Bollywood Theme Party Outfits for Men: 21 Male Dress Ideas

From villains to heroes, from easy to advanced-level, here’s the complete guide to Bollywood theme party costume ideas for men & how to recreate them.

Hey handsome! The history of Bollywood, both vintage and recent, is filled with iconic characters. So if you’re going to a Bollywood theme party, there are countless costume options to choose from.

Famous Male Characters in Bollywood Movies for Costumes

And I’ve done all the work for you, by shortlisting 21 male Bollywood costume ideas. Plus, I’ve even thought of how the particular costumes can be recreated (practically). This compilation of ideas has taken me more than 50 hours of work. So if you’re even hosting a Bollywood theme party, you can even send this article to your guests for ideas. Thank me later!

So whether it’s a Halloween party or a Bollywood theme college farewell, or anything else, these costume ideas are gonna be super fun to create. From kids costumes to couples to singles, let’s take a look at them all. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect idea(s) for you, no matter what your taste, body type or mood is!

21 Bollywood Theme Party Outfits (Male)

1. Raj Singhania in Ghajini

bollywood theme dress ideas male ghajini

If you have a good physique, this can be the perfect opportunity to show off those abs to your friends! If not, well, there are always body contour kits! All you need is a distressed jeans and a sharpie or black marker to recreate the various tattoos on your chest. And yes, you’ll need to nearly shave your head off to recreate the iconic haircut!

2. Prem in Maine Pyar Kiya

Bollywood Theme Party Outfits iconic costumes prem

Salman Khan’s look in Maine Pyar Kiya was one of his most iconic ones, and we’re especially loving everything 80s and 90s these days! This men’s Bollywood costume is very easy to recreate. All you need is a leather jacket and white sleeveless tee. Preferably a bright blue jeans that’s not ripped. Add sneakers and a friend cap. Or just print out the word “friend” and stick it onto your cap. Finish off your look by sticking some patches onto your jacket. This can be one of the best Bollywood Day ideas for men who love nostalgic costumes!

3. Vijay in Don

Bollywood Theme Party Outfits iconic amitabh male don

Amitabh Bachchan has done many roles with iconic costumes. One of my personal favorites is very recognizable – that of Vijay in the song, “Khaike paan Banaras wala.” This costume is one of the best Bollywood theme dress ideas (male). You’ll need 70s style bootcut trousers and a brown waistcoat, preferably checked or printed with star pattern. Knot up a kitchen rag around your forehead, and if you wanna be even more authentic, use your girlfriend’s liquid red lipstick (I recommend M.A.C. retro matte liquid lipstick) to recreate the paan effect in the inside of your lips.

4. Gabbar in Sholay

bollywood theme party dress ideas male sholay gabbar

If you have curly hair and are not too skinny, this can be the perfect costume for you. All you need to become the scariest villain of all Bollywood time is a khaki safari suit and a toy gun! And skip shaving for at least two weeks. To recreate the bullet belt, just tape up or stick a few red-paper rolls (easy) to an old brown belt.

5. Bhuvan in Lagaan

bollywood theme freshers party dress men lagaan

This poor man look of Aamir Khan in Oscar nominated Lagaan would make a great unexpected outfit at any desi party. And it’s also a great excuse to rock a dhoti you may already have from your wedding! Knot up two cotton fabrics – one around your waist, over a cotton vest. And another around your forehead. And accessorize with silver armlet, a pendant and a pair of buckle-free slippers.

6. Thakur Baldev Singh in Sholay

easy bollywood party outfits costumes thakur

Want a last-minute costume for a Bollywood theme party? Draw on a mustache. And just wear an oversized kurta with your arms inside it. And have someone wrap a brownish-grey shawl around you!

If you wanna be more authentic, curl the front pieces of your hair with an iron. Once they set, use your girlfriend’s makeup brush to give white highlights on them with a poster color. Perhaps you’d need to do that before putting your arms inside your kurta! Stick on a mustache and also give it the salt and pepper look. Don’t forget the heavy shoes he stomped on Gabbar with!

7. Raj in Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai

indian theme party costumes bollywood ideas hrithik

People may not remember the name of this movie or that Hrithik’s character was called Raj in it. But show me an Indian who’s forgotten this costume in the still hummable song, “Ek pal ja jeena.” To recreate it, you need a good body (sure)! Don a skin-tight mesh black tee over a pair of black jeans and running shoes. Accessorize with a black bandanna and a couple of bracelets. You can even use hair gel to recreate the wet-hair look. And even a pair of rimless glasses.

8. Rahul in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

rahul bollywood party outfits for men kuch-kuch-hota-hai

This college look was annoying to watch but will definitely be fun to recreate for a Bollywood theme party! Get a soccer jersey, and wear it with distressed denims. The key to nailing this costume is by accessorizing. The “Cool” necklace is a must. You can also create your own by either printing it out on thick paper and cutting it to make a pendant. Or just get letter pendants online and add them to a chain. Also go for knee-caps, bright sneakers and maybe a yellow guitar! Use loads of hair gel to upstyle your hair.

9. Gogo in Andaz Apna Apna

bollywood costume ideas male best gogo

Gogo is one of my favorite villains! And he is one of the most famous male characters in Bollywood movies for costumes. But his costume is difficult to recreate, it’s not for beginners. He’s Mogambo’s nephew after all! You’ll need a satin shirt and trousers. Add a black cape that has a red inside. Accessorize with a chain, red boots and a red satin belt. Upstyle your hair with some hair gel, leaving a curled piece in the front. And don’t forget to finish the look with a curly mustache!

10. Radhe in Tere Naam

bollywood retro theme party dress male easy tere-naam

If you have loads of hair wax at home doing nothing, this is the outfit to go for! To recreate Salman’s Radhe look from Tere Naam, you’ll need long hair or a wig that you can set with hair gel. Add Salman’s silver bracelet and a leather jacket! And retangular sunglasses…!

11. Raj in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

bollywood retro theme party dress male costumes ddlj-raj

Shah Rukh Khan had a cute yet easy costume as Raj in DDLJ. Mostly, you’ll need his quintessential guitar and a fedora. Stick a feather on it. Wear a black leather jacket with bright blue jeans and aviator sunglasses!

12. Munna in Rangeela

bollywood party outfits male easy munnarangeela

Aamir Khan’s Munna costume in Rangeela is one of my favorites of his so far, and that’s saying something considering he’s rocked so many unique ones! It’s a great excuse to go wild and embrace your Mumbaiiya tapori side, all the while rocking bright colored clothes!

You’ll need a bright mesh undershirt vest, paired with a yellow shirt, knotted at the waist. Accessorize with a black cap, even a police costume-y one! And a neck scarf, boots and a thread pendant.

13. Mogambo in Mr. India

bollywood retro theme party dress male idea mogambo

Mogambo is one of the top Bollywood villains ever, and that’s mostly because of his iconic costume. And it’s not an easy one. You’ll need a gold embroidered vintage jacket. And shoulder patches with gold fringes! Oh, and a blonde wig. With a curling iron and hair gel to set it. And even temporary blonde hair highlights to dye your eyebrows!

14. Vijay in Deewar

deewar vijay Bollywood Theme Party Outfits men deewar

Vijay is one of the most iconic male Bollywood characters. So this 70s look would be instantly recognizable. Don a denim shirt, knotted at the waist, with light-brown boot-cut pants. And accessorize with a string of rope around your neck! To recreate the labor badge, you can take a printout with the number 786 on thick gold paper and cut it in the shape of an oval. Then punch two holes on either side and string it around your arm. And skip the shave!

15. Suraj in Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya

bollywood theme dress ideas male o o janejana salman

Here’s another excuse to go topless to a costume party with an easy, last-minute costume! You’ll need a pair of light blue ripped jeans and headphones with mic. If you don’t have the requisite set of abs, just grab your girlfriend/sister’s contour kit and get drawing! Complete the look with a blue guitar!

16. Mr. India in Mr. India

bollywood party outfits male easy mr-india

Anil Kapoor’s look in Mr. India was that of a poor man. So you’ll need your most worn-out clothes. A tweed jacket paired with your oldest pair of black trousers or jeans will be perfect. Wear it with a beige shirt and a sun hat. And don’t forget the iconic Anil Kapoor mustache! If you wanna get more creative, even wear the Mr. India “invisibility gadget”!

17. Krrish in Krrish

latest bollywood theme dress ideas male krish

Going to an outdoor Bollywood theme party? Get the perfect excuse to rock a leather coat and never get chilly! If you don’t have a leather coat, you can just extend your leather jacket temporarily. Buy a large piece of black leather fabric online, and then stick it to the underside of the bottom hem of your jacket with big safety pins.

To recreate the Krrish mask, get a large black leather masquerade mask online. Then just draw the shape on its underside with pen, and cut it along the drawn edges. Complete the look with black jeans and matching shoes.

Boys’ Costume for Bollywood Theme Party

If you’re throwing a Bolly party for families, definitely send this list of kids’ costumes to your guests for Bollywood theme dress code ideas…

18. Jadoo in Koi Mil Gaya

fancy dress competition theme bollywood jadoo

If you’re taking your little one to a Bollywood theme party, Jadoo would be a great costume for him. If you can arrange a Jadoo mask, great, if not, just take some blue and gold face paint and recreate the alien face! Put an oversized yellow hoodie on him and voila!

Couples Bollywood Theme Party Dress (Male)

Whether you’re accompanying your boyfriend or just wanna do a twin costume with your best friend or brother (or even with your sister), here are some of the most iconic Bollywood theme dress up ideas for male couples/friends!

19. Munna Circuit in Munnabhai M.B.B.S.

Bollywood Theme Party Outfits iconic costumes munna-bhai-circuit

Munna & Curcuit are one of the most beloved Bollywood besties. And you can recreate these looks very easily. For Munnabhai, you’ll need an orange shirt, wear it with the top buttons undone. Add a lab coat and stethoscope. For Circuit, wear a black cotton kurta over light blue jeans and add lots of gold chains!

20. Amar/Prem in Andaz Apna Apna

easy fancy dress competition theme bollywood amar-prem

Wanna become the coolest and most realistic jodi with your best friend? Amar & Prem are the best option! Start growing your hair a month before the party to get that 90s look. And just don the brightest red and yellow shirts with black jeans and sunglasses to complete the look. And for the love of AAA, don’t forget that blue cap from “Switzerland”!

21. Jai/ Veeru in Sholay

bollywood theme dress up for couple male jai-veeru

Loads of denim and two best friends is all that’s required to recreate this iconic friendship from the superhit Bollywood movie, Sholay. Go for boot-cut pants in light shade denims, and don’t forget to add a large-buckle belt for Veeru. Also, grow your hair for at least a month.

Need More Costume Ideas?

Shah Rukh’s Zorro look from Baazigar.
Shah Rukh’s navy cap look from Baazigar (with his creepy contact lenses).
Amitabh’s vulture feather hat look from Jhoom Barabar Jhoom.
Teja with the “mark” from Andaz Apna Apna (Great costume idea for twins, too).
Amitabh’s coolie look from Coolie.
Amar Akbar Anthony with musical instruments with your two friends.
Amrish Puri’s Bhairo Nath from Nagina (ugh, chills!).
Sanjay Dutt’s Khalnayak look with the crazy hair fringes, black/white jacket & hat.

So I hope you enjoyed my Bollywood theme party costume ideas. Which costume would you choose for your party? If this guide helped you create your costume, I’d love to see it. Show me by tagging me in your pic on Instagram @shilpaahujadotcom!

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