Carolina Herrera Spring Summer 2020 Collection: Yin & Yang

Like the modern woman, Carolina Herrera Spring Summer 2020 collection appreciates fashion just as much as practicality, the delicacy just as much as power. Read our review and check out the looks!

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Carolina_Herrera_SS20_Spring Summer 2020 Collection
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If we thought the trend of 2020s was going to be all about strong, sculpted shoulders and less of femininity, we were wrong. Perhaps that’s why we didn’t think so! Carolina Herrera Spring Summer 2020 collection is all about representing both sides of a woman – the soft and feminine, and the strong & powerful.

The first half of the collection is very flowy – large florals and spring-time colors in decadent materials. And then the collection takes a very sharp turn to get into plaids and stripes that look like menswear fabrics.

Structured garments and androgynous silhouettes are what we’ve been writing about all of last week – the trend of Winter 2020 that we think can be the defining style of this upcoming decade. Read more here: Androgynous Clothing & Power Dressing are Runway’s Latest Obsession.

But Carolina Herrera proves that florals and soft silhouettes aren’t going anywhere. Femininity is not a trend, it’s a style – a personal fashion choice. It may not be for everyone, but it is for some indeed. And I totally am one of them too!

The fashion for 2020, as we’ve been thinking, has to go in the direction of the modern woman who prefers comfort and efficiency. And that’s why this collection features slip-ons, long flowy skirts paired with over-sized half-sleeved button-up shirts. Very practical and wearable, yet stylish.

Long dresses,  palazzo pants, mini dresses and skirts are also included. The stronger silhouettes in plaids and stripes include skirt-suits, bar-jackets, light-weight coats and shorts. Mini-dresses and long dresses both feature wide belts in matching fabrics. Poufy sleeves, tie-up details, bows and over sized frills are also included in the details.

The final part of the show is evening-wear, very Carolina Herrera. We can already visualize these looks on the red carpet next year. Gowns and mini-dresses in large floral prints, polka dots, strappy pumps and watercolor-style blush. The color palette included sunflower yellow, leaf green, white, aquamarine and fuchsia.

Carolina Herrera Spring Summer 2020

Interesting to see the brand moving forward with the new woman – who needs a simple maxi-dress just as much as she needs a chic work-suit in the summer.

Carolina Herrera Spring Summer 2020 Ready-to-Wear Collection: Gallery

Image Credit: Carolina Herrera

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