christmas Nails

Aww! I’m loving these classy Christmas nails. Snowflakes, reindeer, Santa and anything related to Christmas are the perfect go for Christmas nails. Also, if you don’t want to go for nail art and keep it subtle with just nail paint then opt for festive colors like white, red and green.


Classy Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nail shapes are for the bold and fearless! If you love to try new shapes, go stiletto for a week and paint the nails nude or white to keep the focus on the shape.

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Classy Nail Colors

Neutrals, soft pink, shiny black, dove grey, baby pink are a few classy nail colors that would never ever go out of style! White, pumice, powder blue and mint green also look very classy. Reds for weddings, chrome glitters for parties are good ideas to try in the classy nail colors.

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So these are the best classy nails! I’m loving the Christmas classy nails! Which one are you looking forward to trying? Do share the pics of your beautiful nails designs on @shilpaahujadotcom.
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