Bollywood Actress Hairstyles: Trending Hairstyles of 2020

Hair enhance the beauty of every girl. Are you bored with your usual styles? Try out these 9 trending and easy Bollywood actress hairstyles and forget those boring hairdos. 


Hairstyles perfectly define your personality and outfit. The type of hairstyle you choose for an event or a casual outing can enhance your overall ensemble. Forget the old hairdos of the ponytail, bun, and open hairstyles you used to always make, and check out 2020’s chicest hairstyles from the Bollywood actresses.

Have a look at the new and trending Bollywood actress hairstyles of this year and try them out. I have compiled pictures of Bollywood actress hairstyles to give you a glimpse of how these hairdos look and how to pair them with outfits.

Bollywood Actress Hairstyles: 9 Trending Hairstyles of 2020

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From ponytails to buns and puffs, here are different varieties of hairstyles to try. Bollywood divas perfectly pull off these hairdos in their glamorous avatars. So have a look at these 9 trending Bollywood actress hairstyles of 2020.

bollywood actress hairstyle 2020

1. Straight Pulled Back Hair

Straightened hair has always been in trend, they add on delicacy and elegance to your ensemble. It is a less time-consuming hairdo and no worries of forgetting any step.

jahnvi kapoor straight hair hairstyle trends india 2020
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The hairstyle is suitable for all face types. If you have frizzy hair, then straitening will help you a lot, to settle down your hair in a sophisticated way. Katrina Kaif is giving us perfect straight hair goals with Indian outfit and so is Aishwarya Rai is matching it up with a western off-shoulder gown. The hairdo is just perfect for all occasions, formal parties, and meetings, as well as casual get-togethers.

bollywood actress hairstyles-straightened hair-2020

2. Wavy High Ponytail with Pouf

Ponytails are a simple and quick hairdo. But sometimes it gets too boring with a ponytail. Don’t worry, try to add a pouf and see how that boring style transforms into a sassy and cute hairstyle. Make a pouf at the top of your head with the help of bobby pins and hair spray and simply tie up a pony at mid head level with some short flicks in the front. Kiara Advani simply completes her denim casual ensemble with a poufy ponytail. Try out this hairdo for picnics, casual outings, colleges, and night parties.

bollywood actress hairstyles-wavy ponytail-2020

3. Braids

Multiple braids are back in fashion. Braid hairdo is very comfortable and can be easily done at home. Braids are more helpful to tie long hair and work well even during the quarantine. They are of different braids styles like box braids, Dutch braids, French braids. Braid hairdo depicts toughness and boldness, somewhat like Shradha Kapoor here. Her fierce expression makes this hairstyle seem even more badass. Whereas it can also be loosely done like Sonam Kapoor here. This hairdo is suitable for casuals gatherings, during workouts, even for college.

braids-bollywood actress hairstyles-2020

4. Half Up

Not in a mood for letting your hair down and neither for a ponytail, then half up hairstyles are the best for such moods. Half up styles work best for Indian wear. This hairstyle is very comfortable as you don’t have to worry about the front sections getting in your face all the time. But also, you get the grace of a loose hairstyle. A half up hairdo made it easy for Kiara Advani to carry her heavy outfit with grace. You can even mix up 2 styles like braid and half-up hairstyle, just like Sara Ali Khan here. You can also add poufs, straightened hair, or curls to your half-up hairstyle. This hairdo is suitable for weddings, going to religious places, ceremonies.

bollywood-actress hairstyles-2020-half up

5. Messy Top Knot & Chignon

A day full of tiredness and humidity demands for a knot hairdo. Although you don’t have to tie them in the same way every time. You can change the styles and make them look more attractive. The knot adds volume to the hair and contours the face perfectly by tying all hair at the top. Sonam Kapoor completes her ensemble with a high voluminous knot that shows off the back of her dress. You can also tie a high knot with flicks, just like Rhea Kapoor here, or tie a low head messy chignon. It totally depends on what style you prefer and what suits you. Messy knots and chignons are best as a sexy summer look as loose hair can be too irritating in the summers.

messy-chignon-bollywood actress hairstyles-2020

6. Hair Accessories

Adorning your hairs with head chains, headgears, head clips adds an unique element to your hairdo. Not everybody is comfortable with such accessories, but if you are confident, then you should just try them out. Hair accessories adorn every hairdo like Urvashi Rautella’s wavy hair or Sonam Kapoor’s bun. You can match them with Indian as well as western wear. Try them out on occasions like weddings, engagements, theme parties, and many more.

bollywood actress hairstyles -2020- hair accessories

7. Glam High Bun

High neatly tied buns are mostly preferred by working women, who avoid open hair or ponytails and love tight sophisticated hairdos. High bun gives you a neat and tidy look, and your hair doesn’t interrupt in between, and at the same time, they look extremely glamorous. You can also make a braided bun, just like Urvashi Rautella here. This will make your bun look more voluminous and large. Try this hairdo at your workplace, or parties.

bollywood actress hairstyles-2020-high-glam-bun

8. Retro Waves with a Boho Twist

Want to let your hair down in a new way? Try this one out. Retro waves with a boho twist. Create big waves starting from the top using a curling iron. They are simple and easy to make. The grace of his hairstyle can be seen in the pictures of Kiara Advani and Aishwarya Rai. These hairstyles make your hair look voluminous. If you are bored with straight hair then try out this hairdo. This hairstyle is perfect for college fest, parties, and family ceremonies.

wavy retro waves- bollywood actress hairstyles-2020

9. Fringes

Honestly, fringes came back in trend with Big Boss season 13, where Shenaaz Gill carried this hairstyle on national television, and every other girl wanted to try this style. This hairstyle is best suitable for those who have a large forehead, as fringes cover the widened forehead. Fringes can be paired with half-up, bun, ponytails, wavy, straight, and curls hairstyles somewhat like how Urvashi Rautela matched it with pouf and ponytail for her photo-shoot. Fringes are suitable for every occasion, ceremonies, college fests, even for video dates.

bollywood actress hairstyles-2020-fringesSo these Bollywood divas are giving perfect hair goals for 2020 with these glamorous hairstyles. Now you don’t need to wear boring hairstyles every day, you can replace them with these latest trends. Say bye-bye to bad hair days and hello to gorgeous hair days. Do let me know your favorite Bollywood actress hairstyles in comments and you can also share your pictures in different hairdos on Instagram and tag us @shilpaahujadotcom.

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