Best Fashion Apps (Other Than Shopping): Beauty, Style Games

From hairstyles to beauty to fashion, check out the amazing fashion apps to download, so that you can keep a track of the latest styles and show your love for fashion through your phone!!!

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Hey gorgeous! The Internet has changed the way we think about fashion. These days, fashion apps help us in many ways. They help not only us in buy clothes & accessories but there are specific apps that can be used for beauty edits, hairstyling, fashion sense and even keeping our closet organized and create fresh outfits. Are you looking for some fashion and beauty advice at your fingertips? Here I have come up with the best fashion apps for iPhones and Android users. Let’s take a look!

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Best Fashion Apps

1. Stylicious

The Stylicious app is an online guidance tool we can use. In fact, even I have downloaded this and believe me, its the best one to go for if you wanna improve your personal style. This app helps us organize our closet. With the daily updates from the stylists, you can get ideas on how to create new looks.

You just have to snap pictures of your clothes and other accessories and store them in the app gallery. Then you can just mix, match and create amazing outfits in seconds and schedule it according to your plans. It also makes it easy to buy some new things, as the app includes plenty of online shopping links. However, we did find it a bit confusing and time-consuming to get around, so maybe it’ll take some time to get a hang of it.

best-fashion-apps-stylicious-app-how-to-style-ideas-clothing-shopping-beauty-hairstyle2. Closet Plus

Closet Plus is a free app but it requires you to invest some amount of time for the whole set up but it may be worth it. We just have to click pictures and categorize. It can help us keep a track of when our dresses and outfits were last worn with the help of a calendar. So if you spend time thinking about this stuff, you will end up saving time worrying about what to wear.

Also, this app helps in tagging clothes for different needs like altering, dry cleaning etc and keeps all your favorite items and outfits at one super convenient place. It also helps in creating packing lists for upcoming trips so that you don’t find yourself scrambling at the last minute. It also offers to share your style on social networks.

best-fashion-apps-closet-plus-how-to-style-ideas-clothing-shopping-beauty-hairstyle3. My Dressing

My Dressing is a fashion app with which you can build your own style and share the most beautiful outfits and check out others’ ideas to stay trendy. So click pictures of your clothing, add them to the app and beautify outfits with some customized background colors. These colors are free but some set of colors are pay to use. It also helped one of my friends to clear her wardrobe and create some amazing outfits out of all the clothes she had. It also offers you to share your outfit styles on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

best-fashion-apps-my-dressing-how-to-style-ideas-clothing-shopping-beauty-hairstyle4. Style My Hair

Style My Hair allows you to make your hair dreams a reality. It helps you to try almost an unlimited number of hair colors and styles. So stop worrying about how you’re gonna look by coloring your hair in a new shade. As this girl’s fashion app is going to help you to discover which color and style will really suit you. So post any picture of yours and mix/ match different hair colors and hair trends that you want to go for! I’ve downloaded this one recently and am trying a few on myself, too!

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best-fashion-apps-style-my-hair-how-to-style-ideas-clothing-shopping-beauty-hairstyle5. Fashion Fever

Fashion Fever is an amazing game for all the fashion lovers. It’s free but some additional features are pay to use. This app basically helps to showcase your design skills by putting up the best looks on the runway models. You can also shop things and incredible looks from unique fashion brands. It was fun for me to play this game, and at the same time we can show our talent by styling the perfect outfits for different occasions and share our looks!

best-fashion-apps-fashion-fever-how-to-style-ideas-clothing-shopping-beauty-hairstyle6. Makeup Photo Editor

Makeup Photo Editor is a free app. It’s the perfect one to add makeup on your pictures and turn them into amazing shoots! Once the app was downloaded, it was just easy to use and I was loving it. So just select any of your photos you wanna edit and just play with all the amazing options they offer!

The app can detect your facial features, add eye makeup, extend your eyelashes, change the color of the cheeks. And of course, you can share your final pic with friends and family.

best-fashion-apps-makeup-editor-how-to-style-ideas-clothing-shopping-beauty-hairstyle7. Eye Makeup & Eyebrows Editor

For doing trendy eye makeup digitally, this app is the best one to use. Basically, it’s a free app and it can help you beautify your eyes. And I’m already using it to apply eyelashes, mascara, eyeshadow in different shades on my picture. But I didn’t like the eyebrow editor since when we apply it, the picture ends up looking unreal!

best-fashion-apps-eye makeup and eyebrow-how-to-style-ideas-clothing-shopping-beautySo those were the best fashion apps to try. Have you tried any of them? Which best fashion app is your favorite? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!
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