Are Celeb Nude Selfies Out? This New Instagram Trend Says So

Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and many others are posting a new type of Instagram pics right now and we think that this new trend will make celeb nude selfies passe. So what’s this trend and how can you also try it? Find out here!

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Hey gorgeous! Something grabbed my eyes as I scrolled down my Instagram feed today – it looks like the celebrities are trying a new type of Insta pics.

So what’s this new celebrity Instagram trend?

The Intimate Topless Celebrity Instagram Pictures

First, this picture of a topless Kendall Jenner sipping wine in her bathroom, with her phone in the other hand and a towel wrapped around her head:


And just below it, a topless Alessandra Ambrosio doing her own makeup in front of a mirror, wearing a diamond necklace that she had worn to de Grisogono party in Cannes last week. Also in the bathroom.


Intriguing pictures, and both of them had me analyzing them for more than a few seconds.  Is this a new Instagram trend I’m spotting? Sure it is, I realized as I researched more. This new celeb Instagram trend is designed for ogles, but without the narcissistic quality its predecessor, the topless selfies, had.

Yes, what everyone’s posting these days are the topless and intimate pictures of themselves, and it’s already breaking Instagram. Kendall’s selfie above got 3.1 million likes within just 8 hours of posting. And here’s another one by her that she posted less than a week ago. Again, just outside the bathroom, wearing nothing but a bathrobe and this time, it’s like she’s getting ready for her Cannes 2018 red carpet appearance.


Of course, Kim Kardashian can’t be far behind when it comes to topless pictures, even she posted an intimate pic just on Apr 22. Captioned “HAPPY SUNDAY 📷 KANYE,” the image got 3 million likes.

kim-kardashian-bed-sexy-celebrity-instagram-pic-topless-trend-2018A similar one was posted by her sister Kylie Jenner on May 8, 2018, with a towel wrapped around her (or is it a bathrobe? Or a dress? Can’t tell anymore!). The picture got nearly 4.2 million likes.

kylie-jenner-towel-celebrity-instagram-pic-topless-makeup-pic-trendsThis trend is very new – all the pictures have been posted just within the last 30 days. All are intimate and topless, and none of them are selfies. And I can see why this trend is getting popular. Obviously, the pictures have a sex appeal, but not in a posed or overly attention-grabbing way like celeb nude selfies.

These images are a far cry from the regular magazine shoots or red carpet paparazzi pictures that celebs typically post on Instagram. But they’re also very different from what you’d expect their lives would be behind-the-scenes, in that they bring out the raw and real side, but still with a glamorous or aesthetic quality.

They look unedited, even though they may be, as Kendall’s above picture has already got criticism from fans, one saying, “Wow good job editing Kendall or did you pay your wall to bend that way?” Here’s another one by Bella Thorne:

bella-thorne-topless-selfie-celeb-instagram-sexy-picAre Celeb Nude Selfies Out?

We guess so – please, nude selfies are so 2015. Stop posting them celebs, and get creative. We wanna see you sipping wine in your bathroom, or curling your hair by your pool. Afterall, as Audrey O. says, “Selfies evoke the desire to look perfect and get appreciated. The desire to get validation from our “friends” on social media.” And that’s why these pictures are different.

Some of these images have the celeb looking into the camera, while others are not posed, looking very natural – almost like a still from a classic 60s Hollywood movie. Or a French movie. Some other feel almost like someone close to them captured an intimate moment. Or like this moment is not for you, it’s for someone else. This makes the fans feel like they’re becoming privy to the celebs’ private lives. And that’s what makes it more beautiful, intriguing and of course, sexy.

Some pictures are even without makeup or styled hair, like the Kendall Jenner one I posted above, or this one by Emily Ratajkowski. She posted this series just a week ago to promote her new swimwear line, Enamorata. Taken in a bedroom, the picture looks so raw with its unmade backdrop of a radiator, exposed wiring and old walls, reminding me of my university dorm room!

 Celeb Nude Selfies Emily Ratajkowski-swimwear-enamorata-instagram-sexy-pic

These images are taken in private areas like bathrooms, bedrooms, on the bed or somewhere around the house. There are other factors too, about these images that add that rawness or intimacy factor. The pictures are sometimes low-res, blurry or grainy, taken with bad lighting.

Although topless, none of these pictures are making themselves about nudity or showing big breasts. And that’s what makes this trend, albeit topless, but classier than the celeb nude selfies or topless mirror pics that celebrities have been posting in he last few years. Those looked like a cry for attention, cold, whereas these are warm, and even almost profound.

So what do you think of this new celeb Instagram trend? Do you like them more than those celeb nude selfies we’ve obviously seen too much of? Would you also give this trend a try or would you rather leave it to the celebrities? Comment below, lemme know!

Muaah 🙂

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