Chanel No 5 : A Perfume Story + Latest AW 2015 2016 Campaign

I sit in Starbucks with my laptop and my tall cappuccino as I try to write an article about Chanel No 5. The perfume barely needs any introduction, I think as I notice on my festive cup a mark of my red lipstick that I wore in the spirit of Christmas! I bring my wrist to up to my nose again to take in the fresh, feminine notes of my Chanel No 5. Does it smell like anything else, I ask myself. Lucky I’m in a coffee shop because there’s a jar of coffee beans right at my arm’s reach to cleanse my palette with!

It is of course, how this classic perfume designed to be – mystical. Possibly so that it brings out different hints for each woman, not just one flower or so. It’s often said that Chanel No 5 is not just a perfume, but a lifestyle. If you wear it, you’re saying that you’re a free-bird, you become a part of the women’s liberation movement from the 20s!

As a kid, my mom spoilt me with my first designer beauty products and luxury perfumes. Chanel No 5 wasn’t one of them, however, it does remind me of a handmade yet indulgent talc she and I shared. And that’s exactly what No 5 smells like for me – youthfulness, indulgence, a delightful morning from my childhood – fresh yet cozy!

Speaking of, check out the latest Chanel No 5 campaign featuring Gisele in a red sequin dress.

In last year’s campaign, she was featured as this unattainable beauty. So it’s interesting to see Gisele as a relatable girl this time, who’s happy to have her Christmas gift, as am I! 🙂 So, do you wear Chanel No  5? And what do you like about it? Tell me your story below!

Wanna buy the Chanel perfume for a Christmas present? Shop No 5 here. Instagram your new bottle with the hashtag #slubchanelno5 and I may double tap it!! 😀

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