Beautiful Nails at Home with Our Natural Manicure Guide

Wondering how to get beautiful nails naturally without spending a lot at the salons? Then here you go! Discover the best natural tips for beautiful nails with our at-home manicure guide to cleansing, massaging and more! 

natural-Beautiful Nails-tips-how-to-clean-home-made-remediesHey beautiful! Nails have always been an integral part of a woman’s appearance. We take immense pride and care to make sure they look clean and on point. And when talking about cleanliness, getting a manicure at the salon isn’t the only option to make them glow! You can also take natural nail care at home. Also, we need to be sure that we stay stylish as well as clean when it comes to nails. So here are some simple tips for having beautiful nails at home!

Steps Involved in a Manicure

Here are the basic steps to follow when doing a manicure with natural ingredients at home. We’ve compiled ideas on how to clean nails and what type of natural products are to be used to get most beautiful nails in our ultimate at home mani guide!

  1. Cleansing
  2. Scrubbing
  3. Shaping/Filing
  4. Cuticle removal
  5. Buffing
  6. Oiling
  7. Moisturizing

We’ll go over these steps one by one. But first, let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll need before starting your home manicure.

Manicure Must-Haves Every Girl Needs

  1. Cleansing: Body wash or milk and gram flour (optional)
  2. Scrubbing: Brush (optional), bread crumbs and milk, lemon or apricot scrub/strawberry/kiwi scrub
  3. Shaping/Filing: Filer
  4. Cuticles: Cuticle remover
  5. Oil: Almond, olive, coconut or castor oil
  6. Moisturizing: Body butter or aloe vera based moisturizer creams.

Tips on Beautiful Nails

When it comes to taking care of your nails, getting a manicure done is not the only option. Instead, follow these steps naturally and take care of your nails on a daily basis.

1. Cleansing

Cleansing always needs to be the first step whether it’s a manicure, pedicure or facial. It helps you to remove all the impurities and dust particles. So before scrubbing, always clean your nails with a natural cleanser or with chemical free products.

If you wanna do the cleansing part naturally, then you can use just milk. Or use gram flour mixed with milk. If you don’t like the smell of milk, then wash your hands with any organic, ayurvedic body wash or one you’re already used to. Don’t forget to remove your nail polish before starting with the cleansing part.

beautiful-nails-cleansing-natural-care-tips2. Scrubbing

If you want clean fingernails, it’s must to invest in a good quality brush and scrubbing creams like apricot, strawberries or kiwi. Naturally, make use of breadcrumbs and milk paste for scrubbing or just lemon. If not fruit scrubs like apricot, strawberries or kiwi.

Start with applying the scrub or paste all over the palms, nails and back of your hand, scrub back and front of your nails with the brush or just with your fingers in circular motions and massage it gently for at least 2-5 minutes. Then, just dip your hands into warm water, so that all the dirt is removed from your nails and it also helps open the pores.

You can scrub your arms till your underarms, but see to that you haven’t got your waxing done a day or two before. ‘Cause it’s not safe to do scrubbing if you have got your waxing done recently since the area may be sensitive and open pores may cause infection.

At the salon, it’s common to apply bleach on hands and arms after cleaning off the scrub. Bleach is typically left on for 20-ish minutes, while the manicurist files the nails and removes cuticles. However, bleach is a really strong chemical and often causes allergies. So we don’t recommend it for an at-home manicure.

3. Shaping/Filing

If your nails need clipping, cut them in a neat semi-oval with the help of the nail clipper, along their natural shape. Then just file your nails with the filer to the desired shape.

If you want long nails, skip the clipping, and just file ’em. So that nails pics look great on your Instagram!
Nail Shape Chart | Find Out About Different Nail Shapes and Designs

natural-nail-care-filing-shaping-beautiful-nails-tips-homemade-remedy4. Cuticle Removal

Taking good care of your cuticles is an important part of your nail care. So by massaging your cuticles, it helps you to improve blood flow that is essential for healthy nail growth. So after massaging, cut off the dead cuticles gently by using a cuticle remover so that your nails grow faster.

5. Buffing

The next step is nail buffing which means polishing or rubbing your nails with a soft buffer board. It leaves your nails with a smooth and shiny surface.

beautiful-nails-buffing-natural-care-sponge-tips-shiny-and-strength6. Oiling

Using almond, castor or olive oil, massage the entire surface of your nails including the cuticles. These natural oils provide your nails with extra strength and shine. And if your skin is dry or sensitive, you can also try mustard oil.

People who don’t use oils can use aloe vera gel or rose water on your nails.

beautiful-nails-tips-olive-oil-massaging-natural-nail-care7. Moisturizing

Moisturizing is one of the best beauty essentials for skincare. A  body butter or aloe vera based moisturizer is better for the hands and nails. By applying moisturizer all over your nails and arms, it makes sure that dead skin doesn’t accumulate around the nails.

Once your nails are moisturized, don’t paint them straight away. Instead, let the moisturizer do its work and help soften your nails for a day.

natural-nail-care-moisturizer-beautiful-nails-tips-homemade-remedySo these are the natural manicure tips for having beautiful nails at home. Will you also love to follow these natural nail care tips at home rather going to salons? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!
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