Best Nail Polish Colors for Monsoon 2015 According to Your City!

Pick Your Nail Polish Colors for Monsoon According to your City!


The early rain showers have already started, and soon enough, the monsoons will be here! The sky will go from sunny bright blue to dramatically beautiful grey – with thick clouds interspersed with sun rays streaming through their gaps, creating wonderful hues of yellows and oranges and pinks!

And you know what that will call for? Colorful rain boots, umbrellas, and of course, nailpolish that will brighten up your day! Let’s take a look at what nail polish colors for monsoon we will be wanting to wear this year to perfectly contrast the bleak grey skies! To make it more interesting, the colors I’m choosing are inspired by rainy days all over the world! It may not be raining all over the world right now, but I can compile what it looks like when it rains, together in one place!

Beautiful Rainy Day Pictures from all over the World!



Which is your color according to your city? Or better yet, choose one according to the city you want to visit!!

New York – Mardi Gras Purple

new_york_nail_polish_purple_match_city_fashion_usa_america_monsoon_rainy_day_rain_united_states_car_taxi_view_mac_fall_latest_trend I’ve visited New York in all weathers – the sunny, rainy and snowy. Also the slushy – that’s the worst – rain+snow in puddles of slush!! But just the rain is way prettier – when you can move around without feeling frosted! Rain needs bright fashion colors, such as this purple, to make your day more fun, when the people are rushing about, trying to catch cabs and to get to their offices!
Midnight Storm – M.A.C. Studio Nail Lacquer

Brazil – Leaf Green

brazil_nail_polish_green_match_city_fashion_south_america_rainforest_monsoon_rainy_day_rain_water_lily_light_bright_leaf_fall_latest_trend_sally_hansen The rainforests of Amazonian Brazil have all shades of greens – from olives to leaves to dark grassy greens. I’ve never been there, but I’m sure it would look something like the Australian tropical rainforests. And this season, let’s put on some of this bright leaf green while we dream about going there!
110 Green with Envy – Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear

Beijing – Coral Red

beijing_nail_polish_red_match_city_fashion_china_monsoon_rainy_day_rain_temple_yellow_orange_fall_latest_trend_chanel Let’s reserve the overly bright Chinese-red for the fall. For the monsoon, coral red is brightly beautiful, just like the lanterns!
647 Lilis – Chanel Beauty Le Vernis Limited Edition Nail Color

Cairns – Pool Blue

cairns_nail_polish_sky_blue_match_city_fashion_australia_queensland_monsoon_rainy_day_rain_pool_turquoise_fall_latest_trend Cairns, Australia has tropical weather, so it’s raining there all year round! Of course, they have a rainy season too, when it rains even more. Think of Cairns, and I am reminded of the bright blue colors of the coral reefs and the famous public pool! And this pool-blue-ish color by D&G is a perfect shade for this season!
Aqua 720 – Dolce & Gabbana


Washington, D.C. – Silvery Grey

chicago_nail_polish_grey_match_city_fashion_usa_america_monsoon_rainy_day_rain_washington_united_states_capitol_view_silver_opi_fall_latest_trend I took this photo like four years ago, when I first visited the United States Capitol, and it was a sad day with murky weather. But wouldn’t it be great to be make it positive by adding a silver lining to it, literally? What’s more, it’s a big coincidence that the color I chose is called My Signature is DC. O.P.I. really understands me!! 😛
My Signature is “DC” – O.P.I.

Orlando – Fantasy Pink

disney_orlando_nail_polish_pink_match_city_fashion_usa_america_monsoon_rainy_day_rain_world_magic_kingdom_view_bright_daisy_essie_fall_latest_trend Ah, Disney World, Orlando, the fairy land! This picture is my favorite memory from there – the light show at the Magic Kingdom that renders the castle in many different colors, patterns and shapes! This fantasy pink color is not only a perfect reminder of the fact that fairy tales may not be real, but fantasies are! So let’s keep dreaming. Such a happy color! 🙂
Knock-Out Pout – Essie

London – Phone Booth Red

london_nail_polish_red_match_city_fashion_uk_monsoon_rainy_day_rain_big_ben_tower_view_dark_tom_ford_fall_latest_trend_scarlet_cherry The only time I ever had a chance to visit this city, it rained nonstop!! To the point that I was slipping on the side walk and being splashed on by the cars! Phew, what memories. But the city stood bright and shiny. There’s plenty red in London – with the telephone booths and buses. That’s why I’m gonna call this red the ‘Phone-Booth Red’ and dedicate it to that lovely historic city!!
Carnal Red – Tom Ford

Mumbai – Cab Yellow

mumbai_nail_polish_yellow_match_city_fashion_india_bombay_monsoon_rainy_day_rain_train_local_view_bright_givenchy_fall_latest_trend Mumbai Monsoons – the infamous times everyone dreads yet enjoys! The monsoon season in Bombay is so many things all at once – the filthiest water you can imagine flooding every place in the city, kids playing with paper boats, plastic sheets covering slum dwellings and corporate towers alike, and everyone enjoying a hot cup of tea with warm fritters! And with that kind of lively spirit, what better color to choose for the monsoon than the brightest yellow? And forget sunflowers, this one is right from the Mumbai taxis – the Cab Yellow!!
Jaune Expression N24 – Givenchy Beauty

Paris – Iridescent Pink

paris_nail_polish_pink_peach_match_city_fashion_france_europe_monsoon_rainy_day_rain_eiffel_tower_view_iridescent_yellow_fall_latest_trend Paris would shine with glamour, beauty and attitude even if the other cities cease to shine! That’s why I wanted to choose an iridescent color to represent it. And this one seems to portray the night lights of the Eiffel Tower so perfectly- with its shiny yellows and peaches, it’s like someone took all the night lights and combined it in this tiny bottle!
Limited Edition Scarabée in Nude Pink Gold – Christian Louboutin


Rome – Terra Cotta Mango

rome_nail_polish_mango_match_city_fashion_italy_europe_monsoon_rainy_day_rain_vatican_city_terracotta_view_bright_peach_butter_fall_latest_trend Rome is the most sculpted city I have ever laid my eyes on. Right from its floors to ceilings to column capitals to domes, everything is sculpted and painted and just gorgeous there! Including the food and flowers – the sculptures are adorned not just with angels, but also fowers, leaves and grapes and what not! Even the real flowers and food seem so beautifully designed! And where they don’t sculpt, they plant terra-cotta – on the roofs! I took this picture from the Capitoline Hill, over-looking the Vatican City, right after it rained. And check out the gorgeous terra-cotta roofs and mango-peachy paints on the building facades!
Silly-Billy – Butter, London

Chicago – Cloudy White

chicago_nail_polish_white_match_city_fashion_usa_america_monsoon_rainy_day_rain_willis_tower_view_off_opi_fall_latest_trendBefore I wrote this article, I didn’t realize how many cities I have visited during the rains. Maybe the rains love to follow me to every trip of mine! I took this picture from the top of Willis Tower, overlooking downtown, while it rained.

Some cities like Mumbai completely transform during the rains. Chicago, on the other hand, doesn’t like to transform unless it’s heavily snowed in. The city maintains its handsomeness with the towering buildings, the greys and the blacks. It just adds clouds on top of them all. That’s why I chose the coudy white to represent it!
Non-Stop White – O.P.I.

Venice – Peachy Pink

venice_nail_polish_pink_match_city_fashion_italy_europe_monsoon_rainy_day_rain_canal_brich_view_bright_peach_dior_fall_latest_trend Venice is another city that it was raining in the day I reached there. But it made it look that much more beautiful! Plus, the joy of finding a tiny restaurant by being lost in the narrow streets, sitting in a semi-outdoor place, and eating warm pasta while looking at the amazingly beautiful canals is something from the outer world! The city’s buildings all have peeling paint facades in corals, mangos, reds, brick and off-whites. And this monsoon season, I would certainly pick this pink-peach shade to wear!
Milly – Dior Beauty

Oh, I love these type of articles that make me think of my past travels, that inspire me to #travelmore! Throw in the season’s latest fashion trends and I’m happy throughout the day. Hope you loved it, too. If you did, lemme know below, did you like these nail polish colors for monsoon? And tell me which nail color would you wear this season according to your city!! 🙂

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