Amal Clooney Shows How to Wear Casual Dresses Like a Boss!

Check out our favorite Amal Clooney street style dresses, and read about her personal style, and get inspired on how to rock casual dresses elegantly!

amal-clooney-best-street-style-dresses-fashion-celebrity-elegant-casualHey gorgeous, amazing, sparkling beauty! How is it that you’re so smart yet I just keep complimenting your beauty and calling you gorgeous instead of bright? Blame the traditional greetings!

Anyway, speaking of beauty with brains, as you know we love Amal Clooney’s style a lot! We’ve already featured Amal Clooney’s best red carpet looks ever, and now we’re looking at her street style looks for some summer fashion inspiration! If you’re looking for some ideas on how to do Friday dressing, or elegant yet casual looks, look no further than Amal Clooney!

Her personal style consists of mostly sleeved knee-length or mini-dresses in solid primary and neutral colors. She styles them elegantly with pumps, large neutral-colored handbags and oversized sunglasses.

Let’s take a look at her 10 best street style dresses so far:

10 of Amal Clooney’s Best Street Style Dresses Ever

One of my favorites from the list is this blue shirt-dress – knee-length and full-sleeved – so elegant and yet chic. She paired it with a beige handbag, oversized, ombre sunglasses and nude pumps.amal-clooney-blue-dress-street-style-handbag-sunglasses-shoes

Here’s a green flared mini-dress, paired with drop earrings, matching strappy stilettos and bracelet for a night-out look.amal-clooney-green-dress-street-style-latest-celeb-fashion

Airport style – here’s Amal in a grey and black sleeved mini-dress paired with black opaque tights and booties.amal-clooney-street-style-best-black-dress-stockings-casual-airport-style

Here’s some winter style – a blue and white button and belt coat paired with what I’d wear all year long – white pumps!amal-clooney-street-style-best-blue-white-stripe-dress-coat-winter-pumps


I love the asymmetric two-tone pumps paired with this half-sleeved pink dress.

amal-clooney-street-style-best-pink-dress-sunglasses-two-tone-pumpsamal-clooney-street-style-best-pink-dress-front amal-clooney-street-style-best-red-flowery-dress-floral-casual-white

I love this red buttoned half-sleeved dress – so versatile.amal-clooney-street-style-red-dress-button-hairstyle-casual

Here’s an asymmetric really short-in-the-front dress – white with pink floral applique, which is great for a daytime date!amal-clooney-street-style-white-flower-dress-george-clooney-floral-asymmetricSo which one of Amal’s street style dresses is your favorite? Is your personal style like her of very, very different? Comment below!

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