Bachelorette Party Necessities | Planning Checklist for a Fab Night

From theme ideas to the essential steps and bachelorette party necessities, here’s everything you need to know about how to plan a bachelorette party.

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Your BFF is going to step into a new phase of life, a stage where she won’t be a ‘miss’ anymore. Now when she is going to be the better half of the union to be, it’s time to celebrate singlehood one last time. It deserves to be memorable, fun, and unique for the to-be-bride indeed.

Bachelorette Party Necessities: How to Plan

Make Bride the Shining Star

Everything about the bachelorette party has to be about the bride. This is #1 among the bachelorette party necessities. Right from the beginning of the planning, make sure everything planned is up to her expectations. For this purpose, you can create a questionnaire for her. This way, you won’t bother her repeatedly while she is busy with the rest of the wedding planning or honeymoon packing.

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Set a Theme

Some people plan on giving a surprise bachelorette party, but it may not be the best idea. Every woman has different expectations from their bachelorette. Some expect a drunk wasted night; some prefer a slumber party. Some like an outing or a bacholerette trip. Some like a large party, some just prefer one or two close friends. So keep in mind that giving a surprise party might be a little disappointing for the bride to be.

gossip_girl_serena_blair_wedding_shower_party_breakfast_at_tiffanys_themeClassic themes include an adult night-out, dance-party or a weekend getaway for spa. Here are some other bachelorette party theme ideas:

  • A city tour to visit your fave childhood/college hang-outs
  • Wine-tasting
  • Beach party
  • Ice-cream or sorbet party
  • Biking trip
  • Picnic or drive outside the city
  • Pajama and spa party disguised as a vacation/weekend-getaway
  • A glam-night with professional makeup and hair lessons by a professional
  • A photo-shoot party
  • Camping trip
  • Kayaking weekend
  • A fantasy AirBnB bachelorette trip
  • Bachelorette tea party
  • Yoga retreat
  • Wellness weekend
  • Painting party
  • Ceramic or figure-drawing class with male models
  • Sailing trip.

planning a bacholerette party checklist essentials steps easy how to

Creating the Budget

The budget decides how elaborate this party is going to be. You being the planner of the party have to take care of the budget as well. You will have to apply your analytical and communication skills here. Think of all the bachelorette party necessities right from venue to food to transportation and gifts. As soon as the blueprint of the plan is ready, the budget has to be made. Make an estimate and tell your other friends about it. Talk to them, take their suggestions, and split the bill. Planning will become easy this way, and this bachelorette party won’t become a load on your pocket.

While budgeting the entire affair, make sure you estimate the amount on an upper edge. Make sure you keep a record of all the expenses, and if there is some cash left, you can redistribute it. For better transparency and convenience, you may create a google sheet and share it with the concerned members.

how to plan a bacholerette party themes ideas budget

Pen Down Everything

Be it tiniest of the expense, don’t forget to note it down. There are going to be many miscellaneous expenses popping up, and you can’t keep track of all the bachelorette party necessities and essentials. If the planning gets too overwhelming for you, get someone else to do this job. We understand, sometimes it gets too difficult to manage tasks and numbers simultaneously.

It is also advisable to make a checklist of everything days before the event comes into play. You cannot afford to miss out on anything.

Purchasing Party Items

You can’t imagine a party without decorations. For a bachelorette party, the items to be bought are not as general as a birthday party. They are more specific and require some thoughts to be put in, depending on your theme. If your work schedule doesn’t allow you enough time to go shopping, take help from the internet.planning a bacholerette party decoration essentials

Without wasting any time, you can find the decorations from any e-commerce site. If decorating a room or a party venue is not your thing, you can easily find some small firms who do the entire decoration task.

A themed cake is also one of the most important bachelorette party necessities. For the cake, you can order online from India Cakes. They deliver freshly baked cakes at any time you want.

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Execution and Delegation

The most challenging part is execution. It is the outcome of the months of planning and takes most efforts in the least span of time. No matter if it is a pajama party or a destination party, it doesn’t make any difference in the scale of importance. It is crucial because it’s a lifetime event for your friend, and it has to be on point. This is the step where you utilize the checklist we mentioned.

There will much to focus on, so it’s recommended to delegate the duties amongst your friends. It will be much easier to keep things on track. It will also instill a feeling of togetherness and belongingness. It’s a great way of resurrecting the old bond. And don’t forget to start by setting the date and then sending out a simple save-the-dates to the invitees.

Customize Some Games

This is the most fun part of the night. No party is complete without a couple of fun games that revive the memories of the good old days. Most of the secrets of the high school and college days are revealed in these games. Be ready with some spicy questions for these games and spare no one from participating in it.


Don’t Overplan

Make sure you do not get overly invested in this bachelorette party because that will make you overdo things. Since it is your plan, you will surely want everything to happen your way. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen this way. It is an informal event; we can’t expect everything to happen as scheduled.

Overplanning also tends to reduce the possibility of spontaneity, and spontaneity is fun. No bachelors can be fun without a tinge of adventure and thrill. That’s why don’t stuff your schedule with too many activities, leave space for people to socialize. Let the flow take over and guide you to the night. Be open to last-minute suggestions or changes by the bride and other invitees.

A Backup?

It may sound pessimistic, but you never know when a contingency pops up? You are the planner; you need to be farsighted. You cannot let anything come into your way, and that’s why you need a backup.

The backup could be a change or a shift in the plan, or ditching the plan and rushing into a club to get high on some loud music.

The bride has been waiting for this day for long, make this day worth it. There is no specific rule of planning a bachelorette; however, these tips will help you for the same.

planning a bacholerette party necessities essentials steps easy how to

When should you start planning a bachelorette party?

Ideally, you’ll need a good amount of time to plan the party, since it includes selecting and booking a venue, setting a theme after consulting the rest of your friends/bridesmaids, planning music, food and games. So start your bachelorette party planning at least 4 month in advance.

When to throw the bachelorette party?

It all depends on everybody’s pre-wedding schedules, especially the bride’s, since she may be busy with last-minute shopping, packing and of course, planning the wedding. Plus, planning the bachelorette party too close to the wedding may also be stressful for you and the rest of the bridesmaids. So it’s a good idea to plan it three or four weeks before the wedding.

bachelorette party necessities

Who to invite to the bachelorette party?

Of course, you’ll want to invite the friends of the bride and/or the bridesmaids. Even though the party, the venue and activities of the night are planned as a surprise to the bride, she should be in on the guest list. So be sure to consult with her on which friends, sisters or cousins she wants there. This will ensure the night is super-fun for her. And memorable. In a good way!

How to choose the theme for the bachelorette party?

Of course, this is where your knowledge of the bride’s tastes comes in. As the party is all about the bride, think of what she’ll enjoy. It’s her special last night hanging out freely as a single woman, with all her closest friends. So don’t think of the theme as what you want or what it “should” be like. If you’re still unsure, its’ okay to ask her.

planning a bacholerette party weekend getaway trip spa

How to decide if the party should be lavish or simple?

When it comes to the budget, it’s common for the bridesmaids to split it between them. There may be invitees who may not want to contribute at all. That’s okay, too. Either way, when split, the budget should be what everyone’s comfortable paying. It should not feel too heavy on the pocket to you or your friends, since the whole point is to enjoy, not worry. So once you have the estimate, do consult your friends about the budget and ask their opinion. Be open to their suggestions.

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Bachelorette Party Necessities/ Checklist & Steps

If you are the one taking responsibility for planning this bachelorette party, there is a lot to keep in mind. To help you with the planning, here we are providing some essential key points to refer to:

  1. Create a questionnaire for the bride to ask her expectations/dreams for the party. Ask whether she prefers it indoors or outdoors, in the city or outside, night-out or a fun day-time activity, large or just close friends, and lavish or plain?
  2. Set an invite list, consult the bride for this.
  3. Decide on a date, after making sure the bride and other invitees are free on that day.
  4. Start an email thread, face-to-face meeting or Google hangout with the invitees (except the bride) to brainstorm on the theme. If you’re unsure, ask the bride.
  5. Be sure there’s a Whatsapp group of all the invitees, so you can discuss things to the last-minute.
  6. Send out the save-the-dates well in advance (as soon as your date is set).
  7.  Once the theme is decided, start your Google excel sheet for a budget estimate. Include expenses like venue, food, activities, cake, transportation and decoration/gifts (if any). Share it with your friends and ask their opinions on how to share the expenses.
  8. Create your own checklist of what’s left to plan the perfect party, delegate some tasks to your friends.
  9. Plan some activities or fun games.
  10. Plan and shop the decorations or order online.
  11. Plan gifts and be sure to tell your invitees that gifts are not mandatory. No one should feel obligated.
  12. Plan music and backup activities.
  13. Plan the menu, and pre-order whatever you can/need to.
  14. Order a cake.
  15. Book the transportation to and from the venue for everyone.
  16. Plan your outfits!
  17. Send out the formal invitations to everyone, including the bride. Be sure everyone’s in the loop on timings.
  18. On the day of the party, keep following up with the invitees to be sure they can get ready/reach on time and get back home safely.
  19. Enjoy and be open to last-minute hang-ups and changes/requests by the bride!

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