Can You Drink Coffee When Pregnant? Caffeine + Pregnancy Decoded

From frequently asked questions like can you drink coffee when pregnant to side effects of drinking coffee while pregnant, we have compiled everything about caffeine pregnancy!

can-i-drink-coffee-when-pregnant-caffeine-energy-drinksHey there! When you’re pregnant, you are bound to get every type of craving. Right from weird ones to gourmet, your hormones play around with your mind. And of course, everyone around you is pampering you so much that you can’t get enough of it. Ah! I can’t wait to get pregnant. Lol! But apart from all this fun and also strangeness, there are other lifestyle changes, too, that one needs to make.

Like having a well-balanced diet, avoiding certain food or drinks that may be harmful for the baby. Coffee during pregnancy to have or not to have – this is an age-old question everyone has. Whether it’s safe to drink coffee or any other caffeinated drink when pregnant is really one of the debatable questions. But we’re here to help! We have listed out every small detail about caffeine intake during pregnancy whether its’ energy drinks or coffee itself. Check out!

Can You Drink Coffee When Pregnant?

Yes, contrary to what some may say, you can actually drink coffee when pregnant. But make sure to limit intake because too much caffeine may lead to severe problems including miscarriage. Apart from questions like, ‘Can you drink coffee when pregnant?’, our readers also send us many other queries regarding caffeine intake pregnancy like, ‘Can I drink hot tea while pregnant’, ‘Can pregnant women drink decaf coffee’, ‘Caffeine during pregnancy first trimester’ and many more questions like these about coffee and pregnancy.

So, read on to know more about these FAQs and more:

Is Coffee Safe During Pregnancy?

Can you drink coffee when pregnant? Well, certainly, yes! But is caffeine really safe? Generally, 200 mg caffeine or one cup a day is safe during pregnancy.¬† But, it’s always better to consult your doctor or healthcare provider about consuming coffee during pregnancy.


The myth that pregnant women cannot take coffee has arisen because people believe that the expecting mother may “overdose” on the caffeine, since it’s addictive and cravings mixed with crazy hormones can lead her to make unhealthy decisions.

So basically, people advise you to avoid coffee during pregnancy because they don’t trust you to keep the intake under control. It’s common, as you may know, that pregnant women are often treated over-cautiously and given advice by any and everyone.

Benefits of Caffeine Intake During Pregnancy

So, if you’re wondering, “can you drink coffee when pregnant,” health-wise, there may not be many benefits of consuming coffee when pregnant. But here are a few pros if you can’t give up on that one cup of goodness.

Huffington Post

1. Stable mood: If you’re acting loopy, well, the pregnancy hormones are playing the game. But with a cup of coffee, you would surprise everyone!

2. Improved memory and concentration: If mood swings weren’t enough, pregnancy hormones play with your memory, too! Get the power back by drinking cappuccino. ūüėČ

3. Improved alertness: When you’re pregnant, you may feel tired and exhausted, which means your work is piling up. But worry not, because your favorite drink is always ready to help.

Side Effects of Drinking Coffee While Pregnant

Being a caffeine addict and letting go of the habit is really difficult. But its side effects may cause harm to the baby’s health and the mother’s, so it’s better to reduce the intake.¬†According to¬†a new study by Kaiser Permanente in the¬†American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, “The cause isn’t known for sure, but researchers suspect that the chemical crosses the placenta and can affect developing cells.” Here are a few side effects:

drinking-coffee-during-pregnancy-types-of-caffeine1. Caffeine is a stimulant, meaning that it increases the activity of central nervous system and the body. It also increases the blood pressure and heart rate, which are not good during pregnancy. In fact, increased blood pressure may lead to preeclampsia hypertension, a blood pressure disorder during pregnancy that may get serious enough to affect all organs of the woman’s body.

2. Caffeine increases the frequency of urination. This causes a reduction in you body fluid levels and may lead to dehydration.

3. Caffeine crosses placenta (an organ that is developed during pregnancy to pass oxygen to the baby) to your baby. The baby’s metabolism is still increasing and it may not be able to digest the caffeine.

4. Any amount of caffeine can cause changes in your baby’s sleep pattern. Also, the baby’s movement patterns in the future may be disturbed in the later stages of pregnancy.

5. Also, according to NHS, numerous studies on animals have shown that caffeine can cause birth defects, premature labor, preterm delivery, reduced fertility and increase the risk of low birth weight and other reproductive problems. However, there have been no conclusive studies that show these problems affect humans, but it’s better to play safe.

6. In extreme cases, it may lead to miscarriage, too! So, consult your doctor if your caffeine intake is high.

3rd-trimester-nausea-night-sweat-during-pregnancyHow Much Caffeine Can Cause a Miscarriage?

Women who consume more than 300 mg caffeine each day that is about two cups of regular coffee will have more risk of miscarriage.

Energy Drinks & More While Pregnant

Along with coffee, other caffeinated drinks like tea and soda, too, have their impacts on pregnant women’s health. If you’re also wondering, if you can drink coffee or tea when pregnant, here’s more about caffeinated drinks. Read on:

Can I Drink Tea While Pregnant?

According to, “Many alternative medicine health care providers feel that consuming certain herbal teas during pregnancy is a great way to support optimal¬†pregnancy health.”

all-types-of-flowers-teas-infused-herbal-tea-health-benefits-usesInstead of drinking normal black tea that contains caffeine, you can switch to herbal teas during pregnancy. They provide an additional source of nutrients like calcium, magnesium and iron. Check out my SlubTeam mate, Nishita‘s article on types of tea to know the difference between normal tea and herbal tea.

You can also try pregnancy teas that are specifically made for pregnant women, although natural, herbal infused teas are a healthy and cheap option.

Energy Drinks While Pregnant

Along with the question, “Can you drink coffee when pregnant,” we get a lot of queries regarding energy drinks. According to, “The most common ingredients in energy drinks are caffeine, taurine, Guarana, B vitamins, ginseng, Gingko, most of which are considered potentially harmful during pregnancy.”

energy-drinks-during-pregnancy-cokeCan I Drink Energy Drink While Pregnant?

If there are any herbal ingredients in the drink then it shall¬†assist the metabolism of fat into energy, increase energy production in the body, or boost natural amino acids. But there is no proof that energy drinks increase energy. They supply caffeine to the body, which may provide temporary stimulation to the brain. However, it’s better to avoid energy drinks when pregnant.

Wine During Pregnancy Second Trimester

Whether it’s first, second or third trimester, drinking alcohol, including wine is not considered to be safe during pregnancy. And this is because of the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome.¬†The alcohol passes through the placenta and into the baby‚Äôs bloodstream. This can cause many¬†birth defects, from physical abnormalities to mental retardation.

drinking-wine-during-pregnancy-3rd-trimester-nauseaThese effects will continue to impact the baby after they are born and as they grow. Just like caffeine, there is a safe limit to alcohol consumption during pregnancy. So consult your doctor to understand more.

Drinking Coke While Pregnant Side Effects

Just like the question, can you drink coffee when pregnant, pregnant women have their doubts about soda or coke.¬†If you’re addicted to drinking coke and cannot give up the habit then it’s alright to drink coke in moderate amounts. A can of coke contains 42 mg of caffeine. So, you can opt for a can. But however, there are a few risks and harms if consumed in excess:

can you drink coffee when pregnant pregnancy-drinking-coke-caffeine-3rd-trimester1. Excessive caffeine intake may be dangerous for the baby.

2. Artificial sweeteners and preservatives raise the blood sugar levels, which may lead to heart-related problems.

3. Discharge of insulin into the bloodstream from the liver.

4. Dilated pupils, tightened muscles, reduced fertility, insomnia, higher blood pressure and increased heart rate are other risks of excessive Coke intake when pregnant.

5. Birth defects and preterm delivery are a few effects on the fetus.

So, that was all about caffeine and pregnancy. Share your thoughts, experiences and feelings by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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