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Hello, my sexy and fabulous readers! How are you today? I just saw that my blog now has over 10,000 views, and because I’m always throwing “pearls of wisdom” and randomly fun (and stupid) lines in my articles, I thought why not compile a list of the best quotes from all of my blog’s articles. Plus I compiled those in a sketch-diary-poster-header-type-thingie with drawings and stuff. Innit cute? 😛 Hehehe


Here are these quotes and the articles that I took them from. Do catch up on any of the posts you missed reading!

“Some experiences can’t really be captured by a camera. Or words.”


 From Travel to Paris | Art, Architecture, Romance, Shopping – Part 1

“Paris has picturesque streets that take you right back in time, calm walks by the river Seine, the fragrance of haute cuisine, shopping experiences that remind you of the chicest movies, and of course the Eiffel Tower.”

banks_river_seine_tour_travel_tourism_vacation_trip_paris_france_europe_popular_landmark_bridge_view From Travel to Paris | Art, Architecture, Romance, Shopping – Part 1

“Kayaking is like sipping a glass of wine – you could take as long as you want to finish the glass, tasting all its fine flavors and detecting its texture, and then noting its aftertaste.”

shilpa_ahuja_kayaking_love_lifestyle_blogger_1 From The Things I Love About Kayaking 

“My dream is to travel the world, to admire it in all its natural beauty, to discover the most exquisite places, to learn about all the different, unique cultures, to meet diverse people, and  to experience all of that in the best way possible.”

kayaking_summer_outdoot_activity_top_best_international_destinations_water_sport_lock_torridon_scotland From Travel the World | Top 10 International Destinations for Kayaking

“Accessories can make or break an outfit. They have the power to make your outfit look run-of-the-mill, or very you!”

wardrobe_wear_wardrobe_essential_items_fashion_style_womens_girls_must_have_basic_accessories From 11 Wardrobe Essentials for Every Girl | Fashion Accessories

“You know it’s spring when everything around you is so blatantly flowery.”

cambridge_ma_boston_usa_pink_light_spring_flowers_bloom_blossom_beautiful_tree_branch_1 From Remembering Boston: Spring Bloom

“Venice has some of the rarest views in the world, sunset by the Grand Canal, unmissable Gothic architecture, the breathtaking gondolas floating over the sea-green waters, atop which you find the gondoliers whose songs are famous worldwide.”

shopping_in_venice_travel_guide_traveling_traveler_tourism_europe_best_grand_canal_evening_night_view_sunset_1 From Shopping in Venice, Italy Tourism | Souvenirs, Fashion, Food

“Gelato is fresh and tasty, and evokes Italian music in my mind.”

shilpa_ahuja_gelato_rome_italy_frozen_dessert_war_ice_cream_sorbet_vs_froyo_tasty_2  From Ice-Cream vs. Gelato vs. Fro-Yo vs. Sorbet vs. Frozen Custard: What’s the Difference

“A girl who believes in happiness and love, who believes that the secret to looking beautiful is feeling good and having fun!”

shilpa_ahuja_feeling_beautiful_romantic_spring_morning_fashion_lifestyle_beauty_makeup_video_film_youtube_1 From Feeling Beautiful: Romantic Spring Morning – The Short-Film

Anyway, wisdom and stupidity apart, the point is that I really want to thank all my readers for spending time here, and for encouraging me to write more and to write better and most importantly, to just keep writing. Do lemme know which your favorite article was and what else you would like to see on this blog, and I’ll try my best to write about that. Bises! Ciao! 🙂

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