Birthday Cake Trends for 2019 (You’ll Want Them ALL!)

The latest birthday cakes are so beautiful they’ll blow you away! From showstopping to minimal, here are the 11 latest birthday cake trends for 2019.

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Hey gorgeous! Cakes make every occasion better – from birthdays to anniversaries to weddings and milestone celebrations. And they make everyone happier. No wonder everyone loves them so much. But who loves them more than bakers themselves? They tirelessly create new designs every time – each more beautiful than the previous. And thanks to Instagram, we can drool over them for hours!

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Birthday Cake Trends for 2019

This year, cakes are getting a lot of attention. Cake designers are coming up with intricate, gorgeous cakes that can be the center of the party. For birthday cakes, we’re seeing loads of new designs. So I researched by checking out the work of many cake designers all over the world and I found spectacular new trends in common. Let’s check them out!

1. Edible Flowers & Floral Arrangements

Edible flowers are the #1 top trend among the latest birthday cakes. From sugar flowers to rice paper blooms, every designer baker is doing them, and they’re blowing up on Instagram. Sugar dahlias, lilies, peonies, roses, no flower is impossible. Sugar flowers take great skill to make, especially when they look so realistic.

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2. Sculptural Cakes

Cakes are becoming so beautiful and creative that some really look like centerpieces. From carousels to gravity-defying arrangements to literal stone textured sculptures, cake designers are blowing our minds with these trending birthday cakes. I’m loving the torn paper effect cake by Jasmine Rae below. These cakes will be perfect for large birthday parties when you want something memorable and breathtaking.

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3. Mixing Textures

Textured and hand-painted cakes already became very trendy last year. And now bakers are going one step further by mixing textures on a single cake. Torn paper effect with gold edges is very popular right now. So are limestone, marble, geode and concrete textures. Mother of pearl and beaded cakes are trendy, too. Other than those, cake artists are also mixing semi-naked cakes with glossy or floral designs. So mix up the texture of your choice, or let the baker do their magic!

4. Iridescent & Antique Metallic

Iridescent fashion was all the rage last year, so it’s no surprise this style is finding its way into birthday cake trends. Children’s unicorn and fairy iridescent cakes are quite popular in 2019. Also, we’re seeing a lot of iridescent metallic and antique metallic shades in the latest cake designs. Go for antique gold, copper or silver. These shiny birthday cake decorating trends for 2019 are great for vintage-themed parties.

5. Black Cakes

Black is one of the top birthday cake trends in 2019, and we’re seeing this trend even in wedding cakes. Afterall, black looks unique and makes for great pictures. Perfect for men’s birthday parties and black-tie galas with retro themes like Great Gatsby. You can go for a black cake that also has other cake trends with it like edible flowers or mixed textures. Check out the beautiful Instagrammable black cake by lima.cakes below!

6. Geometric

I’m loving this new birthday cake idea. Geometric cakes are edgy, literally! And they’ll be a great surprise for the birthday boy or girl, since they’re quite unique and picturesque! Geometric heart shaped cakes are very popular everywhere. Same with square cakes and layered rectangular cakes. If you’re looking for something different, try edgy geometric sculptural cakes with stone effect or gravity-defying cube structure.

7. Impressionist Paintings (Art Cakes)

Hand-painted cakes are still very trendy. Amongst those, impressionist paintings are one of the top birthday cake trends for 2019. They require beautiful art skills to create, so make sure to check out your baker’s experience with these before you order. Talented cake artists are recreating some of the world’s most famous impressionist paintings, or you can order something abstract or even three-dimensional.

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8. Sexy Minimalist Cakes

Don’t want something so extra for your birthday? Well, you’re in luck, because minimalist cakes are quite trendy, too. In fact, sexy minimalist designs that can wow your party guests are one of the top birthday cake trends for this year. Go for a square black cake with gold edges. Or try just a simple round cake with matte texture and just one simple accent on it. Or go for a marble effect cake with just one sugar flower or cherry twig on it. Neutral colors like black, white, nude and grey are the most popular in this style.

9. Brush Strokes

While embossed brush strokes are still trendy, one of the new birthday cake trends is creating a design with 3D brush strokes.  They’re created with fondant or sugar and can be gold-accented or painted with gradients.

10. Edible Fabric

Looking for something creative and unexpected for your birthday party? Fabrics are one of the top birthday cake trends right now. Either include a fabric in your sculptural themed design. Or go for edible fabric coming out on the cake in an abstract way. Or try the layered & ruffled cake designs. You can also get a lace or large bow design.

11. Ferns & Herbs

Last but not the least, real ferns and herbs are dominating the latest birthday cakes for 2019. If you’re having a boho birthday party, or something out in the garden, this would be a great idea. They also make perfect birthday gifts for those who love herbs or greens! You can also ask to include other natural items like dried fruits, leaves or fruits.

So I hope all the work I put into creating this collection was helpful.

Are you planning a birthday party? Which one of these 11 birthday cake trends for 2019 is your favorite? Lemme know below! I’d love to see what you go for. If one of these cakes inspired you, do show me yours on Instagram by tagging me @shilpaahujadotcom!

Muaah <3

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