7 Reasons to Own a Bengali Handloom Saree

Comfortable, elegant and timeless, a Bengali handloom saree is the perfect must-have item for every Indian woman. Here are 7 reasons that you need one in your closet!


Bengali sarees are a beautiful attire that forms a big part of the tradition and beauty of Bengali women themselves. And there’s every reason for this culture to extend outside of Bengal, too. Personally, I believe that every Indian woman should own at least one Bengali handloom saree.

Why You Need a Bengali Handloom Saree

They are elegant traditional pieces that you can wear to weddings or festivals. These traditional sarees have a royal touch that blends perfectly with the aura of any traditional event you are attending. Although other Indian outfits like lehengas and salwaar suits are ideal to wear to these events, none can steal the elegance of the Bengali handloom saree.


Choose these sarees especially if you are a bride-to-be or a guest at a wedding, for it always wins as a perfect look for a wedding or special occasion. In fact, you can even wear one to your office as it can easily transform itself into a classy formal attire.

Here are some of the reasons why the beautiful Bengali handloom saree is a must-have in every Indian woman’s saree collection.

It’s Versatile

To begin with, a Bengali handloom saree is a really versatile piece to own. There are a number of occasions you can wear them for. Such as Durga puja festival celebrations, weddings and formal evening events. You can also wear them to religious ceremonies, Diwali or other festivals or even to office.


The other versatile thing about these sarees is that there are many styles to wear it to create a different look each time. For instance, you can drape it in a way that blends with your fashion taste and still maintain that ethnic touch. Also if you have older pieces, you can transform them. For example, turn one into an anarkali or a dress to elevate your style quotient.

So it’s never a bad idea to invest in this Bengali handloom saree and adorn it with some jewelry, a unique hairdo and hair accessories for your next event.

It is Made Out of Natural Fibers

The fashion world is craving everything eco-friendly these days. Sustainable, recyclable, naturally-made textiles are treasured by fashionistas everywhere. Bengali handloom sarees are made out of pure cotton, silk, khadi, and other 100% natural fibers. Meaning, no chemicals are used during manufacturing them.

natural fibers cotton sustainable fashion

So when you buy Bengali sarees online, you can check to make sure that the manufacturers are in support of responsible fashion. Even the dyes that are used are naturally-based that are not harmful to the skin or the environment. In fact, handloom sarees support the local and skilled artisans who make them and add beautiful embroidery and motifs on the sarees.

Perfect for Sensitive Skin

There’s a reason the Bengali handloom saree is so popular, for it ticks all the boxes! Who does not want a saree that has numerous benefits? Firstly, they are simple and elegant pieces that are extremely durable. The materials that they are made from are extremely eco-friendly and thus they are ideal for women with sensitive skin. Additionally, it allows you to still be yourself even as you wear this traditional piece. Select one of these 6-yard stunners and surprise everyone at the next family function.

Unique Motifs and Designs

Bipasha Basu for Sanjukta Dutta

The beauty and vastness of Indian culture is omnipresent in Indian fashion, especially in sarees. Plus, every Indian state has a different saree type to boost of, with unique fabrics, weaving styles, embroidery and draping styles. So it’s a good idea for any Indian girl to try the ever-fashionable Bengali handloom saree that can create beautiful memories with its signature look.

A Bengali handloom saree is a great idea for the lovers of art and unique designs. Many people outside of Bengal have this misconception that Bengali sarees all look the same, but that’s not true at all! The Bengali saree stands out only because of the colors it has. However, different saree can have different waving patterns, unique motifs, and other beautiful traditional designs that complete the ensemble.

So you can even choose one that you can wear casually on an every day basis, and one for special occasions with various motifs and designs.

They are Timeless Fashion Pieces

Although the Bengali handloom sarees get competition from power loom sarees, their beauty is that they are always in fashion. These sarees are a forever-piece that cannot be outdone even by the fusion pieces that are a current trend. They are a classic and even more beautiful as they age due to the pure materials that they are made of.


Therefore, if you are a saree lover who hates following new saree trends, these sarees are perfect for you, as they are always a constant in the fashion circuit. Actually, most mothers prefer to pass down these handloom sarees to their children as a part of family tradition. That’s why these sarees are timelessly fashionable pieces that help create relationship bonds and stand out among most Indian garbs.

It Flatters Indian Skin-Tone and All Body Types

If you need a type of saree that is flattering, choose the Bengali handloom sarees for they can literally never look bad on anyone! It is a piece you can dress up with on a dull day to give you that sophisticated silhouette. It flatters every body type, including the curvy body types, so it’s a great idea for everyone.

malika sherawat

Furthermore, the color combination of white and red suits the dusky Indian skin tone perfectly. The sarees also come in many different shades, from olive undertones to ivory. So choose one to suit your own skin-shade. Stand out on the crowd with these Bengali sarees as you embrace your culture and show off this beautiful ensemble. Also, you can give it a fusion look by pairing a handloom cotton saree with a denim jacket or by belting it up.

It’s Individually Crafted

Another reason to own a Bengali handloom saree is that they are individually crafted. The handloom weavers ensure that each of these sarees is a unique piece that is not identical to any other, unless they are of the same category. They possess unique aesthetic appeal with a noticeable texture, refinement, and shine.

Bengali Handloom Saree-saree-woman

They are pieces that every Indian woman can wear proudly as they showcase the opulent tradition and rich culture. And as I mentioned before, it is a good way to support the handloom weavers who use their skillful art and are finding it a challenge to keep this traditional art alive.

Do you own a Bengali handloom saree? If not, we hope you’ll consider adding a few pieces to your saree collection. Try one for a wow-worthy look to a wedding ceremony or party. They are stylish and of great value with the skill and time that it takes to make them. Plus, it is a way to support sustainable fashion.

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  1. Handloom sarees are getting more demanding nowadays as these sarees are quite light-weight and easy to carry for any range of ages. These sarees are of different designs and of different art, so there are many options to have a handloom saree.


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