Best Fall Lipsticks | Latest Lip Color Trends 2017

From Chanel to Dolce & Gabbana, from tulip pinks to blood red, discover the best fall lipsticks and lip color trends to try in 2017!

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Photo Credits: Dolce & Gabbana

Hey gorgeous! When it comes to lipstick trends, we all want in on the season’s latest trends. Lipsticks are something every girl loves to try – the different shades in different seasons – deeper colors in fall/winter and light pastels in summer. And then there are the brights and reds we love to experiment with every now and then!

A lipstick is one of the easiest ways to change the entire look in seconds, and also one of the simplest ways to make you look well put together. So what are the latest lip color trends we need to try in 2017? Let’s take a look at the best fall lipsticks we spotted in the Fall /Winter 2017 collections in the meccas of fashion – Paris, Milan, London and New York!

Best Fall Lipsticks for FW17

1. Nude Lipstick

A makeup kit cannot be complete without the nudes, it’s must for everyone who is a lipstick lover. Nude lips were the most seen makeup trend on the FW17 runways. A nude lipstick goes a long way and it’s perfect for the workplace where you have to tone things down for a professional look. But it’s also the go-to option when you have heavy and bold eye make up. Great option for your office party, casual day out or for a date!

2. Light Brown

No matter how much we all love our pink and red lipstick shades, neutrals definitely have their own place in our hearts. Be it at the office or a formal event where you can’t wear the vibrant colors, light brown is a great option. Whether it’s matte or glossy finish, the light brown lipstick looks great paired with neutral makeup.

3. Deep Cherry Red

Red lipstick is timeless, and deep cherry red lipstick is the perfect winter version of it. We saw deep cherry red lipstick paired with neutral eyeshadow and mascara at Valentino and Zac Posen. I’m loving the Valentino look.

4. Tulip & Cranberry Pinks

I’m just totally in love with the pink shades of this year. The lipstick color in tulip pink looks great any time of the day. Cranberry and tulip pink can be worn matte or glossy, or they can be combined with shimmery lip gloss for a really glam look! I’m loving the Chanel one!

5. Pink Lipstick

This is my favorite and we saw this shade in Chanel 2017! Pink lipstick is a must for every trend lover who doesn’t wanna experiment too much. Easy breezy pinks have always been perfect for spring/summer, but in 2017, we can don this blush shade in fall/winter, too! Pink paired with sexy eyes loaded with heavy mascara is a great option for small occasions and formal parties. Try both matte and glossy shades, and wear over matching lip liner for the Chanel FW17 inspired look.

6. Shades of Red

Whether it’s a night-out, a really fancy party or you’re just hanging out with friends during the day, bold red shades are going to be super hot this fall! We saw blood, candy and bright red shades in the FW17 fashion shows of Dolce & Gabaana, Topshop and Prada. I’m loving this trend. Pair it both with your bright outfits and blacks.

So these are the best fall lipsticks and top lip trends for 2017. Which one did you like the most?

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