10 Bridal Style Trends for a Magical Wedding for Spring 2019

From traditional wedding dresses to modern gowns, Spring 2019 bridal wear is going to be all dreamy! If you’re planning to get married then here are the top 10 bridal style trends that you need to know!

bridal-spring-summer-2019-ss19-fashion-style-wedding-wearHey gorgeous! Every girl plans her wedding outfit at a very young age. In fact, we wanna be sure about every tiny detail of our wedding ensemble even before we buy it. Aww! Weddings are so dreamy, right! Just the thought of it is making me plan my wedding all over again. Okay! Now I need a cup of coffee to wake myself up from my dream sequence. Lol! So, like every year, we went through the bridal collections and we were mesmerized by looking at the Spring Summer 2019 wedding gowns!

Spring 2019 Bridal Style Trends

Like every season, we spotted a few old trends that are still in. And there are a few fresh trends that define the modern woman. The new styles are chic, elegant, wild and what not! After spending like almost a day zooming in on the images of each look, I managed to shortlist 15+ trends. Later, I discussed them with our editor-in-chief, Shilpa Ahuja, and together we finalized the top 10 bridal trends for our 2019 wedding forecast. So, if you’re getting married soon, and wondering what’s your wedding style, then don’t forget to carry this bridal wear trends list to find your dress! Let’s check out the latest bridal style dresses that all stylish brides will be wearing next year!

1. Belted Bows

Belted gowns may not be a new trend in bridal wear. We’ve seen different types of belts paired with gowns and still are seeing them in the Spring 2019 collections. But designers are making a case for pretty bows in the belted gowns. From different colored satin bows to traditional ones, these belts not only enhance your figure but add a cutesy factor! Go for plunging V or sweetheart neckline to steal the show.

2. Gowns with Illusion Neckline

Necklines are getting a makeover in general. In FW18ready to wear collections, we saw a wide range of necklines and asymmetric neckline was one of the top trends for 2018. Similarly, for 2019, designers are following in the same path for bridal style dresses by showcasing illusion necklines. These necklines have a sheer panel and give an illusion of strapless neckline. And with a few designs, you have to look twice to realize that there’s fabric holding the dress. Magic!

3. Unconventional Gowns

Along with plain traditional gowns, designers also included some fun, unique silhouettes for the modern bride in their latest collections. if you’re the unconventional bride, go for a mini-dress, a midi-dress, a pant suit or even a skirt paired with top or bar jacket. Feather trimmings, turtlenecks and pockets are also cool styles to try. If you are planning for unique and out-of-the-box wedding ideas, then you need to try these non-conventional gowns for sure.

In fact, designer Naeem Khan went to another level. We saw tuxedo suits, tracksuit, hoodies, a tunic worn with over-the-knee boots and attached cape.

Naeem Khan

4. Off-the-Shoulder

Well, off-the-shoulder gowns are still in fashion. This is a classic style that never fades away and I hope designers keep this trend going forever. Of course, designers need to get creative every season and create something mind-blowing, too. *gives a sarcastic smile* From ruffles to full sleeved to sheer, off-the-shoulder gowns should be your top priority. Personally, I loved sleeves with floral cuts – feminine and elegant.

5. 3 Dimensional Gowns

Okay, while planning your wedding for 2019, make sure you tell everyone you’ll need extra space. Like literally! ‘Cos 3 dimensional gowns are a hit in bridal fashion, too. Well, we saw three-dimensional trend in tops and dresses in the Fall Winter 2018 RTW collections, and now even the brides need some 3D-ness in their lives!!! Lol! Go for oversized floral appliqués like the look by Vera Wang to stun your guests. Or choose something that’s extra in the waistlines like flouncy layers or ruffles to keep it elegant yet showstoppery.

6. Waist Capes

Capes surely make one feel like a princess. But waist capes are like comfier and easy to carry. They are like front-open overskirts. They just cover the back and side of your legs. If you’re having a garden wedding, then gowns with waist capes are perfect for you. Go for tulle, embellished, ruffled or sheer ones. For an after party, you can wear a jumpsuit with waist cape to be a headturner like the look by Naeem Khan. Ooooohhh! Drooling!

7. Long Trains

Ah! Well, long trains may be too cliché but in Spring 2019 collections, we saw them in an all different avatar. Double colored long trails, different fabrics, asymmetric trails, ruffled and trails from waist capes are a few styles that you need to try. I loved double colored train by Vera Wang.

8. Colored Gowns

And that brings us to this trend. Colored gowns are so, so hip! But in Spring 2019 collections, we saw minimal designs. Go for metallic gold, contrast colors like brown and purple or try having a colored detail in your traditional white gown.

9. Thigh High Slit

Be bold and make a starry appearance by wearing gowns with thigh-high slits. Gowns with mermaid silhouettes, strapless, metallic, off-the-shoulder and sheer ones are a few other trends you can combine with these daring slits. After all, you’re the celebrity at your wedding so dress like one!

10. Asymmetric Layered Gowns

Layered gowns are perfect as bridal wear. But instead of normal layered ones, go for asymmetric layering. From high low to asymmetric hemline, these layered gowns are perfect for a fairytale wedding!

So, these were the top 10 bridal style trends from Spring 2019 collections. Which one was your favorite? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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