What Are Boyfriend Shoes? Trendy & Practical Shoe Style

Ever thought men’s shoes are gonna be a trend for women? Here’s everything you need to know about the trendy boyfriend shoes!

boyfriend shoes boyfriend-shoes-fall-winter-2017-18-trends-style-fw17Hey beautiful! Men’s inspired shoes for women are something we’ve already seen in 2016. The shoes had heels, embellishments and were too feminine. But that’s passé. In the Fall Winter 2017 collections, we saw a new trend – androgynous shoes. These are exactly men’s shoes and if you saw a man’s pair and a women’s pair side-by-side, you wouldn’t be able to differentiate.

These shoes are blurring the lines in fashion between the two genders. Just like jeans, pants and tees! Fashion is very much unpredictable! Isn’t it?! And we’re calling them – drumrolls please – boyfriend shoes! So, we saw various types of boyfriend shoes style this year – loafers, oxfords, monks and many more in the runway collections. Here’s all you need to know about this latest trend fresh from fashion week!

Why Boyfriend Shoes Are Better

It was tough for me to accept this trend. Yeah! Why would I hop into my man’s shoe? They aren’t feminine or pretty enough to entice us fashion lovers. But Shilpa explained to me few facts and I had to give ’em a thought.

  1. The pretty shoes are so uncomfortable (not all, but most of them). Like the pointy toe heels – they are in trend but wearing them to the office everyday is such a pain.
  2. We live in a generation where we compete with men as equals at the workplace and comfort is very much essential to surpass our counterparts. So, boyfriend shoes are better than embellished shoes or heels on any given day.
  3. The boyfriend shoe doesn’t have to be an ugly shoe. With such amazing looks from the runway collections, I bet you’re gonna love this trend. Brogues are especially cute-looking!
  4. Older women have been wearing footwear inspired by men’s shoe styles at the workplace already. With confidence! We can rock ’em too if we wear them with style.

Runway Trends

We saw different types of men’s shoes for womenswear in the runway collections. We saw loafers, sandals with socks, double monk shoes, brogues, oxfords and bit loafers in designer collections of Dior, Dries Van Noten, Versus Versace, Carolina Herrera and Marc Jacobs FW17 RTW collections.

We saw derby boyfriend shoes paired with a midi skirt in a look by Dries Van Noten. Derby shoes are formal and go well for office, especially if you have a meeting. You can run around and complete tasks hassle free – perfect for the modern woman who is trendy and smart.

Dries Van Noten

How to Style Boyfriend Shoes

I loved the cool loafers with tall socks by Marc Jacobs. I personally love loafers and until I came to know about this trend, I had no clue that they’d become one of the trendy boyfriend shoes! See! Comfort matters. If wearing long socks is a trend, then I’m open to trying them too with skirts. We can even layer them over fishnet tights and pair them with sweater dresses in the winter.

Marc Jacobs

Trendy Boyfriend Shoes: Gallery

So, the new trend is fashionable and comfortable too. You just gotta open up and wear them. So, what do you feel about this new boyfriend shoes style trend? Will you try it or ditch it? Or are you already wearing boyfriend shoes? Tweet us @Shilpa1ahuja.

Boyfriend Shoes

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