Celebrity Makeup Trends | 2020’s Best Beauty Looks

Here are the celebrity approved ways to welcome the latest celebrity makeup trends. We’ve rounded up the top 10 beauty looks to try during the lockdown.

Celebs are always ahead of the fashion curve and we love drawing inspiration from these vogue ladies and forging a path of our own. With the makeup industry and makeup trends booming more than ever, you guys have a lot of catching up to do and we got you updated. From the return of drawn on eyelashes to turning your eyes into a hue stick, celebs are on board this flashback train.

Top 10 Celebrity Makeup Trends for 2020

1. Classic Cat Eyeliner with 90s Lip

celebrity makeup trends Classic Cat Eyeliner
Ariana Grande

The pages keep turning back onto the classic cat eye in the book of makeup trends. From 1960’s fashion icon Audrey Hepburn to present day Ariana Grande, this trend is still going strong. Ariana gives the cat-eye a smooth transition by trying it with a nude and black eyeliner with a neutral eye shadow and joining the lower and upper lash-line going total retro with this one. Try it with fluttery lashes and bold brows, add a dark 90s lipstick for the perf Instagram selfie!

2. Crystal Cat Eye

Crystal Eye shadow
Anne Marie

Stretch your cat eye gamut and explore the sparkly crystal cat eye this season. Anne Marie with a pink crystal eye created the perfect visual of dressing out of a whimsical fantasy world. This is one of the celebrity makeup trends that you’ll want to try for your virtual proms and farewell parties. She kept the look simple with a fresh face, warm smokey eye, letting the quirky embellished eyes catch the limelight. 

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3. 70s Brown Lip

70's Brown Lip
Gigi Hadid

The brown lip has been making its rounds in the makeup space and the celebs keep gravitating it into their orbit. Gigi has been donning the perky Farah Fawcett look in more ways than ever, with slight variations. The all nude makeup with notes of brown with a blonde blow out and diamond drop earringss added to the aesthetic.

4. Inner Corner Color Pop

Inner Corner Color Pop
Kylie Jenner

Making a brand new statement in the makeup empire has to be Kylie Jenner with pops of color on the inner corner. Welcome spring/summer time in a glamorous with a side of good girl vibes by adding this makeup trend to your everyday look. This is one of the latest celebrity makeup trends for 2020 that’s just a little extra. The neon pop of color she came up with seems like a creative way to express yourself everyday. We’d say this would be a great look to master during the lockdown!

5. Aqua Eyes

Blue Eyeshadow
Dua Lipa

Blue eyeshadow is nothing new in the world of beauty. But this eclectic juxtaposition of alien and enchanting look is surely one for the young and wild hearted. Acing the look, Dua Lipa looks all corners edgy in this intense eye makeup. With a look as bold as this, you might as well pick the pantone color of the season: Classic Aqua.

6. Neutral Peach

Peach Natural Makeup
Enna Balinska

Ella Balinska’s simple peach makeup hits all the right notes of soft and pretty. Mix some of your peaches and pinks with just the right amount of subtle and you’ll be able to rock these celebrity makeup trends. The peach makeup is based on a love for classic makeup looks over the lust for fleeting makeup trends. She is proof enough that you can stay effortless and still make a banging statement. Plus this would look so good on every skin tone!

7. Graphic Eyeliner and Drawn on Eyelashes

graphic eyeliner lashes makep looks lucy boynton
Lucy Boynton

Having a blast from the past is Twiggy with the graphic liner and drawn on lashes. These two trends made it through the 60s and are breezing through in early 2020s. With a clean face and bushy brows, Lucy Boynton is making headliners with makeup looks like no other.

8. Sunset Eyeshadow

Sunset Eyeshadow
Cara Delevingne

The colorful eye palette on the hunt to make the next statement meets Cara Delevingne with her pomp display of sunset explosion eyes. This is one of 2020’s latest celebrity makeup trends that will definitely take some time to master. Pick a scenery and put your artistic desires into play leaving it in excess. Forget clean lines and precision, and just try out the most unusual color combos while you can!

9. Vivid Eyeliner

Vivid Eyeliner

Forget blue liner and metallic liner. The newest thing on the block is rainbow-colored liner. Or in Ri-Ri’s case – unicorn colored. Rihanna’s wild take on the winged eyeliner with a whole lot of color is dripping with S.W.A.G. Stow away your boring blacks and play around with colors to achieve the look. She draws inspiration from pop art and introduces two or more colors inviting a geometric eye look.

10. Old Hollywood Pout

Old Hollywood Glam
Dua Lipa

The 50s are back amongst 2020’s celebrity makeup trends with bold red pouts. With her innate sense of style, Dua Lipa elevates the old Hollywood glam with bushy eyebrows and doe eyes. Bringing a fresh approach to boost up the classic, the lower lashes do the trick. A sassy red pout with fashion risk taking qualities will never outstay its welcome in your vanity.

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So which of these celebrity makeup trends is going to make it to your do-try list during the lockdown? We’re sure you also have a new try-worthy look or two up your sleeve that you’re looking to try. Did we cover your fave celebs and which celebrity makeup look is on your to-do  list? Do tag us @shilpaahujadotcom on Instagram in your new makeup selfie if you try these looks!

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