Bikini Wax or Brazilian? Now You’ll Know Exactly Which One to Choose

Brazilian or bikini wax helps to get the smooth and clean skin that goes with your sexy swimsuits! From pros and cons to helpful advice for the first-timers, here’s all you need to know before you get a salon appointment! So let us help you decide what’s right for you – bikini wax or brazilian!

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Hey sexy! Summer is back! One of the most common hair removal methods is undoubtedly waxing. And I know you must have already planned the swimsuit trend and bikini style you’re gonna opt for, and of course, the type of bikini wax style that’s required for it. Bikini wax or Brazilian wax – both are excellent ideas for the pubic area for a neat and clean skin. If you have never had a bikini wax before, it’s common to be confused whether to go for bikini wax or Brazilian. So here are the different options for waxing, and their pros and cons. Of course, which style to go for is completely your own decision. Let’s take a look!

Bikini Wax and Brazilian: Differences

Brazilian wax helps in removing of all the hairs from the entire private region, including the back part of the bum and bum line. Whereas a standard bikini wax includes the bikini line, just the front part and not the lady-bits and the buttocks.

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Bikini Wax or Brazilian: Which One is Better for You

Bikini wax a process of removing hairs along the bikini line. Some salons may also remove the hair on the front part. It is less painful than Brazilian wax because in bikini wax, we don’t have to get the entire internal areas done. Whereas in the Brazilian wax, it’s done wholly at the front, back and everything in between. It’s very difficult to bear the pain when getting waxed at these sensitive places, especially if it’s your first time. Also, people who have sensitive skin are advised not to go for a Brazilian wax. So personally, I always prefer going for a bikini wax than Brazilian.

What is Brazilian Bikini Wax


Brazilian bikini wax has been made very popular by the celebs. In Brazilian bikini wax, every small bit of hair is removed from the front, va-jay-jay, back, sides and everything in between. Some women prefer to leave a thin strip of hair in the front and a few opt for v-shape. But if you wanna go completely bare, let your aesthetician know in advance! Even shapes like lightning bolt or a ‘just do it’ symbol was popular a few years ago to get in the privates, but those are out of fashion now!

French Bikini Wax


French bikini wax resembles a Brazilian wax, but without the bum hair removal. Your beautician will take off all the hairs from the front and the private parts. So technically a french, Brazilian and Hollywood wax, all differ slightly. So be prepared to go through the pain if you’re opting for any one of these styles!


Tips & Precautions

After bikini or Brazilian waxing, the pubic part of your body becomes more sensitive. First timers may experience soreness, bumps or even bleeding. So here are some tips and precautions to follow.

  1. Use ice cubes if you have redness after bikini or Brazilian waxing.
  2. Avoid swimming in the beach for at least 24 hours.
  3. Wear only cotton panties, swimsuits and bikinis and avoid any fabrics that may cause discomfort or a rash for 24 hours after waxing.
  4.  Use only antibiotic creams to prevent any kind of infection.
  5. If you experience pain or infection after 24 hours too, see your doctor.


Additional FAQs

How Long Should Hair Be for Brazilian Wax?

Your hair should be at least 1/4 inch long so that it’s easy to allow the wax to grip around the hair and easy to remove with the waxing strips. If they’re too long, your aesthetician may trim them before waxing.

Bumps After Waxing

Bumps after waxing are the most common thing. Many people tend to get these bumps, due to the high temperature of the wax or as a result of the coarse hairs being removed from their follicles. The best solution and precaution is to use ice cubes. The bumps disappear normally in one or two days. Sometimes, they may be gone within a couple of hours.


Does Hair Grow Back Thicker After Waxing?

The fact is that hair removal has no influence on hair growing back thicker. Especially, waxing for the first time, it technically doesn’t become more coarse but still, it depends on our body and how your hair follicles work. Hair growth may be more sparse after waxing as all the follicles take different times to grow the hairs back.

Is Waxing Better Than Shaving?

Unless pain is the only counting factor, waxing is a better option than shaving. ‘Cause waxing pulls out the hair from the root and takes 2-4 weeks to regrow. Whereas shaving helps to remove hair just from the surface of the skin. So they regrow within a week or 10 days.


What Does a Brazilian Wax Include?

A brazilian wax removes nearly all of the hairs from the pubic area. It includes the whole front part, lady bits, buttocks and bum line.

Can You Get Waxed During Your Period?

Yes, you can have a bikini wax during your periods (though brazilain may not be a good idea). However, skin tends to be more sensitive during periods, then it’s better to avoid bikini waxing at least during the first two days of your period. Technically, even getting a brazilian wax is possible during your period. However, it may be difficult for your aesthetician and very unhygienic, so avoid.

So this is all about the bikini wax or brazilian wax. Which one you’re planning to get it done for yourself? And what are your brazilian waxing experiences that we can learn from (or laugh with)? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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