Behind the Scenes and Making of Dior Tribales Earrings

Discover an exclusive video on making of the most iconic Dior earrings. Celebrity-favorites, the colorful Dior Tribales are crystal-studded this season!

Hey gorgeous! Hear the word tribal (tribale en français), and you think exotic earrings in wood or silver. But Dior made it Dior. The Dior Tribales made a debut in 2013 and immediately became a celebrity favorite. Emma Watson, Rihanna, Jennifer Lawence, Kate Middleton, and many more wore the classic double pearl earrings. The earrings became a fashion must-have in 2014 when Rihanna wore the cream-colored ones to the Dior Cruise fashion show and Emma Watson wore them to the Golden Globes.

Jennifer Lawrence wearing silver-toned Dior Tribales in DiorAddict ad campaign released in March 2016

The iconic earrings from the house of Dior get a makeover every season in terms of material and color/ tone, while retaining the basic shape and style. So far, other than the classic pearl ones, we’ve seen rubber lacquer beads, palladium and resin finish and gold finish ones. This season, the newest Dior Tribales in town are the boldly asymmetric crystal-studded earrings.

Plus, our sources over at Dior informed us that “this is the first time a savoir-faire video has been made on them.” The video details out everything from CAD designing to mould-making to buffing to pearl and crystal insertion and the final touch – putting in the Dior logo for authenticity and into package boxes. Watch the exclusive video here:

Here’s a close-up of my favorite pair of Dior Tribales in the color of the season – powder-blue.

Now, I haven’t been told this, but because I’m an exotic jewelry enthusiast, I believe that the Dior Tribales earrings may have gotten their inspiration from African tribes in Kenya and Ethiopia whose members often wear silver or wood ear plugs. The tribal ear plugs are often much larger than the ear itself. Over the years, fake resin or plastic gauge earrings and earplugs became popular in the western fashion world which one can wear without having a large ear hole.

The Dior Tribales redefined the tribal fashion, and made it classy with pearls and a subdued color palette. The earrings are also inspired by, according to a Dior rep, “the little bells of the lily-of-the-valley, Christian Dior’s good-luck flower.”


So I hope you enjoyed going behind the scenes and watching how these beauties are made. Lemme know what you think!


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  1. Very good. Would love to see more on what happens behind the scenes. Dior is definitely a precision maker. No wonder it is a classic BRAND.


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