35 Beautiful Flowers That’ll Blossom Up Your Day: Most Gorgeous Blooms

From daffodils to agapanthus, from common ones to rare exotic blooms, discover the most beautiful flowers of the world you need to know about!

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Flowers are one of the most beautiful creations by God in the world. They look so amazing with the different shapes and attractive colors that a single bloom can create a happy feeling and change our mood. For centuries, flowers have always been the main priority for every occasion and decor. ‘Cause they are the best way to take your decoration to the next level whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, religious ceremony or a formal black-tie event.

So to let you all know the most beautiful flowers, we’ve researched and have come up with 35 most amazing flowers from exotic to commonplace all around the world. Let’s take a look!

Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

1. Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossoms are the national flower of Japan and are one of the world’s most beautiful flowers. They bloom usually during spring when tiny cherry blossoms come up. These beauties come in different shades of pink ranging from pale baby pink to medium peachy pink.


2. Daffodils

Daffodils are long-stemmed beautiful yellow flowers and are some of the spring’s most popular. The botanical name of the daffodil is ‘Narcissus’. This flower has six petals with a downward bending shape. These beautiful flowers are generally found in white and yellow with either uniform or contrasting colored petals and the inner bud can sometimes be orange or pink.


3. Crocus

Crocus belongs to the iris family and is native to Europe, North Africa, Middle East and many other parts of the world as well. These flowers are beautiful with different colored stripes. They bloom during winter, spring or autumn depending on the species and place. You can find these beautiful flowers in lavender, blue, white, purple, yellow and pink.


4. Anemone Coronaria

There are many species of Anemone, but the most amazing one among all is the Anemone Coronaria. This flowering plant is native to Mediterranean region. These usually bloom from April to June, depending on when they’re planted. They are showy and have dark centers and bright silky petals.

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5. Agapanthus

Agapanthus is an herbaceous perennial and a large African flower. And some species of Agapanthus are commonly known as ‘Lily of the Nile’ or African lily. This beautiful flower blooms up with a bunch of striking blue or white flowers. This plant reaches up to 60 cm long and the flowers usually bloom during the summer.


6. Balloon Flower

Balloon flowers are one of those fun plants to grow in our gardens. The scientific name of this flower is ‘Platycodon Glandiforous’. And the best part of this flower is that the bud swells like a balloon before it’s fully opened. Once it is opened we can see only five petals. These amazing beautiful flowers come in white, navy blue, pink and purple.

top-beautiful-flowers-around-the-world-colorful-buds-colors-ideas-blossom-baloon flower

7. Dahlia

Dahlia is a big flower known for its layered petals and showy blooms. According to Wiki, this flower is a herbaceous perennial plant native to Mexico. Dahlia blooms annually and is available in almost every color in the rainbow, the most popular shades include pink, orange, red, magenta and purple.


8. Daisy

Daisies belong to the family of Asteraceae. These flowers come in different bright colors and look serene when they bloom all over the garden. Their blooming season is in summer. We can find daisies in different colors like red, yellow, purple, pink, blue and orange. And some are even a mix of two colors.


9. Roses

Rose is a perennial flowering plant of the genus Rosa. It’s one of the most popular flowers of all, as it is a symbol of Love. Wanna profess your love for someone? Roses are the flowers to go for! Roses come in a large number of species that usually vary in size and shape. They can be large and showy or small with closely packed petals. Colors range from white, yellow to pink and shades of red. Most of the species are native to Asia, Europe, North America and Africa.



10. Hibiscus

Hibiscus covers over a hundred species that are native to all around the world. This showy flower is large, trumpet-shaped with five or more petals in it. The color ranges from white to pink, red, orange, peach, yellow and purple. And the color of certain species even changes with age.


11. Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are produced from early spring to late autumn. This gorgeous flower is best known for its large round shaped flower head. They are found in a variety of colors like blue, purple, white, pink. This flower is native to Southern and Eastern Asia.

12. Iris

Iris is a beautiful, usually blue showy flower. The botanical name of this flower is Iris Germanica. These flowers bloom in different colors during spring, including purple, violet, white, magenta, yellow, pink and sometimes mix of any of these two colors.


13. King Protea

Protea is a South African flowering plant and known as the largest flower head in the genus. Sometimes it is also called sugar bush. Protea has several colors like pink flower with a red border and a creamy yellow inside. This lovely flower has different layers of arrangement that make it look so beautiful.

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14. Kniphofia

Kniphofia is also known as red hot poker or tritoma. And this plant produces spikes at the top with brightly colored flowers above. It comes in shades of red, orange, yellow and some are bicolored. These flowers look stunning while blooming and attract the bees as well!


15. Lavender

Lavenders are long spike-like flowers with multiple elegant stems. The botanical name of lavender is ‘Lavandula’. They come in different colors like light purple, blue, violet and are quite famous for their color, fragrance and beauty. Lavender is mostly used in the extraction of the essential oils, but they are also used in wedding decor.


16. Lilac

Lilac is native to southeast Europe to east Asia and commonly cultivated in temperate areas. These flowers bloom during mid-spring to early summer depending on the species  The usual color is light purple, but then white, pale yellow, pink and even dark burgundy colors are also found. The flowers grow in a loose cluster that gives a strong fragrance.

17. Lilies

Lilium is known for its large star-shaped blooms that gives a sweet perfumed smell. Their petals are colored with red, yellow, orange, white and mix of colors. Lilies make gorgeous table decorations but of course, look great as a bunch in the garden, too.


18. Magnolia

Magnolia comes in various different colors and they are bit different from the other flowers. And they are popularly known for their sweet perfume especially the bees gets attracted by these scented flowers.


19. Tulips

Tulips come up during spring. And they are the most popular flowers due to their unique shape and a wide variety of colors. From bright reds and yellows to nearly black purples, there seems to be a tulip of every color. These flowers are best known for their fragrance, especially the red flowers as they are frequently used for weddings. They are native to Africa, Central Asia and Southern Europe. Their blooming time is from spring to early summer.


20. Lotus

Lotus flower is just amazing as it is! It’s also the national flower of India. Lotus flower symbolizes spirituality, wealth and knowledge.


21. Marigolds

Marigolds are one of the most popular and common flowers in India. And when this flower blooms in the garden, you can see a sea of vibrant color! They come in different colors like orange, yellow and white that look super amazing. Marigolds are used widely in traditional Indian wedding decor, auspicious items and festivals. In fact, it’s common to exchange marigold garlands during weddings in some parts of India.

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22. Orchids

While talking about the beautiful flowers, how can I forget orchids! Orchids are my favorite, they’re one of the most beautiful flowers. These flowers are popular for the size of their blooms, fragrance and their flat, uniquely shaped petals.


23. Strelitzia

This amazing flower resembles a brightly colored bird in the garden and is native to South Africa. They are also known as the Bird of Paradise. ‘Cause the shape of the flower seems like a bird’s beak and feathers. We can find these flowers in different colors like yellow, blue and orange.

top-beautiful-flowers-around-the-world-colorful-colors-ideas-blossom-strelitzia-flower-bird of paradise

24. Plumeria

These flowers are well known for their sweet fragrance. And especially, they are used for making flower accessories for the beach or garden party. They have gorgeous and blooms with colors that include, pink, white, yellow, and red.


25. Peony

Peonies are incredibly amazing flowers that have closed petals and open up layer by layer. They are available in a wide variety of colors ranging from light pastel pinks and whites to bright and bold reds and magentas. They’re one of the best-scented flowers among all.


26. Sunflower

Sunflowers are one of the easiest flowers to plant in your garden. Sunflowers attract bees as they are showy. Their bright yellow stands out from afar if you come across a sunflower field.


27. Easter Lillies

Easter lilies come up during the spring season. These lilies fill our homes with their bright blooms and fragrant aromas. Best plant for both indoor and outdoor use.

top-beautiful-flowers-around-the-world-pink easter lily-colorful-colors-ideas-blossom

28. Passion Flower

Passion flowers are one of the most amazing flowers that you can grow in your garden. And the best part about this flower is that it can produce passion fruit.

top-beautiful-flowers-around-the-world-colorful-buds-colors-ideas-blossom-passion flowers

29. Poppies

Poppies are showy and flowret into many different colors. The petals of these often lie flat and then fall away. They usually bloom from spring to early summer. Poppy seed tea is known for its health advantages but also for its controversial addictions.


30. Sweet Pea

Sweet peas are best known for their sweet fragrance and delicate flowers. These flowers are native to Sicily, Cyprus, Southern Italy and the Aegean Islands, and are available in pink, purple, blue and white.


31. Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley is a sweetly scented, highly poisoned flowering plant. They are native to the cold temperatures of the northern hemisphere in Asia and Europe. Lily of the valley blossoms up in the spring and early summer with six petals that fuse at the base to form a bell-shaped flower.

stunning-beautiful-flower-in-the-world-lily of the valley-colorful-petals-flowers

32. Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding hearts are popular with different colored flowers like white, red and pink. They are native to eastern Asia and America. These bleeding hearts look beautiful when they bloom up in the shape of a heart with a small drop below them.

bleeding hearts top beautiful flowers around the world colorful buds colors ideas blossom

33. Aster Novae

Aster novae are one of the most outstanding flowers that bloom up in different colors. They bloom for many weeks from late summer to late fall. And this eye-catching beauty can be easily found in any corner of the garden.


34. Ken Janeck

Ken Janeck flowers up with beautiful clustered flowers starting up with deep rose color that transition to light pink and white as they expand. As they grow, they become aromaless flowers.

ken- janneck-most-amazing-flower-in-the-world

35. Freesia

Freesia is a mix of different colored flowers with a sweet fragrance. Native to the eastern side of South Africa and they are not showy and bloom up as a funnel-shaped flower.


So those were the amazing beautiful flowers in the world. Which flower is your favorite? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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