15 Celebrity Hair Color Trends for 2020

Looking for a hair color with the shift in season and style? Here are the 15 latest celebrity hair color trends for 2020 you need know about!

shilpa ahuja latest Celebrity Hair Color Trends 2020 ideas

Hair color is one of the trickiest decisions every girl’s got to make every now and then. Revamping yourself with a whole new avatar with just a change of color can be quite daunting sometimes.

Celebrity Hair Color Trends to Try in 2020

With classic browns making a mark on the trend scale again and a few graphic colors, we’ve consolidated the celebrity hair color trends for 2020 we see our fave celebs donning. Deftly playing and preening with your hair, a new style has got to flood our social media after getting it done. I’m sure we’ve all done that and we love it. 

Golden Bronze

This cool shade is trendy yet low-maintenance, making it to the top of our list of celebrity hair color trends for 2020. Switch your hair color to a sunset undertone bronze to liven up the dull locks. With the untoward lockdowns, a low maintenance color is the best bet you can opt for. With darker roots and cooler ends, this color almost looks like one was blessed with them. The best bit? The color fades off just a teensy bit into smooth blends of caramel at the ends, making your locks look more voluminous.

Gigi Hadid - hair color trends 2020
Gigi Hadid

Brown Shadow Roots 

Looking for something even more low-mainenance, then this is one of the celebrity hair color trends you can try. Black roots with multiple underlying layers of brunette is the most attainable hair color this season. The seamless merge of charcoal and cocoa definitely adds an age revival along with the color revival. No time for a touch up, no problem. Us Indians being born with a black mane have hardly much to do to keep up with this trend. And even if black is not your natural hair color, it’s the easiest to do at home and can stay on the longest.

Kendall Jenner hair color trends 2020
Kendall Jenner

Brown with Copper Highlights  

In touch with her rustic interiors, Zooey Deschanel’s hair looks like a reflection of the beautiful carpet she’s on. The tip to ace this celebrity hair color trend is to make sure the highlights blend in with the global color effortlessly. This vibrant yet muted hair color is sure to leap your look from basic to bomb with just a few brown shades from the triadic color scheme. 

Zooey Deschanel hair color trends 2020
Zooey Deschanel

Caramel Sombre

Toasted with peanut butter jelly is what this hair color screams to me. With a gingerbread caramel sombre color as an overall base and sunkissed caramel highlights, this is one of those celebrity hair color trends that’s a little tough to get the color just right. This warm color plays with lights and shadows giving it a multi-tonal outlook. It complements olive tones or wheatish complexions really well.

Jessica Alba hair color trends 2020
Jessica Alba

 Brown Balayage

Keeping it safe and stylish in a cinnamon brown balayage, Zendaya rocks the universal hair color. This celebrity hair color trend is one that complements every skin tone in the scale. Go for a clear shine glaze to make the color pop and show its true tone under the sunlight. Damn, I already love it!! Cascade them into big blowout curls to flaunt them. Be careful not to go too dark on this, as it may look starke.

Zendaya hair color trends 2020

Raven Black 

Are you one to stretch your color gamut and step out of your comfort zone? If  deep brown is your natural hair color, the lockdown may just be the time to embrace it and let nature take its course. The easiest color to jump into while not having salons to visit as often and still be at the top of your game. However, if you’re light-haired, opting for a daring and drastic hair color is one of the next celebrity hair color trends you need to try.

Camila Mendes hair color trends 2020
Camilla Mendes

Reverse Blonde Ombre 

Giving the classic blonde a spin, here is a trend to create a gradual transition from dark to light. It is ombre but from the inside out, is what creates the dramatic effect. If you’re one to get this one make sure you sway your hair in the right direction. The flux of shadow from the core to buttery blonde on the outside jolts the country chic vibes.

Dakota Fanning hair color trends 2020
Dakota Fanning

Blonde Shadow Roots 

Mulling an ash blonde on the roots and slipping into a glossy blonde is one of the celebrity hair color trends that’s making rounds in the fashion scene. You can easily go a few months without a touch-up and keep up with the look. This subtle variation adds an aura of brightness around your face and a sultry effect on the eyes.

Cara Delivigne gair color trends 2020
Cara Delevingne

Blonde Platinum Sombre 

Stronger darker roots softly blending into mid lengths seems to be the next in thing in our list of celebrity hair color trends. The blonde sombre leaving the ends with almost platinum hair color but with a hint of gold uplifts the entire hair profile. Blondes can be tricky, so be cautious as to which tone will complement your complexion. The wrong shade of blonde and it’ll end up making you look all washed out.

Beyonce Hair color trends 2020

Barbie Blonde 

If you’re looking to jump into a serious commitment with your hair, then this barbie blonde might be the perfect choice for you. The barbie blonde shade is very OTP and is best suited to Kylie’s personality. It’ll work best if you have naturally light hair to begin with and several trips to the hair salon to maintain your mane.

Kylie Jenner Hair color trends 2020
Kylie Jenner

Golden Copper

A faultless display of a Hawaiian sunset is what this color is all about. The warmth and heat of the copper orange blended blissfully without perceiving a harsh contrast. A head full of golden tint and underlying highlights in auburn warms up the complexion and makes it more practical. This is one of our favorite hair color trends for 2020 for summer and fall seasons.

Bella Thorne hair color trends 2020
Bella Thorne

Terracotta Red

Further stepping deeper into the tonal terracotta tone is the red. This hair color echoes the look of Ariel, the Little Mermaid. A whimsical turn into trends creating a fine balance between animation and reality. This shade comes with a lot of baggage. Pre-planning every color of every outfit might be the biggest struggle, because you don’t wanna end up looking like a Christmas ornament. 😛 However, if you are willing to take the chance, ask your colourist (aka yourself) to tone it down a notch or not, it totally depends on your vibe.

Cardi B hair color trends 2020
Cardi B

Rogue Streaks

Benee hair color trends 2020

With the advent of a new decade, came the resurgence of color burst in celebrity hair color trends. From pinks to reds, blues and what not, we’ve seen them all this season. Taking inspiration from Supalonely’s singer, Benee’s eclectic juxtaposition of electric blue and black. Paying homage to the 90s trends, rogue streaks are paving way into the hair color scene once again. Quirky, edgy and fun, this might be the look to don for the next  virtual music festival.

Split Dye 

Break free from the basics and make a fashion risk taker move by dyeing your hair in two colors centre parted. As crazy as this sounds, if the vibe is right you might hit it off. This look expresses an edge with a huge contrast in hue. Maintaining your mane might not be easy and frequent visits to the salon will be required to keep the color looking saturated.

Melanie Martinez hair color trends 2020
Melanie Martinez

Reverse Split Dye

Dua Lipa’s latest look with two toned hair is hitting the street savvy peak. With black on the inner strands of your head and a juicy cherry on the top, this style exuberates an outlandish sense of style. Keeping the high maintenance trend a low key look with grown out roots to seem effortless. Opt for a root smudge to make it appear more natural.

celebrity hair color trends Dua Lipa hair color trends 2020
Dua Lipa

With several neutrals and contrasting combinations making it to the list, let us know which one is your favorite? Which color are you going to take up this time around? Show us your coolest experiments in hair color by tagging us on Instagram @shilpaahujadotcom and we’ll be sure to double-tap your pic!

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