20 Best Met Gala Outfits that will Leave You in Awe

Met Gala is known for its fabulous fashion for years now. It’s time we looked at the 20 best met gala outfits ever adorned by celebrities.


Met Gala is one of the most glamorous nights of fashion in a year, and it’s contribution to the pop culture industry is as huge as any. Millions of people ranging from media houses to common people follow the night of the gala with utmost interest. I, personally, look forward to the night with curiosity and admiration towards the outfits and the celebrities that look jaw-dropping in them.

So, before we begin talking about the best Met Gala looks, I would like to start with the history of the Met Gala and why it is held in such high regard.

History of the Met Gala

While many of you might not know this, the Met Gala started off as a charity event by Eleanor Lambert, a publicist in 1948 to raise funds for the newly founded costume institute. The costume institute then merged with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1946. The event was not held at the Met as it is today and was held in different venues like Central Park, Waldorf Astoria to name a few.

Significance of Met Gala

The Met Gala is known to be the biggest fundraiser in New York city. Apparently, Met Gala has managed to raise more than 175 million dollars for the costume institute so far.

In attendance are trendy names of the year, so far including Hollywood celebrities, socialites, models, mega influencers and even Elon Musk. Celebrities like Blake Lively and Rihanna chair the event wearing custom, elaborate costumes by some of the world’s famous fashion houses, thus giving a chance to designers to showcase their creativity and art.

There is a strict no-social media policy except for selective media houses recording the event live to keep the audience engaged. Through its innovative themes, Met Gala has tried to take fashion forward keeping in line with society. With conversations of sustainability and cultural appropriation echoing through the walls, Met Gala provides a platform to debate what’s for and against the good of society through its red carpet looks. The buzz that the Met Gala creates on social media creates a lot of influence on today’s generation. Met Gala also served as the inspiration to the charity event in Devil Wears Prada.

Moving onto the 20 Best Met Gala Looks Ever

1. Graceful Looks

L: Blake Lively wearing Versace (2018), R: Hailey Bieber wearing Alexandra Wang (2019)

The Gossip Girl star is said to have never hired a stylist for the Met Gala till date. Even then she is popular for her gowns swaying the red carpet in an effortless way and she is known for her best Met Gala outfits. While every year she manages to create a buzz for herself, this custom made Versace gown she wore at Met Gala 2018 (themed- Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and Catholic Imagination), was a hit in particular. This outfit was inspired by the Renaissance period, making her look like a work of art.

This Alexandra Wang outfit not only makes Hailey Bieber look like a Barbie but also adds a sexy vibe with a low back and a thong. While the dress from the front might look simple and elegant, the mystery lies in the back. This look of the 2019 Met Gala was said to be inspired by the Barbie movie to be released that year as quoted by Karla Welch, Hailey Bieber’s stylist. Hailey Bieber understood the theme, Camp: Notes on Fashion extremely well.

Gigi Hadid wearing Versace (2018)

Gigi Hadid is known to have an influence on fashion on and off the runway and we can say so confidently by looking at this custom that looks extremely gorgeous. Not to mention, this outfit was specifically chosen by Donatella Versace herself making it all the more special for the Met Gala 2018. The shimmery detail of the dress with the high slit looks sexy yet elegant. This outfit was inspired by the stained glass windows of the church making it a true work of art.

Blake Lively wearing Versace (2022)

Blake Lively never fails to amaze us, and with this custom made Versace gown she surely did her job by dazzling the red carpet and turning heads. This look of the 2022 Met Gala was inspired by the Statue Of Liberty, following the theme, Gilded Glamour. The gown changed color from bronze to green to showcase the oxidation of the New York city landmark. An elegant outfit with heartfelt inspiration, who wouldn’t want to wear this outfit!

2. Highlighting Social Causes

L: Cara Delevingne wearing Dior (2021), R:Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wearing Brother Vellies (2021)

Celebrities often use world-known and recognized platforms like the Met Gala to address social causes as it is an efficient way to raise ongoing concerns around us. This Dior outfit that Cara Delevingne wore to the 2021 Met Gala highlighted the patriarchal society and concerns on equality.

The theme of this Met Gala was, In America: A Lexicon of Fashion, making this outfit perfect to celebrate modernity through fashion. The white bullet proof vest has “Peg the Patriarchy” inscribed on it making it the center of attention in an all-white outfit. Thereby this outfit was one the best Met Gala outfits that year.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (also known as AOC) chose to make a strong political statement at her very first Met Gala of 2021. With “Tax the rich” splashed in red across the gown, this outfit was open to various interpretations and controversies on social media. Aurora James, founder of the label ‘Brother Vellies’ made this dress helping AOC outshining others during her very first time.

3. Monochromatic Themes

Megan Fox wearing Dundas Design (2021)

Red is the color of allure and with Megan Fox wearing this high slit, low back and cut-out gown at the Met Gala 2021 makes it even more enticing. Immersed in the color red from lipstick to shoes, this custom made Dundas Design was inspired by Dracula and Goth fashion.

Billie Eilish wearing Oscar de la Renta (2021)

Billie Eilish decided to keep it all peach as she walked the red carpet in a custom made Oscar de la Renta gown during the Met Gala of 2021. While this outfit was the definition of simplicity and beauty, Billie Eilish agreed to wear the gown on one condition, that Oscar de la Renta’s team stop using fur. The industry should be headed in a way where fashion is channeled for noble causes. Making this one of the best Met Gala outfits and bringing Billie Eilish into the fashion spotlight.

L: Eiza Gonzalez wearing Micheal Kors (2022), R: Sarah Jessica Parker wearing Oscar de la Renta (2014)

Eiza Gonzalez chose to wear a dress covered with sequins and feathers to the Met Gala 2022. This all-white dress was designed by Micheal Kors making her stand out. This look is said to be a reference to the 1930s and 1940s, a time in America when high-end fashion was really extravagant.

Sarah Jessica Parker was having her Carrie Bradshaw moment at the Met Gala 2014 (themed Charles James: Beyond Fashion) wearing a gown by Oscar de la Renta. This black and white ensemble is a classic example of simplicity at its best. While the front was fairly simple, the back had the designer’s signature in red.

4. Nude Colors

Kendall Jenner wearing Givenchy (2021), R: Kim Kardashian wearing Mugler (2019)

Supermodel Kendall Jenner attended the Met Gala 2021 in a sheer crystal-embellished Givenchy gown. This gown was inspired by the Audrey Hepburn look in ‘My Fair Lady’. This gown is the epitome of elegance and the best Met Gala outfit that year.

Kim Kardashian made a buzz at the Met Gala 2019 by wearing this nude dress designed by Mugler. The dress was dripping in beads making it look like she just got out of the pool. Even her hair were illusioned to be wet. Not to mention the dress helped accentuate her curves, making her look sexy and appealing.

Beyonce wearing Givenchy (2015)

Covered with pearls and beads, Beyoncé managed to light the red carpet on fire with her skin-colored Givenchy gown during the Met Gala 2015. The deep back and the see-through dress made her look like an absolute queen who’s comfortable in her own skin. With Beyoncé’s confidence on the carpet, I’m sure she can perfect any outfit she decides to wear. This was one of the many best Met Gala outfits of Beyoncé.

5. Creative/ Quirky Looks

L: Ezra Miller wearing Burberry (2019), M: Priyanka Chopra wearing Dior (2019), R: Zendaya wearing Tommy Hilfiger (2019)

As trippy as it looks, Ezra Miller had a total of seven eyes and a face mask to the Met Gala 2019 (themed Camp: Notes on Fashion). Decked up in an attire by Burberry, this whole ensemble turned heads towards him during the event. Initially he covered his face with a mask and draped himself in a white cape but during the final reveal he left everyone stunned. It’s safe to say Ezra Miller really knows how to leave a mark.

While this outfit was the center of controversy and troll during the Met Gala 2019, Priyanka Chopra proved to us anything can be handled with a shimmer of confidence. Dior truly went out of their comfort zone to create this look with curly and bushy hair and a gray outfit from top to bottom. It is said that this dress took 1500 hours to make and it was totally worth it because of the buzz created on social media and the recognition her team got for it.

Zendaya surely looked better than the mythical Cinderella in her custom made Cinderella ball gown from Tommy Hilfiger during Met Gala 2019. With her stylist, Law Roach dressed as Fairy Godmother, these two made sure Zendaya had her fairy moment. The actress’ gown lit up like a Christmas tree with a few waves of his wand. Zendaya and her team took it to another level with this outfit and didn’t miss out on even the smallest details – like her bag shaped as Cinderella’s carriage. It’s safe to say that this was the best Met Gala outfit that year. At this point, Zendaya has lived every young girl’s dream.

Billy Porter wearing Christian Siriano (2019)

For the Met Gala 2019, Billy Porter was dressed as an Egyptian Pharaoh. He was covered in gold from top to bottom and then he spread his costume wings and was deemed to be the Sun God. A lot of efforts went into making this outfit and Christian Siriano was just the right man to do it. And with the amount of hardwork put into it, this was one of the best met gala outfits that year.

6. OTT Looks

Cardi B wearing Thom Browne (2019)

Cardi B walked the red carpet in a custom made Thom Browne gown at the Met Gala 2019. The gown had a three meter long train that almost covered the whole carpet making it the center of attraction. Phew, the efforts that must have gone into making this gown are applausable. Covered in red from top to bottom, the beaded headgear and the feather detailing across the shoulder are some of the many things that are noteworthy.

Rihanna wearing Guo Pei (2015)

The 2015 Met Gala was blessed with one of the many iconic looks of Rihanna when she walked the carpet in a yellow gown designed by Guo Pei, a Chinese designer. The theme of this Met gala was China’s influence on Western Fashion. Rihanna followed it thoroughly from designer to outfit. Later in an interview Rihanna revealed that she felt like a ‘clown’ in the attire, but I beg to differ as to us she most definitely looked like a queen. The size of the cape was the ‘wow factor’ of the outfit and the headgear just added to its allure.

Lady Gaga wearing Brandon Maxwell (2019)

Lady Gaga never fails to amaze us and she lived up to her reputation during the Met Gala 2019 in an outfit designed by Brandon Maxwell. The whole outfit was divided into four looks. Starting off with a huge baby pink outfit with a long cape. Then moving onto a black dress, then a baby pink bodycon dress. Lastly stripping down to a bra and panties covered with fishnet stockings and heels no one can imagine walking in. With every look Lady Gaga managed to change her props and we got to see new accessories each time.

So, those were our best met gala outfits ever. Which, according to you, are the best Met Gala looks and do let us know which look was your favorite look out of all these by commenting below tweeting us on @shilpa1ahuja.

See you soon peeps!

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