Backstage Details and Behind the Scenes of Dior Couture Spring 2016

Go behind the scenes and discover the making of Dior couture Spring Summer 2016 collection and view the dresses, makeup and accessories up close!

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Dior couture collection for Spring 2016 was about balance – not too much of anything. To read a full review and check out the gallery and our favorite looks, visit Dior Spring Summer 2016 Haute Couture Fashion Show Review. And here are the details and behind-the-scenes making of the show!

Dior Couture Spring 2016: Dresses & Outfits

There were elegant, ladylike silhouettes with embroidery, structured outfits and clean lines with some layering and a nice mix of fabrics and colors. Overall – very wearable.


Dior Couture Spring 2016: Makeup

There were two makeup looks – the nude and flawless, and the bold red lip. The nude and flawless look had emphasis on a youthful, healthy skin, with mascara and nude lipgloss. And strobing.
The bold red lip look had very little blush with cherry, almost matte, lips. Both looks downplayed the eyes, with little or no eyeliner and eyeshadow.

Dior Couture Spring 2016: Details & Making

Here’s an embroidered tobacco wool bar coat and a dress. The embroidery uses sequins to create lily-of-the-valley in a pattern that’s evocative of panther fur motif from afar.

Bar jackets were seen a lot in this collection. Here’s one in black wool that is like a winter wardrobe essential.


Here’s a white cotton bar coat:IMG_9422My favorite part was when they became off-shoulder to make a ‘Bar’ coat dress – with embroidered shoulder straps attached to a silk and wool ‘coat dress’ with a sheer silk panel at the bottom.

And here’s a similar look in white:

This look is lovely – with a mix of textures and fabrics – all in off white. An off-white crop top is worn over a sheer silk off-white top that’s worn over a midi-skirt with embroidered panels in the same color. The look is about textures, architecture and volume.

Here’s an embroidered ‘Bar’ coat in dark navy, once again, with a sheer silk panel at the bottom. It’s worn over an embroidered off-white silk dress. Another one of my favorite looks.
This white dress has a similar lily-of-the-valley pattern like the Bar coat above. The flared mini-skirt part of the dress is also embroidered with black thread and gold sequins.

This long embroidered silk dress in light mauve has an off-shoulder and is worn over an off-shoulder black knitted silk top. The dress is flared with overall embroidery and a low waistline.
Here’s another long off-white silk dress – this time with an embroidered sheer silk shoulder and bottom panel and a voluminous silhouette below the shoulder.

So did you latest Dior couture SS16 collection? And did you enjoy seeing all the details and the work that went behind it? Lemme know! Comment below! 🙂

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