Best Burgundy Nails: 45 Nail Designs for Different Shapes & Shopping Ideas

From cocktail parties to prom nights to weddings, burgundy nails work anywhere! Here’s a gallery of our handpicked burgundy nail designs for every mood!

burgundy-gel-nail-designs-maroon-nail-designs-latest-nail-art-trendsHey sexy! Nail painting is one of the best ways to pamper yourself. It helps you choose your favorite colors, play with them and be creative. While many new shades keep coming up in the market, burgundy nail paint is something we love especially in fall and winter. With timeless shades and the effect that it gives when combined with other colors is lovely. Burgundy nails are timeless, just like red lips.

So, we’ve selected loads of burgundy nail designs for different nail shapes and occasions. Let’s get started.

Burgundy Nails

First of all, burgundy nails are not too eye-catchy, at the same time not too dull to go unnoticed. They maintain a good balance and so they are suitable for most occasions. With different shades of nail colors available it’s definitely a tough choice to choose the right one! When in confusion go for classy elegant colors like blood red, warm brown, burnt orange or burgundy.

These colors would come to rescue when you’re not sure of which color to opt for. Even in burgundy, there are plenty of shades – maroon, auburn, wine, sangria, mahogany and rosewood. If you want to rock the trend of burgundy nail designs, then any of these shades will do wonders. Here’s our burgundy shade chart:

Dark Maroon Nails

Maroon shade is similar to burgundy. There is hardly a bit of difference in both the colors. Certainly, maroon is slightly darker than burgundy and burgundy has a slightly bluish tinge. Maroon nail designs are good for weddings for both bride and bridesmaids. These are also perfect for formal parties. If you want something dramatic, then try maroon nail art designs.


Wine Colored Nails

Wine, ruby, crimson and scarlet are a few shades of that look closer to burgundy. As wine is a dark color, try wine colored nails with metallic colors like gold or blue just at the tips of the nails. Or you can also match the shade with the color of your dress.


Matte Burgundy Nails

If you’re a fan of burgundy nails but sometimes don’t want them to pop up much, then matte burgundy nail paint is a perfect choice. Certainly, it’s the best for office parties!

matte-burgundy-nail-burgundy-maroon-nail-designs-latestBurgundy Nail Art

Burgundy nails are not only ageless but have also been on the style radar lately! Of course, dark colored nail art would completely pop up and add on to the overall look. Burgundy nail art with gold and rhinestone embellishments, 3d design, unique patterns with different colors are a few nail art ideas.

Gold and Burgundy Nails

Gold crystal, rhinestones and gold nail paint really complement the burgundy nails. So, try a sleek horizontal or vertical line with gold metallic nail paint on the top of burgundy nails to keep it subtle.

Similarly, if you want a party look with gold & burgundy nails, try shimmery gold on two nails and the rest keep them burgundy. Or you can also try different patterns with gold on all the nails and add a crystal on each.

maroon nail designs gold-and-burgundy-nails-rhinestone-crystal-nail-art-designs, @b_beauty.p, @nailspretties

Maroon and Gold Nails

This combo is one of my favorites and I keep experimenting with it very often. There are many options to try with maroon nail designs especialy for weddings. Maroon nails with gold metallic color at the cuticles, geometric patterns with gold matte shade or try gold gradient in the center.


Burgundy Nails with Gold Tips

This is one of the easiest and least time consuming as you don’t have to think on the nail art design, as working just on the tips would do! Plus, it looks really classy. Both matte and gel gold color nail paint at the tips of burgundy nails looks good. If you are looking to hit the party, then glittery gold paint is surely a good choice.

Similarly, you could also give your French manicure a burgundy makeover by painting the nails in that color and keeping the tips gold.


Burgundy and Black Nails

Two dark colors together – sounds interesting! Maybe, try lace pattern with black on burgundy nails to get that vintage look. Also, alternate colors of black and burgundy on different nails and tiger stripes are a few good options to try!


Burgundy Gel Nails

Gel nail polish helps us to get the glazed look. Make your nails look festive with burgundy gel nails. Go for half and half with one color burgundy and other beige or neutral shade for a high-profile everyday look. Perfect for engagement parties and night-outs!

@polishedlashandnaildesign, @nailpretties

Maroon Acrylic Nails

For a subtle look get maroon acrylic nails and apply black color slightly at the tips. Maroon nail designs work well for weddings, especially when you need fake nails for extra oomph!


Burgundy Nails in Different Shapes

From square to round to stiletto, from almond to short to ballerina, there are many different shapes of nails. While there a few colors that suit all the nail shapes, there are a few that look good on only specific shapes. You never know which color suits you the best, all you have to do is keep experimenting.

Burgundy Stiletto Nails

The stiletto nails look amazing by itself. Just adding a bit of uniqueness will enhance the look of the nails. As stiletto nails are long, try working more on the tips as you can be the most creative in this area. You can try small floral embellishments or just leave the tips nude.


Pointy Short Nails

Growing nails is not an easy task! Many people want to have good nails but at the same time don’t want too long! Keeping the nails short and pointy gives us options to try with different nail art designs. With pointy nails, both gel and matte would suit well. Also, add tiny rhinestones near the cuticles and you’re good to go!


Burgundy Almond Nails

Regardless of shape, burgundy nails look good on everyone. Try cute and non-flashy styles like reverse french ones on almond nails if you don’t want something too bold.


Celebrity Burgundy Nails

Be it a red carpet event, a movie launch party or a concert, celebrities really love burgundy nails. It’s one of the classic nail paints and we know classics never go out of style. Take some nail inspirations from celebs here!

burgundy nails celebrity.-burgundy-nail-designs-selena-gomez-rihanna-lates-trendsjpgBest Burgundy Nail Polish: Shopping Ideas

Dark Burgundy Nail Polish

dark-burgundy-nail-polish-latest-collection-shop-onlineDC Collection Nail Polish

Burgundy Gel Nail Polish

burgundy-gel-nail-polish-latest-trends-color-shop-onlineLakme Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Color, Burgundy Blast

Stick On Nails

Finally, if you’re not able to get the long desired shape of the nails, or you have last minute party and you can’t afford to miss on the nails, then these come to rescue. Of course, you can paint, add-on tiny embellishments and give an instantly stylish look to your nails. Also, if you don’t want your nails to be the experimenting area try your creative ideas on the stick on nails.


So, we hope our guide on burgundy nails was useful to you! Which burgundy nail design did you like most and are looking forward to try? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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