Best Organic Hair Oils to Try in India: Top 15 List

We’ve got nothing but love for all things natural. And so we’ve rounded up the best organic hair oils below. They offer the hydrating perks your hair needs.

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You regularly moisturize your face and slather it with the best of skincare treatments, but are you showering the same love for your love? If not, then it’s time to extend that love to organic oils, formulated for hair. Natural oil treats your tresses so they remain hydrated and healthy. Whatever your hair problem, there is one for everyone below. Neat packaging aside, the organic oils also treat hair like a hydrating mask. Many are formulated with rich-replenishing ingredients like lavender, almond, and castor oil to make sure your hair stays smooth at all times.

List of Best Organic Hair Oils for Healthy Hair

With more brands getting on the natural hair oils train, we’ve gathered a dozen of the best organic hair oils with great reviews. None of these products are greasy or sticky. As you scroll down, you’ll notice most of them are easy drugstore finds in India.

Indulge your hair all in with our find of organic hair oils. Discover them all, ahead.

1. Aveda Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil

A favorite of organic beauty lovers, hair care brand Aveda excels at making natural products without parabens and sulfates. The repairing oil is great for hair as it restores and strengthens in all the good ways. Harvested from Brazil and certified with organic buriti oil, it instantly restores brittle, weak strands. You’ll also find zero silicone in the formula, so even a few drops will be enough to revive thirsty, tangled hair.

2. Kama Ayurveda Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

This natural oil is coming for you. I am already a huge fan of it. Not only does it detangle hair whilst brushing but also smoothes out knots. In one application, you will notice how it hydrates your hair without weighing it down and also protects it from environmental aggressors. So my overall review of the Kama Ayurveda Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is the ultimate rejuvenating feel, which, despite being packed with hydrating oils, doesn’t feel heavy at all.

3. Juicy Chemistry Marula, Argan & Lavender Organic Hair Oil

This mega-rich organic hair oil is packed with tons of feel-good ingredients like argan, marula, and lavender. So if your hair is thirsty for some deep moisturization, look no further than the organic hair oil by Juicy Chemistry. The super-rich natural oil has it all: lavender and a triple-packed mix of argan oils that nourish even the driest hair. Use it to smoothen out your coils and watch how defined, moisturized, and shiny your hair really gets. And the marula oil helps strengthen hair against environmental damage too.

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4. Aroma Magic Hair Oil

A common issue with hair oils is that they leave a sticky feel. Not Aroma Magic hair oil. This organic shampoo is made up of some of the best naturally-derived ingredients that quickly absorb with a non-greasy finish. And it is effective as hell. Apply on your roots and let the combo of argan, thyme, bhringraj, and other silk proteins work its full-on hydration magic.

5. MamaEarth Onion Oil for Hair Growth & Hair Fall

The hero ingredient in this MamaEarth natural treatment is of course the onion seed oil and redensyl, which is prized for their hair strengthening powers. I too have been using this oil for a while now. During the lockdown, I was alarmed to see my hair falling off excessively. After coming across this organic oil, I decided to switch from my regular ones. And it worked amazingly well for me since my hair fall has lessened a big deal. This is definitely one of the best organic hair oils I’ve tried – conventional or natural.

6. SoulTree Revitalising Hair Oil with Aamla & Brahmi

Joining our list of best organic hair oils is the SoulTree Revitalising hair oil. A rich hair oil infused with brahmi and aamla to radiate hair with nourishment. Frankly, you can use this multitasking hair oil a million times without worrying about your hair type. It smoothes out frizz, hydrates dry ends, and nourishes to the maximum. Look for this in stores or online.

7. Forest Essentials Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Almond Oil

Another go-to brand is the very popular Forest Essentials Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Almond Oil. The treatment offers intense moisturization to rebalance hair’s lost moisture, and restoring a healthy sheen. Once or twice a week, give your hair a luxe treatment with this organic almond oil. It gives you a plus-on dose of all-natural ingredients to soften hair.

8. Lotus Organics Intensive Scalp Revitalizing Oil

How do you know which one is the fan-favorite best organic hair oils? By trying the Lotus Organics Intensive Scalp Revitalizing Oil, of course. The oil features some of the best hydrating ingredients to nourish dry hair. This natural oil is ideal for super-dry, and stressed hair. It gently nourishes the scalp with its hydrating cocktail of natural ingredients to add smoothness.

9. WOW Skin Science Moroccan Argan Hair Oil

Proof that you don’t need to up your game with luxe hair treatments: this natural hair treatment from the brand WOW Science is made up of rich argan oil to hydrate tresses. In addition to its deep hydration, it provides a non-sticky feel that hair just drinks in. And it’s both soothing and smoothening to the hair, thanks to the brand’s signature of natural ingredients.

10. Tjori Mustard Hair Oil

Gentle and non-sticky, this treatment encourages growth without the characteristic smell of mustard oil. So don’t be afraid of its scent plus it won’t weigh hair down. I can vouch for this because I used this one too during an oil testing spree of mine. The lightweight hair revived and quenched my dry hair.

11. Khadi Natural Henna Rosemary Herbal Hair Oil

We’d like to side with the best organic hair oils and one of them is the Khadi Natural solution. When it comes to natural hair care oils, the brand consistently tops the best-of lists. Perfect for hair that is feeling straw-like, this deep-nourishing hair oil helps revive tresses. The herbal ingredients majorly hydrate and rosemary softens hair.

12. Newish Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil

This rich, multi-purpose castor oil uses a blend of natural ingredients to moisturize strands while boosting hair growth. With the richness of natural ingredients and a special smoothing cold-pressed castor oil, the price of Newish oil seems like a typo. But it is not. Instead, it has the heavy lifting of oils, deeply moisturizing, and softening hair while absorbing quickly without giving a heavy feel. Go ahead and apply onto your roots, or mix it with other carrier oil for enhancing your tresses.

13. Morpheme Remedies Pure Cold Pressed Amla Hair Oil

If you deal with frizz or flyaways, switch to this oil as it is right up your alley. Use the amla-infused formula before shampooing to calm your hair down. In addition to offering hydrating benefits, it contains all the natural goodness to help hair appear softer and healthier. Apart from being loaded with the richness of amla, the hair oil has a delightfully lightweight texture that your hair immediately drinks up. If you’re looking for a solution that leaves your hair feeling soft and smooth, this is one of the best organic hair oils to go for.

14. CoCo Soul Cold Pressed Natural Virgin Coconut Oil

Consider CoCo Soul Cold Pressed Natural Virgin Coconut Oil as a healthy, moisturizing remedy for your hair. As the name suggests, this hair oil is packed with natural virgin coconut oil that is lightweight and easily absorbable. If you’re looking for deep conditioning oil, use this virgin coconut oil treatment before a hair wash. It will leave tresses smoother and sturdier whilst offering long-lasting moisture. If you like a whiff of coconut oil without added scent, you will fall in love with this chemical-free version. You will still get all the nourishing benefits.

15. Just Herbs Bhringraj Oil

If you expect to be outdoors a lot, you need major hair protection. Therapeutic herbs act like a shield saving them from environmental stressors. On top of that, the oil featuring sesame oil will help against split ends and graying. Extremely lightweight, the Just Herbs not only hydrates strands and soothes irritated scalp but also strengthens hair roots as well. This is one of the best organic hair oils and is a favorite among beauty enthusiasts. It definitely takes the cake for being a no-fuss, daily care natural hair oil.

You no longer have to complain about the sticky finish or be dissatisfied with the result of drugstore finds. And allow these organic options to be the soothing solution you need. In the long term, oiling your hair consistently will boost hair health and decrease the rate of hair problems.

If you think our roundup of best organic hair oils is perfect for your hair, then leave a comment below or leave a tweet us @shilpa1ahuja! Whether you have dry, normal, or oily hair, odds are these natural hair oils will pass the test.

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