Balayage Short Hair Ideas | 30 Celeb Inspired Pixies, Bobs & Lobs

From hair colors for short hair to celeb-inspired looks to hair ideas for different cuts, here’s everything about balayage short hair!

Balayage Short Hair balayage-short-hair-color-ideas-celeb-inspired-kristen-stewartHey beautiful! Short hair makes you look young and lively! And it has got all the right attention this year. From runways to celebs, the short hair trend is making waves.  And with coloring the short hair, one can achieve a vibrant look! From highlights to lowlights, ombré to balayage, you can try all the hair color techniques for short hair, too! Yes, even ombré!

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Balayage gives the sun-kissed look. Personally, I love balayage hair as it’s more natural, low-maintenance and also an easy way to color your hair right at home. How convenient?! Yeah, A lazy person like me would love the easiest life hacks!

So let’s go through some balayage short hair ideas. From colors to hair trend to celeb looks, here’s everything you need to know before coloring your short hair. Let’s check out!

Balayage Short Hair Ideas

Balayage is done without brushes, unlike the highlights where foils and brushes are used. So it’s applied by hands for a natural sun-kissed look. This coloring technique creates dimension as it is applied on random strands. It is also low maintenance compared to other hair application techniques.

1. Short Hair Color Ideas

The hair color trends for balayage that you need to try are different shades of brown – dark chocolate, caramel, light golden brown, the classic retro style honey blonde and even bright highlights like violet, burgundy, orange and yellow!

2. How to Choose the Right Color for Balayage on Short Hair?

Coloring for short hair is a great idea! So what if you have already experimented with your hair length?! You can go ahead and color and look chic! So, just like any other hair color techniques, even in balayage there are a few steps to choose the right color.

  1. First of all, balayage is all about making the hair color look as natural as possible. So, it’s ideal to choose two shades lighter than your natural hair color. For example, copper, golden brown and medium chocolate brown look good for dark brown hair. For natural black hair, dark chocolate brown works well.
  2. It is also important to choose a color that complements your skintone. If you have warmer under tones then darker shades of highlights work well like latte or medium brown. If you have cooler tones, then colors like ash and honey blonde work well.

ciara-balayage-skintone-short-hair-bob3. Balayage Short Hair Ideas for Different Cuts

No matter how short or long short (if that make sense) your hair is, balayage can be done in many different ways. Of course, the base point remains the same that the hair color should look natural. So, the balayage placement is important.

Choose the high points of your hair where you can create the sun-kissed look. Also, randomize the strands of hair to keep it more natural. You can even play with intensity for a relaxed look. Always show a pic of the style you want to your colorist, so it’ll be easy for them to understand what’s in your mind. Here are some celeb examples of different haircuts and short hair color ideas:

A. Balayage Pixie Cut

Coloring hair for pixie haircut seems tricky. But balayage for pixie is easier than highlights. Partial balayage on random strands is a good idea. Or you can highlight the front tips. Check out Anne Hathway’s chocolate brown and dark brown balayage hair.



kristen-stewart-balayage-short-hair-pixieB. Balayage for A Line Bob

A-line bob is wherein the hair in the front is slightly longer than the back. Try more than two colors to create a natural yet sophisticated look. In fact, go for a different color in the front and a different color at the back to create a statement.

bella-thorne-a-line-bob-balayage-for-short-hair-ideas-celebsC. Balayage Short Bob

Go for more intensified color on the hair tips that in your case, fall at ear level. And keep it as naturala as possible on the crown. I loved Emily Browning’s darker hair tips.

emily browning-balayage-short-bob-brown-balayageD. Lob Balayage

Try coloring only a few strands of hair starting from the ear level. Take cues from Margot Robbie for a sophisticated look. You can try subtle ombré short hair balayage by opting for higher intensity at the root tips.

margot-robbie-medium-lob-balayage-haor-colorE. Medium Length Balayage

You can try coloring your hair that’s similar to lob balayage. Randomize the color at the hair tips.

olivia-munn-celeb-inspired-lob-balayage-caramel-hair-tips-colored4. Blonde Balayage

Blonde is a popular hair color. From runways to actresses to the Kardashians, the blonde has hit a new high! If the shade is chosen rightly, blonde balayage highlights work well for all shades of brown and black hair colors. For balayage brown hair, try honey blonde, light brownish blonde and chocolate blonde hair colors highlights. For black hair, try ash blonde and golden blonde!

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carey-mulligan-pixie-blonde-balayage-short-hair5. Brunette Balayage

Brunette highlights give the most natural sun-kissed effect on brown hair. A typical go-to color for brown haired girls. Well, when I cut my hair short, I’ll come back and read this section for tips! Check out some balayage short hair color ideas for brunettes…

A. Light Brown Hair with Highlights

Girls with light brown hair should go for latte, chestnut and honey. Light brown hair with caramel highlights is perfect example of brunette balayage.

bella-hadid-light-brown-hair-with-highlights-caramelB. Short Dark Hair with Highlights

For dark brown hair balayage, try ginger and caramel highlights. Other choices include copper and auburn.

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emma watson-dark-brown-hair-balayage-highlights6. Balayage on Black Hair

Black hair in itself is beautiful and natural, but can be enhanced with balayage. Brown might be an ideal choice for balayage on dark hair. But you can create a statement by sporting short hair highlights like mahogany, ash blonde or pink, too! Check out other balayage dark hair ideas!

a. Burgundy Hair with Caramel Highlights

rihanna-burgundy-hair-with-caramel-highlights-balayage-short-hairb. Black Hair with Blue Highlights


c. Black Hair with Red Highlights

black-hair-with-red-highlights-balayage-short-haird. Black Hair with Auburn Highlights

selena gomez-brownish-balayage-black-hair-colored

e. Black Hair With Caramel Highlights

vanessa hudgens-black-hair-balayage-caramel-highlights-short-hair7. Ombré on Short Hair

Ombré hair color gives a bold look. You can go for a striking difference between the darker roots to lighter tips ombré or a subtle (sombré) one. Ombré on short hair works well if it’s a bob or at the most, a short bob. But then it’s not a good idea for cropped pixie cuts.

For a really bold look, you can go for a color that’s three shades lighter than your natural hair color or bright colors like red, blue or green. Or if you wanna keep it simple and natural, then go for a combination of both ombré and balayage and choose a shade closer to your natural one.

Jourdan Dunn-ombre-for-short-hair-sombre-balayage8. Subtle Balayage for Short Hair

Highlights look prominent and can change your entire look. However, balayage can be done really subtly. You can go for a subtle balayage with a natural hair color. Or you can try partial balayage just at the front.

And the best part is you can even do it yourself. If you’re wondering, how, check out an entire DIY balayage tutorial and advice for balayage short hair at home!

kristen stewart-subtle-balayage-for-short-hair-brown9. How to Maintain Short Hair with Highlights

Maintaining balayage short hair is no different than long hair. Of course, the pros are, it’s easy to maintain compared to long hair and even if your balayage goes wrong (I’m sorry, I hope that won’t happen), it’s easy to fix it in less time and money (yay! happy dance)! So, coming back to maintaining short balayage hair, here are a few tips:

  1. Choose a shampoo that’s color hair specific. Also, condition your hair after you shampooing, but avoid it touching your scalp as extra product buildup can cause dandruff.
  2. Choose a shampoo that suits your hair type. If you have dry hair, go for a clarifying shampoo or if you encounter dandruff or hairfall after coloring, go for the best shampoo for color treated hair that suits you.
  3. Use a mild shampoo that produces less lather. The more lather it produces, the faster the color fades.
  4. Also, hair masks are great for dry hair as they restore the moisture. Try herbal products as much as you can.
  5. Reduce the usage of heat products. Since, you have short hair, there’s lesser amount of styling required. So, let it dry naturally as much as possible, as it’s good to keep your hair healthy and lustrous.
  6. For more info, check out our list of ideas for Best Shampoo for Color Treated Hair

So, these were a few balayage short hair ideas. Which color are you gonna try? Let us know! Tag us @shilpaahujadotcom on Instagram. We would love to see your looks!

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