New Cake Images Show Beautiful Upcoming Birthday Cake Trends

From transparent floral cakes to beautiful hand-painted ones, check out 2018’s most eye-catchy cake images here! We’re sure you’ll pick one of these trends for your next special occasion.

cake images beautiful-cake-images-latest-cake-trendsHey there! Cakes have always found a special place no matter how teeny tiny an occasion might be. Be it a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, promotion, wedding, etc. the list is gonna be endless if we keep writing all the special moments. That reminds me of the time I got a cake for my niece when she first started to walk. It may sound weird but yeah, cakes make every special moment yet more special!

Here, we’ve lined up the most beautiful cake trends of the year. And yeah, also cake images to brighten up every special moment of yours and also make your Instagram posts more like-worthy!

17 Birthday Cake Trends and Cake Images

1. Transparent Cakes


If you’re super done with fresh cream cakes and looking for something unique, then the transparent cake is a trendy option you need to try. These cakes are not made of flour but of jelly. Yeah, you read it right – jelly cakes! They are also known as agar-agar cakes. From floral prints to multi-colored, transparent cakes are the current trending birthday cakes!

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2. Cut-Out Cakes


Laser cut and lace cakes have been quite famous over the last few years, especially for weddings. But now these have been replaced by the cut-out cakes. There are two different types of cut-out cakes. In one a cut-out is made within the cake to insert small tiny objects like a doll, etc. The other one is a cake which has cute designs, flower rosettes, a cluster of candies or rainbow colors appearing where a slice has been cut-out! Sounds cool, right?

3. Hand-Painted Cakes

@prettywittycakes, @cynzcakes

Similar to a hand painting on a canvas, the trend of hand-painting on cakes is on the radar these days. This is something you shouldn’t miss for a next birthday cake order. Especially if you’re want to order a cake for an art-lover! You can even personalize these birthday cakes by getting a favorite memory of the person painted on the cake. 3D oil painting like impressions are especially popular.

4. Crystal Ball Cakes

@jeando.patisserie, mommylicious_kk

One of the best trends for beautiful cake images. Crystal ball cake is the best option if you’re looking to order a cake for your fiancé or someone special. A small crystal ball cake or a tiered cake with a crystal ball on it are best options if you wanna give this cake a try. And yeah cake images for this trend will surely get you more likes on social media.

5. Semi-Naked Cakes


Naked and deconstructed cakes have been quite popular lately. But that trend has been replaced by semi-naked cakes in 2018. The cakes in which the crust of the cake can be seen are known as semi-naked cakes. They look lovely with flowers or fondant elements on them!

6. Cactus Cakes


This pricky plant that we’ve long associated with office desks has become so popular a trend amongst birthday cake trends. Maybe these cute cakes will be perfect for your colleague who has cactus pots on their desk! Also, they look mouth-watering and perfect for beautiful cake images. Pro tip: Be careful while having the cactus cake, it may (not) prick you! 😉

7. Underwater Cakes

Ocean seashells coral weddingNow, this is one of my favorite birthday cake ideas! The underwater cake looks amazing and if someone would get it for me, I’m sure I’ll just keep staring at it and will not even want to cut such a beautiful looking cake. Shilpa helped me find this image and I was in awe when I looked at it! It looks similar to a transparent cake but the theme being underwater.

8. Wing Cakes

@sams_ombre, @bluecakedoces

This cake trend is more commonly known as angel wings. Ditch the barbie doll cake and get it done for your little girl’s birthday party. A plain white cake with unicorn colored wings would look lovely.

9. Pearl Cakes

@lesohocupcakes, @ifyness_ezenwajiaku

Let these creative cake images give you ideas to get a pearl cake for your next birthday! You can either get the birthday year, number or any design with pearls. These cake look royal and works super well on a tiered cake.

10. Mirror Glazed Cakes


Instead of fresh cream or fondant cakes, try the mirror glazed ones this season! You can literally see the reflection on the cake and so these are known as mirror glazed cakes. Marble effect, tie-dye, galaxy theme are some of the best ideas to get those perf cake images.

11. Metallic Cakes


Although, metallic and glitter cakes work well for weddings, don’t hesitate to try them for birthday parties too! If you think that a complete metallic cake would be too much for a birthday then go for traces of metallic foil or just a huge metallic flower on the cake. These cakes also work well for wedding showers and bachelorette parties.

12. Monumental Cakes

@lacestademarita, @sweetdesignrj

Monumental cakes don’t have to be huge! You can either have a small monument on the cake or a cake whose structure is designed after your favorite monument. Surprise your dear ones with a cake of their favorite building or places they have been looking to visit for a long time.

13. Gift-Wrap Cakes


This is another one of my favorite birthday cake trends. And yeah, these cake images are so gorge! You’ll want to have the cake asap! The cake looks like it is gift-wrapped with edible bows and chocolaty ribbons.

14. Garden Themed Cakes

garden-themed-cake-latest-cake-images-ideasNothing can beat a garden themed cake for a nature lover or a person who is into gardening! Tiny flowers, a fence, a rosette of flowers and even chocolate rocks are some good ideas for decorating a garden themed cake.

15. Unicorn Cakes


One of the best birthday cake ideas for kids! The pastel colors just look so lovely on the cake. This cake can easily go with a unicorn-themed birthday party! Watercolor themed or dip and drizzle are good ideas that will go well with a unicorn cake. Perfect for fairy kei fashion lover.

16. Cascade Flower Cakes


Forget floral cakes! Cascade flower cakes are the newest It-trend to hit the dessert industry! These cakes have large 3D flowers just cascading from their tiers, looking like they were frozen in time!

17. Chocolate Overloaded


Perfect for chocolate lovers! Like the name suggests, it has loads and loads of chocolate. Not just chocolates but adding cookies, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate sauce and choco chips will make it look more attractive, click-worthy and of course yummy! We also included this trend in our Spring 2018 cake trends and this style is still going strong!

So, these are the latest birthday cake trends! Which beautiful cake images did you like the most? And, which trendy one did you order most recently? Do share the cake images @shilpaahujadotcom.
Image Credits: Instagram (refer individual handles)

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