Best Jennifer Lawrence Makeup Looks | Smokey Eye, Nude, Party Makeup Looks

Jennifer Lawrence is like a makeup genie – transforming herself every time, experimenting with makeup looks and new styles! And that’s why she often outshines a crowd of divas! So if you’re looking for new makeup ideas for this holiday season – whether it’s for a party or for holiday shopping, what can be better than getting some hints from the makeup genie herself!! And to make it easier for you all, I have collected the best Jennifer Lawrence makeup looks ever! Enjoy!!

Top Jennifer Lawrence Beauty Looks Ever!


Party Looks in Pink

This famous fancy bun look is from American Hustle. Here she has curled the ends of her hair and pulled it up in a bun, a side fringe, paired with hooded eyes, magenta pink lipstick and long gold earrings (jealousy gets you hotter)! Great for your New Year’s party!


And here’s Jennifer in the Dior Addict lipstick ad:

Red Lip Makeup Looks

Red looks so confident and glam. And it looks even more charismatic when worn with black lined eyes and a light blush.

jennifer-lawrence-actress-hollywood-makeup-pictures-hairstyles-JLaw-beautiful-fashion-side-bun jennifer-lawrence-actress-hollywood-makeup-styles-pictures-JLaw-pics-beautiful-jen-fashion-closeup jennifer-lawrence-makeup-looks-beauty-red-carpet-red-lipstick-net-veilAnd here’s also a deep sangria lipstick:

Here are two from Harper’s Bazaar covers that look super sexy!

The No Makeup Makeup Look

Jennifer has many tiny moles, or in admiration slang, beauty spots. So if you have them too, you don’t always have to hide them under concealer. Instead, follow Jennifer’s mantra: ‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it’! I personally love it au naturel! For a naturally flawless skin, just spend more time on the base, evening out your skin-tone and then sport a barely-there mascara and eyeliner! And perhaps some lip balm!


Smokey Eye Looks

Jen here makes smokey eyes work in dark blacks and charcoal greys. And she often balances the dark eye makeup with nude color lipstick or natural gloss.


This one’s my least favorite look of hers, because the skin looks dull with the light pink lipstick.jennifer-lawrence-hollywood-actress-makeup-styles-pictures-images-JLaw-pics-beautiful-hair-smokey-eyes-fringes

The Subtle Smokey Eye

This look is somewhere between a streak of plain eyeliner streak and a heavy smokey eye makeup. So it’s a great option for a casual occasion, or even for a party if you don’t want  to wear too much makeup.

The Glowy Skin Look

The actress wore a glamorous look at the Toronto International Film Festival – straight side-combed hair, a glowing, strobed skin and deep red lipstick to match her dress. This is a simple yet gorgeous outfit that doesn’t need accessorizing at all. So, ya, you don’t always need expensive jewelry (if at all) to look glam at a party! 😛


This white feathery, angelic makeup look from The Hunger Games is very creative. Subtle makeup with pink lipstick and loads of blush. The eye makeup very exquisite here. Fluttery eyelashes, winged eyeliner and rhinestones at the bottom lashes make the eyes very expressive. My other favorite part is the hairstyle – a braided bun accessorized with three rhinestone studded feathers.


Happy Jennifer receiving her Oscar award for Silver Linings Playbook. Well, here she’s wearing the glow of success, plus some highlighter!


And here she is, looking like a diva in yet another avatar – rocking the purple lipstick!

Costume Makeup Looks

This is one of her looks from Hunger Games Catching Fire. Red eye shadows make her eyes look ambitious.


So which one of Jennifer Lawrence makeup looks did you like the most? And which one the least? Lemme know below! 🙂

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