Audrey O. (Vol.2 E8) Comic – Benefits of Quarantine

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought about so many changes in the lives of everyone around the world. But not all the changes are bad. Audrey O. appreciates the benefits of quarantine as she spends some time by herself during quarantine.


Hey everyone! I’m back with a new Audrey O. episode, and honestly, I’ve been working on this comic strip for weeks now. But I finally got the time to post it!

Stuck at home, the Coronavirus pandemic has suddenly turned all of our lives.upside down. Working from home, not going out and not meeting friends is the new normal. And while we can all sit and complain about the situation, there are those of us who are thinking of all this as one big vacation, choosing to see the benefits of quarantine.

I mean, I do miss going out every once in a while. I do miss not having to worry about cooking each and every meal. Wearing a mask is definitely not comfortable at all and I don’t wanna get used to that. I do miss traveling – but then there are certain things I honestly do not miss. Stuck in traffic for example. And it seems that for Audrey O., there’s another major thing she does not miss…

Audrey O. (Vol.2 E8) Comic – Benefits of Quarantine

audrey-o-comic-v2e8-cartoon-Coronavirus-Lockdown benefits of quarantine

Oh yes, and can we appreciate how we can simply wear pajamas, tees, worn-out cotton dresses and shorts every single day? Let’s admit, we’re way more comfortable wearing home clothes!

What other things would you like to add to your list of benefits of quarantine? And what are you missing during this Covid-19 quarantine? Let me know below!

You can also follow @audreyocomics on Instagram to get a peek into her life, and read more Audrey O. comic strips here.

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