10 Best Fashionable, Sexy and Pop Culture Halloween Costume Ideas

Hey gorgeous! Halloween is here and I’m making a list of fashion-related and glam costumes. From pop music icons to movie characters, here are the 10 most fashionable and pop culture Halloween costume ideas!

Mean Girls Halloween Costumes

Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Audrey Hepburn played one of the most beloved and fashionable characters in Hollywood history – Holly Golightly, the girl who wore multi-string pearl necklaces, hats and tiaras, the girl who made the little black dress all the more popular! Holly Golightly is a popular pop culture Halloween costume choice and has been donned by many including Tina Fey, Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway, her makeup tutorials are plenty on YouTube as well. Plus, Gossip Girl even had a Tiffany’s party as Blair Waldorf’s bridal shower!



80s Madonna

If we talk about pop culture Halloween costume ideas, music icons have to be there. Madonna made so many things popular back in the 80s – her stacked bracelets and entangled necklaces, curly hair and mesh tops! Her looks became so popular that they make a recognizable Halloween costume, and a stylish one at that – representing a whole decade. An era. 80s Madonna looks have also been the inspiration of many designers’ runway collections like Jean Paul Gaultier SS 2013.


Chanel Bag

If there’s one fashion accessory that’s the most widely recognized and popular, it is the Chanel bag. Imitated by countless women and brands themselves, the classic Chanel flap bag’s quilted look, logo and gold chain strap are iconic. The bag has been imitated not just as bag replicas, but also as cakes, toys and of course, Halloween costumes.



Marilyn Monroe from The Seven Year Itch

Marilyn Monroe’s white dress from The Seven Year Itch is certainly the most iconic white dress in Hollywood history. It has a Wikipedia page dedicated to it, and also had a 26-feet tall statue made called Forever Marilyn. Wearing the white dress is easy, but to really look like Marilyn Monroe, you’ll have to also spend quite some time doing makeup like her, and sure enough, there are many tutorials on that as well!



Barbie is the first fashion role-model for most of us. She has been the inspiration of many of the world’s best designers from Dior to Oscar de la Renta, who have designed dresses for her. She has been a fashion icon for more than 50 years, been a part of body-image controversies and on the cover of magazines. I personally love that she has the beauty with brains personality! She’s someone who inspires little girls to pursue the career of their choice, and also be super-glamorous and stylish! A Barbie costume can be anything with a pink dress, blonde wig and Barbie makeup, as Paris Hilton often wears.


If you don’t wanna wear too much pink, here’s my Halloween costume idea for Rockstar Barbie with shopping suggestions:

Rockstar Barbie Halloween Costume Idea
Rockstar Barbie Halloween Costume Idea


Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts plays Vivian in Pretty Woman, one of the most loved chick-flicks of all time which is sort of a modern Cinderella story. Most her dresses from the movie are hugely popular, especially the red dress from the opera date night. However, for a Halloween costume, the white and blue cut-out mini-dress makes a great choice. The dress has been replicated as Halloween costumes plenty of times (just Google it!) and its replica also been worn by Emma Watson and Miley Cyrus.


Victoria’s Secret Angel

Just like Barbie, Victoria’s Secret Angels have been a part of many controversies regarding what’s considered the “perfect” body-type for women in America. Many online threads voice out opinions that VS Angels promote “anorexia” and are “too thin”. Nevertheless, Victoria’s Secret remains one of the most popular and successful American brands and their annual fashion show is considered one of the sexiest and most lavish events in fashion. The most iconic is perhaps the giant Angel wings that really make all the difference. If there’s anything that’s too sexy for a Halloween party, it’s probably a VS Angel costume!


Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour has been the editor-in-chief of Vogue US since 1988, and is one of the most influential women in fashion. A woman of strong opinions, she says she never takes a selfie, never wears a hoodie and also doesn’t like people wearing head-to-toe-black! Her iconic look is made up of a “resting (as some people call it) bitch face” framed with a sharp bob, fringes that nearly cover her eyebrows and black sunglasses. The look is one of the most recognized in the fashion world and was also the inspiration for Johnny Depp’s character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.



Princess Leia from Star Wars

This is a character that’s popular not just with the girls but also with the men! In F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Ross admits to Rachel that Princess Leia is his fantasy, and then Rachel even dons the costume for him! This is a risqué look, very sexy, exotic and fantasy-like. This costume has gained even more popularity since it was featured on the cover of GQ.


Playboy Bunny

Playboy Bunnies are legendary, sexy and flirtatious. Their iconic look consists of a teeny swimsuit, strapless and corset-inspired one-piece, paired with bunny ears and a furry tail. The outfit alone doesn’t make the Bunny, as it has to be accompanied by the “Bunny Stance” or her appropriate posture! Also add some white fur nails to be quirky!



So did you like these fashion and pop culture Halloween costume ideas? They sure are sexy, aren’t they? Which one is your favorite? And give your own suggestion below so that next year we can try that!


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