Burlesque X Modesty: AI Fashion Editorial Series – 01

Welcome to our new AI-generated fashion editorial. For this photo-shoot, I imagined glam outfits by juxtaposing extravagant burlesque/cabaret fashion with 50s modest styles.


Hello, lovely readers! Artificial intelligence is all the rage nowadays, and it’s one trend that fashion didn’t start, but is definitely following. I, being the futurist, have already been immersed in the new technologies, such as AI image generators like Midjourney and large language models like ChatGPT.

On ShilpaAhuja.com, we’ve already started using loads of AI generated images, AI models and even an AI assisted article (actually it’s completely human-edited and almost completely human-written too – and by human, I mean myself). And I have written about whether AI will replace fashion modelshow artificial intelligence is changing art, and what artists can do to stay relevant.

But what I’m working on these days is an AI fashion shoot series. It’s something completely new and radical. I may be the first, but I’m sure I won’t be the last to do it. I’m going to be publishing a series of these, which I’ll be later compiling into an article on fashion show themes and ideas.

What is burlesque dress code

The Process

Welcome to our A.I. Fashion Editorial Series, which is a whole series of fashion editorials and fashion shoots that are AI generated. I’ve created these using AI text-to-image program, Midjourney. While the images are AI generated, I thought of each of these ideas manually. I’ve also manually edited some of the collages and improved some of the images.

Why This Series

Fashion editorials are an important part of fashion magazines; they help editors share style ideas, communicate upcoming trends. But they’re expensive and time-consuming, so AI makes it possible for a magazine like ours to publish these quickly.

Through this series, I’ll be forecasting fashion trends we may be seeing throughout the 2020s. Inspired by nature, retro fashion styles and tech, there are a variety of themes to explore. I hope that through this series, readers can get inspired to style themselves in new ways, learn more about fashion and culture, and fashion designers can get inspired with new ideas. I’d love to hear your thoughts on each. Thanks for joining me on this exciting journey!

Burlesque X Modesty: The Flashy Wearables

What’s your take on bold fashion vs. modesty? Theatrical costumes are bold by nature, designed to literally steal the spotlight. But a bold expression also needs relatability in order for it to be wearable.

How do you dress like a burlesque fashion moodboard
style Best Burlesque fashion ideas

If you want to take up the challenge to mix bold and modest style choices, this could be the perfect theme for your next outfit, fashion collection or college fashion show.

diy burlesque costume ideas

Traditionally, burlesque is a type of on-stage entertainment involving caricature or humor. In the United States, burlesque performances included cabaret and striptease too in the early 1900s, till the 40s. During the same decade, Dior introduced his famous bar jacket for women, which to this day, is the epitome of modest, classy feminine fashion.

retro burlesque historical fashion show themes

In burlesque fashion, the emphasis is on feminine silhouettes that are flashy, literally and figuratively. Think sequins and shiny fabric. Think mermaid gowns with front slits, metallic bralettes and bodysuits with sheer skirts. Add some ruffles and appliqué. To give it a modest edge, add bar jackets, cigarette pants, full midi skirts. Think Marilyn Monroe wanted to do some street style after her “I wanna be loved by you” performance in Some Like It Hot.

Historically, burlesque fashion features a lot of elements that are already used or can easily be translated into modern high fashion today, like bows, ruffles, embellishments, corsets. Add a broad belt instead of a corset for that high fashion look. Or add poufy sleeves instead of ruffles for some extra glam.

burlesque high fashion couture aesthetic
modern burlesque outfit ideas aesthetic fashion
modest style outfit Burlesque fashion ideas
wearable burlesque fashion outfit ideas

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