Best Books for Women: Romance & Thrillers Top 2018’s Chick-Lit List

From rom-coms to thrillers to fiction, there’s a book for everyone to read this summer. Check out the best books for women for 2018! My preference in this reading list is #11. 

Best Books for Women chicklit-books-best-books-for-womenHowdy! Books have always been my favorite companion. Sometimes all you want is to do nothing, sit by yourself and enjoy the ‘me’ time! If you’re a book-lover, nothing can beat a cup of coffee and a book while having a good time for yourself. So, if you’re thinking of what book to read after your current book, then here are a few new books recommendations for you! Check out the 15 best books for women this year based on the ratings on Goodreads, Amazon and our personal opinions.

Best Books for Women for 2018

1. The Holiday Cottage by the Sea

4.4 by Holly Martin

You’ll fall in love with the book as soon as you see it’s cover. It is so colorful and bright and makes one read it asap! Based on the reviews on Amazon, I’m super excited to read this book! A review says, “I do a little happy dance every time Holly has a new book out this is a massive hug in book form. I absolutely adored this book. Holly has weaved her magic once again. You will simply fall in love with this book. You will not be able to put it down till you complete it.”


Shop here: The Holiday Cottage by the Sea: An utterly gorgeous feel-good romantic comedy

2. Making Changes

4.3 by Lila Rose

“Six years with my knight in shining armor. Four years with my knight in dented armor. Two years with my knight in rusted armor. It is time to make a change. Time to find myself, even if it scares the hell out of me,” says the description of the book on Google Books! The description looks like it is a motivational book but for a change it a rom-com! The above lines are so inspiring that it makes me wanna read the book this summer!


Shop here: Making Changes

3. The Summer of Secrets

4.3 by Tilly Tennant

There are many books with the title “The Summer of Secrets” by different authors Martina Reilly, Sarah Jasmon and Barbara Hannay. But the one that we are talking about is by Tilly Tenant. A description about the book says, “Can new love grow when you dig up old secrets?” What this new love is and what are the hidden secrets? I’m super excited to know. Arent you?


Shop here: The Summer of Secrets: A feel-good romance novel perfect for holiday reading

4. Love, Lies & Wedding Cake

4.2 by Sue Watson

Life never goes according to the plan and this book is the best example of it! It is a perf humor and rom-com genre. Faye and her boyfriend spend crazy time together traveling all the romantic locations. One day when Dan proposes to Faye to marry him and move to another place, Faye is shocked and to know what happens next you know what to do. 🙂 Yeah, read the book!


Shop here: Love, Lies and Wedding Cake

5. Buried in Books

4.2 by Kate Carlisle

Mystery lovers, this book is for you! The author Kate Carlisle brings a good suspense in the book when Brooklyn the main character of the book meets her old friends at her bridal shower and later one of them is dead! What was the plan of both of them coming back to Brooklyn’s life and shattering her big day? How does the last scene of the book end? Read the 4.2 star-rated book to know all!

burried in the book mystery latest chick lit book 2018

Shop here: Buried in Books

6. The Cruel Prince

4.2 by Holly Black

This young adult fantasy book is a series of The Folk in the Air. The story starts with Jude’s parents being murdered and both of her sisters and herself being stolen away to live in High Court of Faerie. After a few years, all that Jude wants is to belong there despite her mortality. She wants to win a place in the court but the youngest king doesn’t allow that to happen! Does she risk her and her sister’s life to get a place in the court?


Shop here: The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air)

7. The Outsider

4.1 by Stephen King

The Outsider is a horror novel by famous American author Stephen King and is one if the best chick lit book to read this summer! A pre-teen boy is found dead and one of the town’s famous citizens is accused of his murder. The book runs 576 pages and based on the reviews I read, I don’t think one is gonna take long to complete the book. Every scene creates a suspense on its own and makes the reader curious to keep reading and trying to know what’s gonna happen next!


Shop here: The Outsider

8. The Kiss Quotient

4.1 by Helen Hoang

“A heartwarming and refreshing debut novel that proves one thing: there’s not enough data in the world to predict what will make your heart tick.” This description is enough to make one read the book! The romantic genre chick lit novel claims to go beyond the love cliches and yeah, this does rekindle my interest in this novel.


Shop here: The Kiss Quotient

9. The Women in the Window

4.0 by A.J.Finn

This has been one of 2018’s best thrillers according to Google Books. The protagonist, Anna Fox, lives in New York and spends her days watching movies, drinking wine and spying on neighbors. One day a family moves into the house across the way and she sees something she shouldn’t! What did Anna Fox see? How are the neighbors connected to Anna? Is Anna in danger? Get the answers to all these questions by reading this best thriller book! I’m already getting goosebumps while writing about the book. Well, the Amazon reviews and its 4.0 star rating definitely make it seem like one of the best books for women for 2018.


Shop here: The Woman in the Window

10. Orphan Monster Spy

4.0 by Matt Killeen

This is a historical fiction book. A 15-year-old Jewish girl agrees to become a spy in the World War 2 after her mother has been killed at a checkpoint. The girl needs to decide whether she is ready for the mission and whether she’ll be able to be a nightmare for the people she is going to attack!


Shop here: Orphan Monster Spy

11. What Holly’s Husband Did

3.9 by Debbie Viggiano

I like the caption on the cover of the book, “Flowers aren’t going to fix this one.” This makes one more anxious to know what actually happened between Holly and her husband and will she take her marriage till the end! Being a rom-com lover, I’m surely gonna add this chick lit book to my bucket list.


Shop here: What Holly’s Husband Did: A laugh out loud romantic comedy with a twist!

12. Love, Hate & Other Filters

3.8 by Samira Ahmed

It is a young adult fiction written by Samira Ahmed. In this book, an Indian-American Muslim teen copes with Islamophobia and she can neither escape from the situation or explain it to anyone. In the end, does the character, Maya, find the strength to know where she really belongs? This is one of the best books for women for 2018.


Shop here: Love, Hate & Other Filters

13. The Tie’s the Limit

3.7 by Megan Bryce

This is one of the chick lit books of “The Fashionista and Geek” series published in June 2018 written by Megan Bryce. The other book by the author was “Boring is the New Black” from the romance genre. The author has a good writing style and the way the pace of her stories goes on is also good. Coming back to the book, it is a good rom-com and for all those who love these chick lit books and novels, you better don’t miss on this one!


Shop here: The Tie’s The Limit (The Fashionista and The Geek Book 2)

14. Americanized: Rebel Without a Green Card

3.5 by Sara Saedi

This young adult non-fiction novel is one of the best books for women for 2018! Sara Saedi did not have the rights to live in the United States but was still living and breaking the laws! She was desperate to get the green card and fair skin as the Americans. An editorial review says, “This is an encounter with a family that many readers will understand and others will long to be a part of, and it may inspire them to reconsider and chronicle their own family tales.”

rebel-without-green-card-latest-chicklit-books-for-woman-2018Shop here: Americanized: Rebel Without a Green Card

15. Into the Water

3.5 by Paula Hawkins

Paula Hawkins is one of my favorite authors after reading the book, The girl on the Train. The writer creates a psychological suspense and this makes the reader get more involved in the book! A review on Good Reads says, “Twisted, suspenseful, spooky & eerie–mysterious to the very end. Gorgeous descriptions and visuals created of scenery, an enthralling textured large cast of characters, ( lots of thinking about these people), and an ending that stopped me cold.”

But another review that made me think twice before reading this book! “This book was, unfortunately, a disappointment to me. Convoluted plotting, way too many characters to keep track of, and an overall lack of suspense made for a less than engaging read. I’m sure many readers will enjoy this one, but if you’re looking for a psychological thriller with the addictive pacing & shocking plot twists of The Girl On The Train, I wouldn’t recommend this one.” Anyways, I don’t think I’ll skip reading it. Hopefully, it is gonna be one of the best books for women to read this summer!

paula hawkins book 2 best chick flick 2018

Shop here: Into the Water

So, these are the best books for women to read this summer! Which one are you gonna start reading asap! Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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