17 Best Chick-Lit Books to Read in 2020: Our Reading List!

Whether you’re looking for a memoir, or a fiction, or a fusion, here’s our selection of the best chick-lit books to read in 2020. Take your pick!

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The year is definitely going different, leaving us with a lot of time to catch up on our hobbies. And one of them includes reading! For those who love dabbling with books, these chick-lit books are the perfect getaway from every situation 2020 has thrown at us. Whether you love reading right before bedtime or simply at the comfort of your settee, these are the books you would love to read.

Chick Lit Books you Should Read

Chick-Lit Books you Should Read

After combing through a number of chick-lit books, we’ve narrowed down to a few we think will give you a fun and insightful read. This is the kind of scene we know girls are most excited to read on.

1. Farrah Rochon, The Boyfriend Project

Samiah Brooks discovers that her boyfriend has been three-timing her through a thread of live tweets that go viral. She strikes a deal with two of her ex’s girlfriends, Taylor and London, to self-indulge for the next six months and stays single. Brooks then launches an app she long dreamt of. Everything seemed to go right until she meets Daniel Collins, a seemingly perfect man. But was he truly the real deal?

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2. Mindy Kaling, Why Not Me?

This book will be relatable for any woman in her 20s – a time when she’s still finding herself. It throws light on how relationships shift over time. Most of you might not be able to articulate this shifting, but after reading Mindy Kaling’s book, ‘Why Not Me?’ you’ll find solidarity. Upon reading it myself, I realized that it’s normal to be disappointed about these changes.

This is one of the better chick-lit books that throw light on how to act in response when friendship drifts off. If this is speaking to you, then this is a must-read so you feel less sad, and less alone about these unavoidable shifts of life.

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3. Teri Wilson, The Accidental Beauty Queen

The book follows the story of Charlotte whose twin sister is prepping for a beauty pageant. Things change when her sister gets an allergic reaction before the preliminaries. Uncomfortable to participate with her unrecognizable face, she pushes Charlotte to participate in her place. Charlotte is least interested but at last, complies; owing to that it’s her sister’s only opportunity to pursue their late mother’s footsteps.

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4. Andrea Bartz, The Herd

The Herd by Andrea Bartz is a chilling and fast-tracked thriller. It is about the mysterious disappearance of the owner of a glamorous office for women. Her close friends risk everything to find out about their friend gone missing. But do things transform between them when they uncover the truth?

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5. Sarah Dessen, This Lullaby

This Lullaby’s central character Remy is cynical and rough on the outside, contrary to most female characters in a book. The author manages to create an unbelievable love story around a heroine who doesn’t give a damn about love. The plot makes it one of the most unique chick-lit books on teen romance to date.

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6. Rachel Hollis, Girl, Stop Apologizing

While it is fine to apologize to your loved ones for accidentally making a mistake; what is not okay is to be apologetic for living your life to the fullest. In this book, Rachel Hollis, the author sends the same message to every woman. She encourages everyone to fulfill their dreams while putting the faith in themselves, with zero guilt. If you are looking for a self-love copy, then this one is up for grabs.


7. Katherine Center, How to Walk Away

The book centers on the central primes of life-love and loss and how to deal with it. It follows the story of Margaret Jacobsen whose happy life takes a dip. When her amateur pilot beau proposes to her mid-air, she experiences a new life. But then the plane crashes leaves Jacobsen injured for life. Her fiancé gives up on them, her new job offer is withdrawn, and she is forced to be dependent on her family. Hereon, the book traces her journey towards self-contentment by accepting her life with grace, unprecedented bliss, and even finds love.

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8. Tara Isabella, Social Creature

Louise, a 20-year old girl is juggling between three jobs and lives in a shabby illegal property. During one of her shifts, she meets an affluent socialite, Laviania, who quickly draws Louise into her glam clique. But she gets quickly pushed away from the circle. The incident doesn’t sit well on Louise as her sentiment gets hurt. As a reader, you might have to decide between the victim and the villain here, as the lines are hugely blurred in this intensely gripping book.

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9. Gabrielle Union, We’re Going to Need More Wine

Gabrielle Union brings her personal experiences to the book, discussing dealing with racism from a young age and living up being a Hollywood star. She also gets into details about her sexual assault while working for a store earlier in her career, and how she rose above that being a strong, modern woman. This is one of the best chick-lit books for all you feminists out there.

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10. Christian Lauren, The Unhoneymooners

In this fast-paced, amusing read, Olive gets to go on a free trip to Hawaii courtesy of her newlywed sister. Food poisoned after the wedding, she and husband cannot cancel the non-refundable honeymoon. Olive would have jumped at the opportunity-but the only catch? She has to make the trip with Ethan, her brother-in-law, with whom she doesn’t share a good vibe. Will things change between them change on vacation? You have to read to find out.

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11. Girls of Summer, Nancy Thayer

The book takes us through the lives of single mother Lisa Hawley and her two children Theo and Juliet. After a bad divorce, she raises the two kids on her own. Everything is going on beautifully at its own pace until Lisa is met with a situation to fix her old house. She meets the young Mack, a local contractor, who is 10 years younger. Lisa cannot help but be love-struck, but her children have their concerns about Mack. Could Mack be playing around with Lisa or does he bring unexpected surprises? Cozy up with this romance book to know; it won’t disappoint.


12. Jessica Simpson, Open Book

The singer was asked by a publication to write on motivational thoughts to life. It didn’t felt right and turned down the offer. Instead, she decided to go ahead and share about her own life through her memoir, Open Book. The book takes us on a journey of her ups and downs of her life. She shares about the pressure of pleasing others, getting sober, and how she survived sexual abuse. You will also find how she had to look normal for the camera while appearing for a reality show, while her marriage was on the rocks. It’s a good read overall.

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13. IIana Masad, All My Mother’s Lovers

The book is based on Maggie Krause, a 27-year-old. She has intimacy issues until she meets Lucia. Her queer love discovery brings her contentment but not for long. After her mom dies in a car crash, Maggie is forced to go back to her native land. She discovers the will of her late mother including five letters addressed to unknown men. Maggie then decides to deliver the sealed envelopes to the designated persons by taking on a whirlwind road trip. You will be fascinated by how the book unravels the reality of her mother.

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14. Amy Schumer, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo

Known for her on-point comic timings, readers might expect Schumer’s book, to be filled with hilarious punches. But the book surprises with its deeper narrations of the actor’s life. She talks boldly about her dating, sex, and everything in-between stuff. It also reveals about her dark phase, about encountering sexual assault, abuse, and her dad’s sickness.

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15. Naoise Dolan, Exciting Times

For those looking for chick-lit books filled with soul-searching and irony, this Naoise Dolan book, Exciting Times, is perfect. Set in Hong Kong, the tale is on gender, status, and bond dynamics. Ava, a schoolteacher travels from Dublin to China and gets into a boring quasi-relationship with Julian, a banker. He spoils her with expensive gifts that she’s compelled to accept. But when she encounters Edith, a charming lawyer, her desires are deep. Caught between men, does Ava choose comfort over courage? You have to read and find out.

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16. Hannah Orenstein, Head Over Heels

Training to be in the Olympics as the world’s finest gymnast, Avery Adams has a good start, until a disastrous act throws off her career. If that was not it all, her soccer star boyfriend dumps her. In the meantime, Jasmine, her closest friend ends up becoming an Olympian and marrying their foul-mouthed coach. Avery leaves for Massachusetts, her hometown, where she takes up a job as a gymnast coach. Sparks ignite between her and Ryan, a co-coach. Everything seemed to fit right until a scandal in the gymnastics world throws her life off-guard including her friend Jasmine’s.

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17. Liz Lawson, Lucky Ones

The story charts the painful memories of May whose twin brother gets killed at a school shooting. Eleven months after the incident, she leaves with guilt and questions why she survived. Something inside of her changes, after she meets Zach. They both share a disturbing past and slowly help each other to let go of the past.

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So I hope you found our list of the best chick-lit books helpful. Which one would you like to read? And if you’ve already read one of these, what’s your review? Do let us know by commenting below or by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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