Bold Fashion and How to Dress it

What is bold fashion and do you need to dress more boldly? We discuss the art of bold fashion and its history. Get to know how to rule the audacious look each day you head out.

Featured: Marc Jacobs FW22 RTW

To dress bold is to rule the kingdom of fashion. Fashion is all about showcasing your uniqueness and you don’t need to hold back. It brings out your daring persona outwards. You carry your confidence on your sleeves and it’s visible to one and all.

“Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment,” is the quote by fashion designer Alexander McQueen. Fashion is a second skin of our body and bold is the explicit type to showcase yourself inside out.

introduction to bold fashion
Cardi B in Thom Browne designed oxblood red dress at Met Gala 2019.

Today’s bold fashion game in the industry is head strong with colors, prints, silhouettes and styles coming together as one. Let’s walk the talk and unravel the distinct world of fashion. Of course, it’s not easy to bring out your bold side. So here we are to explore all about it

Unraveling Bold Fashion

There is not just one interpretation for bold fashion. It may differ from me to you, but the essence of it lies in one thing – confidence.  For some it’s the bold black lips or some it’s the holographic green suit. Sometimes it is a minimal silhouette with dashing prints and the other times it is extravagant silhouettes with solid neon colors. How do we decode bold fashion with so many aspects coming into it?

What is Bold Fashion?

We can define bold fashion as nonconformist, and break existing rules, which may even offend people around you. It may be but doesn’t always have to be too revealing. Fashion is a way of expressing your individuality, and if your personality is unique it’ll show through your bold style. It can be a combination of unusual things like colored hair eyelashes and bold prints, shoes, etc. or it can be just one bold piece like an extremely big poufy dress or just one unusual accessory like a quirky necklace or a bag.

History of Bold Fashion

Taking a glimpse at the past, we can possibly figure out how and why bold fashion emerged. Fashion trends have always helped people blend in, but also stand out. It’s the various experiments that have been the epitome of bold fashion over the ages.

Bold fashion took center stage in the 50s, the golden era of Hollywood. 1960s fashion was inspired, with bold prints and bold cuts. Later in 1980s, pop culture inspired fashion with technicolor, preppy fabrics and new silhouettes.

History of Bold fashion
L to R: Madonna’s conical bra outfit by Jean Paul Gaultier, Marilyn Monroe’s I wanna be loved by you dress designed by Bob Mackie.

From Donatella Versace’s bondage dress to Madonna’s conical bra outfit by Jean Paul Gaultier in 1990s to Marilyn Monroe’s ‘I wanna be loved by you’ dress; we can transpire how the evolution of it emerged. These days, bold is intrepid and dynamic. From creating the latest interpretation of a fashion aesthetic to using fashion as a way of “coming out” to creating a revolution in your school, bold fashion is as versatile as its utility.

Classics of All Time

It’s our perspective that defines fearless fashion. Some of the examples we’ve seen over the years include Gianni Versace’s baroque print and Balmain’s dynamic ad campaigns. Versace’s prints flash the power, fearlessness and superiority. Jennifer Lopez’s green jungle Versace silk chiffon dress at 2000 Grammy award ceremony was an ultimate attempt of bold fashion evolution.

Bold fashion classics of all time
Top to Bottom: Versace’s classic Baroque print; (L to R) Jennifer Lopez in green Versace jungle dress at a fashion show in 2000, Jean Paul Gaultier’s iconic collection.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s designs usually have exaggerated silhouettes, vibrant colors and much more to look at. Moschino’s collections break the boundaries of traditional fashion year after year. It’s impossible to credit everybody’s talent in the fashion industry for their bold work in the world of fashion.

From Travis Baker’s Grammys 2022 look to Priyanka Chopra’s bold silhouette at Bulgari launch event to Gigi Hadid’s 2022 Met Gala look, the bold fashion is truly irresistible these days.


Your energy introduces you when you enter a room and how boldy you dress highlights your presence in the room. As Marc Jacobs once said, “There are hints about who you are in what you wear.”

Kim Kardashian’s bold fashion looks stun the crowd with each of her iconic appearances,  for example her 2021 Met Gala’s black Balenciaga ensemble. At the other side of the world Deepika Padukone’s Cannes appearances have been fearless and eye-catching.

It’s the matter of risk you are willing to take to reflect your personality. Whether it’s Lady Gaga introducing her cosmetics brand with bold makeup campaigns or Billie Eilish adorning her flashy green hair streaks; style certainly highlights your individuality.

trendsetters in bold fashion
L to R: Gigi Hadid as a showstopper at Marc Jacob’s 2022 show, Deepika Padukone at Cannes 2022 in Louis Vuitton, Bella Hadid at Marc Jacob’s 2022 fashion show, (bottom) Kim Kardashian’s faceless look in Balenciaga at Met Gala 2021.

In an attempt to make each collection more creative and bolder, Marc Jacobs designs leave us awestruck each time. Perhaps it’s simpler to summarize that fashion designers, celebrities, pop stars and fashion models really are the trendsetters, as long as they keep taking fashion risks.

Bold Fashion Psychology

Dressing bold is not just about showcasing a statement outfit, but a lot more than that. Sometimes it is about standing out in a crowd and at other times it is about expressing your thought through how you dress up. This eye-catching style comes into picture when it comes to expressing strong emotions.

Why do some people dress bold? Some may say it’s a need to get attention, but for many, it’s just an expression, something they can’t help but let out.

Bold fashion psychology
Harry Styles wears Gucci gown to make a bold statement.

As we know how important it is to stand out in public; it’s key is to understand your bold persona too. Fashion leaders are also the opinion leaders who experiment with fashion and put their best foot forward to the world. We get inspired and look up to these influential personalities to create our own bold type of fashion. It’s not just about communicating through clothes but conveying your thoughts too.

A great example is the LGBTQ community. You will comprehend their way of conveying a message through bold fashion sense. You don’t have to be an influencer trying to impress the crowd. The fashion choices you opt for define a lot about your unique personality and likewise dressing bold assists you in achieving those peculiarities.

Bold Fashion Guide

It’s not only the neon colors that make fashion bold but monochromes can help you achieve it too. It’s not only the outfit that makes the bold point, but an accessory, a hairstyle or a  makeup look is an apt choice too. While it’s either mohawks or an edgy cardigans, bold fashion is an innovative and creative endeavour.

How to Dress Bold

Dressing bold is all about making unique, unconventional choices through your clothes, accessories and/or makeup. Doing this in an aesthetically pleasing manner may not be easily achievable, but it is certainly possible, and something you can get better at with practice. Right choice of bold colors, silhouettes, prints and patterns is what matters for the bold look. So here’s our fashion guide for you to truly express your bold personality.

Bold Outfits

As important it is to find out your personal style; having the courage to pull off that style is important as well. You tend to experiment, mix and match and play along with clothes, colors and fabrics. Here are some easy tips for pulling off bold fashion:

  • Play with vibrant and flashy colors together. Also, combining complementary colors works well in bold fashion.
  • Summer prints, abstract prints go hand in hand with oversized fashion as well as minimal attires.
Bol fashion styling outfits
L to R:  Dolce and Gabbana Fall/ Winter 2022 and Rihanna’s in Adam Selmon gown for CFDA awards 2014.
  • The most quintessential of all; sheer fashion! See-through clothing is a tough call to answer. Not everybody is confident enough to show off their curves and body. Considering all this sheer fashion is a win-win for bold fashion. It takes you in the spotlight in a room.
  • You are bold when you dress gold. Gold is classic and gold fashion is always a bold fashion. The warmth of gold if often perceived in a way bold with it being mixed with fabrics, outfits or accessories.


  • Leather combined with exaggerated silhouettes is always a bold idea. You can try neon or blacks which always work in bold style but metallic suits and fabrics are even better choices. A metallic full body jumpsuit is also a good call.
bold fashion styling fabrics
L to R: Kim Kardashian’s black leather suit by Balenciaga and Latex bodysuit by Balmain Fall 2020.
  • Out of the box textiles are a top choice for couture fashion these days. If you are keen to ace the gala nights with biggies in the industry, bold and unique fabric outfits can get through the night in a bold manner, such as a plexi skirt, a metal bralette or a PVC top.
  • Latex catsuits are by far the most brave choice a bold fashionista possesses. Whether it is Bella or Gigi Hadid or Kim Kardashian; adopting a catsuit is a bold add up to your capsule wardrobe.

Patterns and Silhouettes

  • In my opinion, layers to your garment is just like adding feathers to your boldly curated wardrobe. Be certain to opt one for you.
  • Play with ruffles or layers. Combine ruffles with an overemphasised silhouette and boom, you are ready to step out.
  • Cut-out dresses and silhouettes are a fashion feast. Get a cut-out ensemble to your wardrobe and it will never disappoint you.
  • Asymmetrical silhouettes are a must-have as they flaunt your bold expression of fashion.
  • Fringe fashion gives personality to your fashion sense. When you wear fringing outfits, it helps you highlight your bold walk.
  • Puffed fashion is a great selection but tricker to style. Make it the highlight in an otherwise fitted silhouette.
bold fashion styling patterns and silhouettes
L to R: Lady Gaga in Marc Jacobs fall 2019 and cut-out patterns designed by FIT institute 2022.
  • Oversized silhouette is the pivotal part of bold fashion. It will never let you down on any occasion, whether it is at the airport or at a vacation or just a work-day in office.
  • Geometry and architectural silhouettes showcase a dominant side. Go for edgy 3D dresses, geometric cut outs or big architectural ruffles.

Makeup and Hairstyle

  • You need to try black lips or other unconventional shades like blue or green.
  • Experimental hair and makeup help you carry out bold fashion. With vibrant eye makeup or hairstyles take an upper hand in fashion, you too will up your bold fashion ensemble with experimental makeup or hair designs.
bold fashion styling beauty experimental makeup
L to R: Priyanka Chopra’s experimental hair and makeup for Met Gala 2019, Chanel’s Haute Couture SS13.
  • Taking inspiration from Billie Eilish’s green hair and Cara Delevingne’s bald head style; you can think of ways to take bold style to another level to suit your own personality.

Also read: 11 Tips for Creating Bold Makeup Looks by MUA Marjolein


  • Poppy sunglasses are a major style statement. Or try quirky shapes, prints or metallic tones.
  • Leather boots speak volumes. Style tip: Minis and oversized coat accessorized with over the knee boots are a hands down style statement.
bold fashion styling with bold accessories
L to R: Dolce and Gabbana’s over accessorized looks, Spring 2022, Chanel’s sunglasses, Fall 2017.
  • Over accessorized looks complemented with minimal or subtle colors will still help you achieve a bold appearance.
  • Also try novelty shapes in accessories like food shaped jewelry, bags shaped like everyday items, etc.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • You can easily complement a bold silhouette and pattern with subtle and pastel colors.
  • Bold monochromatic head-to-toe looks are a big yes!
  • Choose appropriate prints which speak bold wisely and fearlessly.
  • Avoid minimal accessorizing. Prefer layered sets of jewelry, or go for chunky statement pieces for a larger-than-life expression.

Bold is a Choice

Bold fashion means different to you and me with changing times. Identifying your bold type of fashion is like identifying your personality. As we can see it is evitable on red carpets, ad campaigns and runways as well. Not to forget it’s your peculiarities that actually translate into your type of bold. Bold fashion is not just restricted to big events, but you and I can ace it as a street style or in college.

street style bold celeb fashion ideas casual clothing
Top to Bottom (L to R): Bold Street style statement by Beyonce, Gigi Hadid, Zendaya and Kylie Jenner.

We’d recommend following runway collection of design houses like Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Jean Paul Gaultier, or celebs like Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, Deepika Padukone, Kendall Jenner, etc. Also check out fashionable TV series like The Bold Type, Sex and the City or Gossip Girl for tons of inspiration.

So, amigos I wonder what your type of bold fashion is; so comment down or tag us @shilpaahujadotcom with your bold fashioned style statement. Remember it’s always the first bold move you think of!

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