Chocolate No Bake Cookies: Easy Recipes & 4 Delicious Variations

From quick and easy no bake cookies to gluten-free and vegan ones, check out the best and easiest recipes for chocolate no bake cookies below!

easy-no-bake-chocolate-cookie-recipes-diy-simple-quickEver since I wrote an article on my chocolate chip banana bread recipe, I’ve been desperately waiting to experiment with another dessert in the kitchen. And what better than cookies, right?! But I’m usually a disaster waiting to happen when it comes to baking anything in the oven. Which is why no bake recipes are perfect! These chocolate no bake cookies are so easy and quick to make that I’ve been making a batch almost every single day! And no, it’s not because I can’t stop eating them. But because I never get to eat any! I usually leave in them in the fridge to chill at night and by morning they’re all gone! Except for some crumbs. Something tells me it’s my brother.

And these super yummy chocolate no bake cookies don’t take more than 10 minutes to make. All you basically need to make them are some plain biscuits and some chocolate, both of which you’ll most likely have at home already. You also don’t need an oven, which I love ’cause they’re the most unreliable kitchen equipment! For me atleast.

And these no bake cookies only took me so long ’cause I stopped to take pictures after every step and kept licking the melted chocolate off the the bowls and spoons. So, it wouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes in total, making it the perfect last-minute snack for a party. Just a warning though, anyone who tries these delicious chocolate no bake cookies will undoubtedly be back for more. Atleast that’s what happened with me. Anyone and everyone who took a bite of them won’t stop asking me to make more for them!

Simple Chocolate No Bake Cookies Without Peanut Butter

Most chocolate no bake cookies recipes use peanut butter, which sucks ’cause a lot of people are allergic to nuts or just don’t like them in general. So here’s one no bake cookie recipe that I’ve made way too many times than I should, ever since I discovered it.

easy-no-bake-chocolate-cookie-recipe-diy-simple-quickPrep Time: 5 mins; Chilling Time: 15 mins; Total Time: 20 mins
Level: Easy
Makes: 6 cookies


  • 10 digestive biscuits
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 4 chocolate bars of your choice
  • White chocolate
  • Sprinkles/ choco chips

This no bake recipe makes cookies depending to the number of digestive biscuits you choose. 10 biscuits would make approximately 6 cookies. So choose accordingly. Put your biscuits in a zip loc bag, seal it and use a rolling pin to crush them into li’l crumbs. Make sure to not crush them to the point where they turn powdery. Have some big bits too, it makes the cookies crunchier and yummier!

easy-no-bake-cookies-recipes-peanut-butter-chocolate-vegan-cookieNow take your chocolate, it could be anything – dark or milk. I used milk chocolate, broke them into small pieces in a bowl, added the butter and popped it into the microwave for 15 seconds. You could also use a double boiler method if that’s easier for you.

quick-simple-3-ingredient-no-bake-chocolate-cookie-recipes-gluten-dairy-free-veganOnce it’s melted, add your crumbled biscuits to it and combine them together. If the consistency doesn’t look like the image shown below, add in another bar of melted chocolate. You can also add in choco chips at this stage if you want, for extra chocolaty goodness!

oatmeal-peanut-butter-no-bake-chocolate-cookie-recipes-vegan-healthy-gluten-freeNow it’s time to shape our no bake cookies! I didn’t have a cookie tray, so I used silicone cupcake moulds, which worked better ’cause the cookies won’t stick to the bottom or sides. But if you have neither, you can just go ahead and use a large plate. But do make sure to butter the surface or line with a baking sheet first. Use your hands to make small balls with the chocolate & biscuit crumb mixture and flatten them into discs.


Then comes the fun part! Decorate your no bake cookie as you please. I love white chocolate but didn’t have enough to make the entire cookie out of it, so I melted some along with some butter and drizzled it on top using a spoon. I also added some colorful sprinkles to make them look prettier than they already were! Put them in the fridge to set, which won’t take more than 15 minutes and your cookies are ready!

vegan-gluten-free-easy-no-bake-cookie-recipesChocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies

Prep Time: 10 mins; Chilling Time: 15 mins; Total Time: 25 mins
Level: Easy
Makes: 6 cookies

If you’re looking for a chewy, gooey no bake cookie, here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 cups oats
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 8 tbsp butter
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder

Add the milk, sugar, butter and cocoa in a saucepan, place it on a stove on medium heat ad bring to a boil, while stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and add to it the peanut butter and oats.

oatmeal-peanut-butter-no-bake-chocolate-cookie-recipes-easyShape into discs with your hands and place them on a baking sheet-lined or buttered surface. Leave them in the fridge to set for 10-15 minutes and you’ve got yourself a batch of crunchy yet melt-in-the-mouth chocolate oatmeal cookies!

chocolate-oatmeal-no-bake-cookie-recipes-vegan-gluten-freeGluten Free No Bake Cookies

These delicious chocolate no bake cookies are perfect for people who have gluten sensitivity or just prefer a gluten-free diet. Just follow any of the no bake cookie recipes above but make sure you use biscuits that are free of gluten and switch the regular milk for almond milk.

Vegan No Bake Cookies

easy-no-bake-cookies-chocolate-vegan-dairy-free-cookie-without-butterFor anyone that’s into the healthy, vegan lifestyle, try these vegan no bake cookies. You could use either of the first two recipes but swap the butter for some coconut oil and regular milk for soy or almond milk. And the chocolate bars for any dairy-free vegan chocolate.

So those were our quick and easy recipes for chocolate no bake cookies! Will you be trying any of these easy no bake cookies recipes? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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