Best Practices When Auditioning for an Acting Role

Auditions are the most thrilling and terrifying part of an acting career, but they’re vital to getting you in front of people. So instead of going in unprepared, these are the most important things to do when prepping for a big audition.

Bring Extra Headshots

It’s a good idea to bring extra headshots or photos of yourself that they can use for reference later.  When you start auditioning for many roles, you’ll want to print as many of these as possible and update them the moment you have any physical changes like a drastic haircut or dye.  These will ensure they remember your face and can give you a better chance at succeeding.

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Bring an Extra Resume

Along with your headshots, bring an extra resume.  Ensure that the information only includes things that are pertinent to what you’re auditioning for.  Unless you’re applying for a role as a cook in a movie, they don’t need to know that you worked at Subway for two years.  Include items like previous roles you’ve played, even if they were in school, and include a link to your social media.  Whatever connection you send them to should have a reel that’s easy to find and shows off your skills.

Read Any Prepared Material And Practice

If there’s a prepared script that they want you to perform from: read it ahead and practice as much as you can.  Please get to know the lines, figure out the beat to it, and give yourself the chance to feel familiar with the role.  This will build up your confidence and will allow you to wow them when your audition comes.  The average audition calls on many actors for hire, so make sure you stand out and show your commitment.

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Research the Role or Production Company

This is an extra bit of homework and can be difficult to do if you’re auditioning for several companies or roles at once: get to know the production company or theater group you’re auditioning for.  Research them online, look for what type of performers they hire, figure out what kinds of productions they make, and look for some reasons you may fit with them.  This will allow you to be prepared for any questions they may have and limit the number of surprises you face during your audition.


Show Up On Time, Well Rested

Although the audition doesn’t begin until they call you up: your preparation has to start the night before.  Drink plenty of water and try to get between seven and nine hours of sleep.  Although you may be nervous, especially if this is your first audition, you must try to rest.  Going into an audition half-asleep or jittery from lack of sleep will hinder your ability to make a good first impression and possibly score the role.  


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Make sure that you show up early by at least fifteen minutes to sign in or fill out any paperwork they need.  Although your appointment may be at ten in the morning, arrive at 9:45 so that you can show you’re punctual and that you take this seriously.

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