Bat in My House… Eeps: When a Bat Flew into Our Office

I had a bat in my house last night. Our busy workday turned into a bit of an adventure when a bat flew into our office. Read all about how we got rid of it!

Fashion bloggers don’t just have to deal with couture samples. Sometimes we get wildlife, too! content creators Pinky and Anusha were scared, and I was just petrified.


How did that happen? Well, let me tell the story blow by blow. Last weekend was a long one, so I decided to get the SlubOffice, which can really use some renovation, a whitewash. Corporate touch given, windows painted, storage units cleaned, and finally, I gave the window screens to our cleaning lady to wash.

The weather got nicer by the evening, when I decided to open the window next to my desk. The coconut trees in the yard are a great view, and the chirping birds create a great ambience – perfect for brainstorming and blog writing. Sure enough, the building complex that houses our home office has many many trees. The natural greenery that surrounds our buildings is a perfect habitat for all sorts of birds, squirrels, bugs, dogs cats, insects, bats and even mongoose.

When you live and work in a place like this, you learn to live with the nature, but also get into the habit of keeping doors and windows closed at all times. And so, it came as no surprise that when I opened the window, something came flying in, circling our office as fast as it could. Many many times. What came as a surprise was that we finally understood this black creature was a bat.

“What the hell is that” I asked Anusha. “I think it’s a bat,” she said, confirming my nightmarish doubt. “A small bat,” she added. Small bat? I wondered. It was the size of my palm. It was big enough to scare the crap out of me!! “Let’s lock ourselves out of this office for the rest of the night,” would have been my first thought. “And also take my phone with me while I’m at it.” Okay, I did advise that to the team. Hardly a good role mode, yours truly!

Here’s my recount of how the bat circled our office from Snapchat:

When I had a bat in my office via Snapchat @shilpa1ahuja

Posted by Shilpa Ahuja on Thursday, October 13, 2016

How I Got Rid of the Bat in My House

Long story short, we were all scared, and ran out of the room, leaving the ever-active bat circling it. When it refused to sit down, err, hang, we opened the door of that room, and let it fly out into the lobby. And then we ran back into the office. But, oops, we had forgotten to open any of the doors that could help it go out.  And then brave Pinky got the courage to open the door to the balcony, and waited for it to fly out, which it did quickly. And then she shut it again.

The 6 P.M. urge to leave office and go home can make one really brave.


They say if I have a bat in my house, it’s really lucky for me. Bats are considered auspicious, their sighting in the house brings wealth and prosperity. I’m certainly a believer of luck. So it means that having a bat in my office would mean for to prosper!

All my fashion brands and designer clients, are you listening? We’re open! Bring your business in!

And as for you readers, do follow me on Snapchat @shilpa1ahuja to know more about these kinda crazy adventures!


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