Beauty Photographer Tatya Lushchyk Shares Our February Cover Story

Minsk-based fashion and beauty photographer Tatya Lushchyk is the woman behind our February cover. Here, she shares the story behind the shoot and her own work.

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Photographer: Tatya Lushchyk @Tatya_Photo@Tatya_Retoucher; Makeup Artist & Hairstylist: Tanya Lisetskaya @tanya_lisetskaya; Model: Sabrina Malafeueva @sabrina_malafeueva

I started my career in 2003, when I went to college, majoring in photography. My decision was spontaneous and unexpected, I have always been a creative kid, and when I saw a photography exhibition at that time, it changed my life.

I also wanted to learn how to take pictures and my desire was also to participate in photo exhibitions. In 2008, after obtaining a degree in photography, my journey into the creative world began. At first I worked at a photo center, there I photographed weddings, families and children. Gradually my level of professionalism increased and I began to develop my expertise in beauty and fashion shoots. The birth of my children slowed down my career a little, but thanks to support from my husband, I did not have to leave my favorite activity. On the contrary, I found time to study and get more advanced skills in photography.

Currently I have a small beauty photo studio and do commercial portrait shoots. I shoot a lot of creative projects for photo contests and publications.

The Cover

This session really spontaneous, and happened just because we found our muse. My makeup artist offered to do the shoot and I agreed. The whole look is an act of unleashing my creativity as a makeup artist and as a photographer. I must say, the model, though at the beginning of her modeling career, also showed up in a new way in that image. From a nice girl into a glamorous teenager.

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The Process

We did the photo shoot at my place in the beauty studio. It took about an hour to prepare the image, and another hour for the photo session. For the shooting I used a classic lighting scheme with three pulsed light sources, gel colored filters to get the blue background and blue modeling light. The image was taken with long lens 135 mm, f/14, 1/160, ISO 100.

We named this work Black Angel.

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The Team

The model’s name is Sabrina and she is an aspiring model. Behind the scenes is the best hair stylist in the city, Tatyana Lisetskaya, who has won many prizes in international makeup and hairstyle contests. This is a person, a master of his craft, whom I fully trust and with whom we understand each other at a glance. She is the one who picks up my creative ideas and gives me her professional input, and the end result is often a creative masterpiece, which occupies places in photo exhibitions and is published all over the world.

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