Cherry Blossom Tattoo: Meaning, Designs, Ideas and Much More!

Sakura tattoos have been taking the world by storm lately. From what each color tattoo means to plenty of designs, this article will make you want to get a cherry blossom tattoo for yourself!

best-latest-cherry-blossom-tree-flower-sakura-japanese-tattoo-ideas-designs-women-menCherry blossoms hold so much meaning within them, I can’t see why any girl wouldn’t want to get them inked. What started out as a prominent part of Japanese and Chinese cultures is now a popular choice of tattoo amongst women. Tattoos will stay with you to the ends of life and what better than getting one with full of meaning to keep you motivated and inspired at all times!

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Meaning


Popularly known as sakura in Japan, this flower stands for beauty, delicacy of life and renewal. Cherry blossoms bloom during the springtime and wither and die within two weeks of their blooming. They signify that no matter how beautiful and spectacular life is, it’s short-lived. It’s for those who appreciate change and know that nothing lasts forever!

Different Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs

From watercolor tattoos to line work and miniature ones, there are plenty of trends in  cherry blossom tree tattoo designs. Check them all about below!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo

cherry-blossom-flower-tattoo-designs-ideas (7)-sakura-japanese
@defytattoo, @inkandhoneytattoos, @subi_tu_tattoo

Cherry blossoms with some Japanese phrase or word of your choice or along with traditional symbols like yin yang, a Japanese hand fan or koi fish. Chinese cherry blossom tattoos along with mandarin text are huge too.

Minimalist Sakura Tattoo

cherry-blossom-flower-tattoo-designs-ideas (8)-simple-minimalist
@tattooist_haesol, @mint.tatts, @tattooist_flower

A simple cherry blossom line drawing or a colored cherry blossom tattoo with falling petals are good ideas for a minimal sakura tree tattoo design. You can keep it monochromatic, too.

Branch Tattoo

cherry-blossom-flower-tattoo-designs-ideas (2)-branch
@najsfer, @crushtattoo, @jessparrytattoos

Cherry blossom tattoos look all the more realistic when they have branches. Try a thin, tiny branch or a thick branch splitting into smaller branches, dotted with flowers here and there.

Small Cherry Blossom Tattoo

@moderntraditionstattoos, @mint.tatts

Small sakura tattoos on the finger or ankle are great for those who love hidden tattoos.

Watercolor Cherry Blossom Tattoo


Cherry blossom flower tattoos and watercolor tattoos are huge trends on their own. Put them together and you’ll have the trendiest tattoo in town! Perfect as small arm tattoos.

Cherry Blossom Flower Tattoo


A cherry blossom tattoo design without branches won’t make it look any less pretty or real-looking. In fact, it’s one of the cutest and best flower tattoos. Just get a flower on its own or along with a leaf or a bunch of flowers.

Hummingbird Cherry Blossom Tattoo

cherry-blossom-flower-tattoo-designs-ideas (4)-hummingbird
@mkajic, @jessie.needforink

Hummingbirds and cherry blossom tattoo designs are often gotten together ’cause these birds are usually found on cherry blossom trees, sucking the nectar from the flowers. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your cherry blossom tree tattoo. Dragonfly and cherry blossom tattoos are quite popular too.

Where to Get Your Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo

Wrist Tree Tattoo

cherry-blossom-flower-tattoo-designs-ideas (5)-wrist
@tattooist_flower, @toni_irezumi, @sergtattooer

Get an almost bracelet-like band of pretty cherry blossoms around your wrist or keep it minimal with a small flower on or above the wrist.

Cherry Blossom Shoulder Tattoo

cherry-blossom-flower-tattoo-designs-ideas (3)-shoulder-women
@aeri_tattoo, @rex_ttt

Blossom tattoos on the shoulder look exceptionally sexy and there are plenty of ways to show them off – wearing something with one shoulder, off-shoulder, sleeveless, halter and the list goes on!

Cherry Blossom Sleeve Tattoo


Branches and flowers twirled around your arm and forearm is an awesome cherry blossom sleeve tattoo idea.

Tree Back Tattoo

best sakura flower cherry blossom tree tattoo design back

These are great ’cause you can go as big and as bold as you want as there’s more surface area to work with and you can also keep it hidden whenever you please. A cherry blossom tree or branch with an effect of petals being blown away by wind and some scattered at the bottom would make for a cute back tattoo.

Cherry Blossom Side Tattoo

@southsidetattooashland, @lavidaesmuykorta

Japanese cherry blossom tattoo designs look extra pretty on the side at the rib. It’s a painful place to get a tattoo but hey, the end result is so worth it. Pull it off with a cut-out dress!

Cherry Blossom Thigh Tattoo


Colored or black and grey, cherry blossom tattoo designs look beautiful on the thigh. Small flowers or tree branches going all the way up to the hip or even rib cage are some great ideas for unique thigh tattoos.

Cherry Blossom Leg Tattoo

@enigmcd, @danny_kuishou, @dytattoos

There are so many places on the leg where you can get a tattoo. Get them at the ankle, calf or one trailing from your thighs down to your ankles.

Cherry Blossom Foot Tattoos

cherry-blossom-foot-tattoo-ideas-designs-pink-flowersThese are very popular among women ’cause they resemble an anklet made of flowers. You could even get a floral tattoo along the side of the foot.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo in Different Styles

You don’t have to stick to traditional tattoo styles. Here are some great options we recommend for a unique look.

Realistic Cherry Blossoms Tattoo

@tattooist_wonseok, @eiji_tattoo

Botanical tattoos have been all the rage lately. So opt for some realistic looking cherry blossoms with five petals in white, pink or red.

Black and White Cherry Blossom Tattoo

For some weird reason, I find tattoos more meaningful when they’re achromatic. So, these are the ones I’d most likely get. Don’t get me wrong, colored ones are beautiful too and obviously, more realistic. But there’s something about black and white cherry blossom tattoo designs.

latest-cherry-blossom-tattoo-ideas-sakura-tree-black-white, @666sss_, @domcalitattoo

White Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Don’t know why but white cherry blossoms are not as popular as pink and red ones in the tattoo world. These types of tattoos are ideal if you want a beautiful cherry blossom tattoo that it isn’t too mainstream. It’s also perfect if you want something really subtle.


So those were our ideas for cherry blossom tattoos! What did you think of them? And will you be getting one? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja 😀
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