Beautiful Smiles of Celebrities: 19 Celeb Smiles That Stole Our Hearts

From the sexy Beyonce to the stunning Ryan Reynolds, we are in love with the beautiful smiles of these celebrities. I can’t take my eyes off #11. 

11c best celebrity smiles

We always look up to celebrities for inspiration of any kind. Especially for the way they present themselves – always poised and perfect. One thing we all want to master would be the art of smiling charmingly. Some of the celebs have the most mesmerizing ones. Take a look at the celebs with the most beautiful smiles here!

Beautiful Smiles of Hollywood Stars

1. Miranda Kerr


This gorgeous supermodel transforms into a girl next door with a natural modest and effortless smile. With her chiseled cheekbones and camera capturing jawline, her smile has dimples digging her cheeks.

2. Chris Hemsworth


He catches the eye first with his pleasing brawny outlook, then it’s his smile that seals the deal. His short stubble across his lower midface takes the oomph factor to the next level with his almost invisible lipline.

3. Blake Lively


The glamorous Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl has got to be the epitome of Hollywood glamour with her relaxed, candid smile perfections. Her smile is what the word smize means – smiling with your eyes!

4. Julia Roberts


With that wide jawline, showing off those pearly whites with a grin so big that it extends to her eyes, try your best not to get hypnotized.

5. Cameron Diaz

best celebrity smiles cameron diaz

This Charlie’s Angel might be all provoking on screen. But in real life she’s one with a naturally genuine smile, leaving the spotlight for her charismatic blue eyes.

6. Emma Watson


Dive in the goodness of her humble smile just enough to light up a room. Her sexy smirk has a divine transition from a high profile model to a British actress to an activist all in one.

7. Chris Pine


Reflecting a timeless charm with a smile like that makes us understand why every girl swoons over him! A touch of flirty, a pour of macho madness. Chris Pine is sure to set the standards a little higher than high with an out of this world twinkle.

8. Beyonce


She sure makes a mark with her smile. It radiates power and sheer grit. Bey with her power-packed performance can capture the whole audience, but her pearly whites can get you hooked.

9. Penelope Cruz


This Spanish enchantress stole our hearts with her gorgeous grin. There’s something about her smile that will stun you the minute you get a glance.

10. Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer really makes her face speak with her vibrant smile. Her low key lip is the route to love land, just might melt your heart. She knows just well how to work with both a mega-watt grin and just a modest smile.


11. Cole Sprouse


Unraveling his free-spirited ethos through his carefree smile. Infectious as it is, his vibe fills up the air with his well-defined doubles. His smile is young, strong and has a sophisticated edge to it.

12. Ryan Reynolds


Ryan Reynolds checks all the boxes of the perfect boyfriend list, with his cute smile making the top of the list.

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13. Scarlet Johansson


Elevating her flawless beauty with the bling of this stunner smile. Her perfect pout with the right amount of lips and too good to be true dentition have got us starstruck.


14. Anne Hathaway


Hathaway smiles with an amused facial expression, a twinkle in her eyes and a grin from ear to ear. She definitely finds a way to everybody’s hearts with that one killer of a smile.

15. Selena Gomez


With her charming smile and a cutie patootie nose, Selena makes her fans feel like we know her. Her comfort in a cup smile is what all the young teens desire.

selena-gomez-best-celebrity-style16. Adam Sandler


Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes. Adam Sandler with his old school charm smile makes himself very social and easy to get along with. Not something quite common among actors of his status.

17. Taylor Swift


Calm, funny, witty, mysterious, radiates all the shades of a smile as eye pleasing. Couple them with the universe in her eyes and endless lashes leave us swooning.

18. Ashton Kutcher


He makes a stop, a stare statement with just a blink of his smile. This eye candy of an actor woos all the girls with just the press of his lips. Exemplifying a gentleman flair in polished looks.

19. Jude Law


Jude law is undoubtedly one of the most good-looking actors in Hollywood. His good looks are timeless and his smile has an effortlessly sexy quality about it. Drool!

Hope you also liked our list of beautiful smiles of celebs. Did you fave celeb make it to our list?  Which celeb smile do you like the most? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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