7 Awesome Workstation Decor Ideas That’ll Brighten Up Your Mondays

Monday blues at office?! Not anymore! Discover our interesting list of workstation decor ideas to brighten up your mood instantly.

Image Credit: Everyday Office Supplies

Hey, gorgeous! The modern women today spends most of her time at work. Whether it’s corporate, home or new-age casual office, you don’t want your work space to be boring right? Even if you share your desk (startup workers, anyone?), it shouldn’t limit your workstation decor. You can have fun, quirky and personalized stuff to motivate yourself.

So, we have listed few cool and interesting workstation decor ideas. Let’s check them out!

Workstation Decor Ideas

1. Unique Personalized Coffee Mugs

If you’re a coffee lover and cannot part from your caffeine, then get your own personalized mug. Go for unique and quirky designs and add a personal touch by painting it with permanent markers or paint. I love the girl boss mug – that’s a cool one!

Image Credit: HP via Instagram
Image Credit: Katie Robert via Instagram

2. Photo Displays on Wall

If you have your own cubicle, Frame pictures of your loved ones or your artwork and hang it on the wall. This saves space and enlivens up the empty spaces near your desk.

Image Credit: Homeedit.com

You can also opt for polaroids. You can relive the memories by writing dates on them. Clip them on a string and hang them on the wall or you can stick them to your desk too!

Image Credit: Homeedit.com

3. Motivational Quotes at Workplace

If your workplace doesn’t allow you to have photographs, go for print-outs of motivational quotes. You can frame them or just pin them up at your work space. If you’re an artist, try hand lettering them yourself for a personal touch.

Image Credit: Everyday Office Supplies

4. Office Wall Art Decor Ideas

How cool would it be to have graffiti on your office walls? I’m sure that’d make it the coolest place to work. But that’s to much to ask for. LOL! So, you can create your own wall art by utilizing the vertical spaces.

Image Credit: IKEA

Instead of piling up the files, papers, notes and even your pens, you can organize them using file pockets. You can hang your pen stands on an iron rod.

Image Credit: IKEA

You can make use of your writing pads to save notes and important papers too. You can also add string lights (if you’re allowed to) for a bright look!

Image Credit: Everyday Office Supplies

If you’re in a creative field and have more pictoral illustrations, then you should definitely try the workstation decor idea from IKEA. Place mounted knobs on the wall and tie a thick bright ribbon and voila! You can clip on the illustrations, notes or pictures!

5. Indoor Plants at Work

Greenery at workplace can lift up your mood instantly. If you’re a plant lover, then get some indoor plants for your desk and you can have hanging plants on your wall, too. You can go for flower vases or a cactus if you feel it’s too difficult to maintain plants.

Image Credit: proflowers.com via Flickr
Image Credit: proflowers.com via Flickr

6. Patterned Wallpaper at Workstation

Use removable wallpapers on walls for an unconventional look. Go for interesting prints and patterns to make your workstation more exciting. But don’t go overboard with too many prints and colors. Keep it minimalistic and keep your work culture and surrounding in mind while choosing the right one.

Image Credit: Everyday Office Supplies
Image Credit: Everyday Office Supplies
Image Credit: Everyday Office Supplies

7. Quirky Desk Accessories

If workstation decor is not allowed, then go for some cool creative desk accessories. You can have personalized diaries, notepads, pens and cushions. Fun mouse pads and colorful keyboards are a great idea to make your workplace more interesting.

Image Credit: IKEA
cool mouse pad workstation decor quirky accessories
Image Credit: postergully.com
Image Credit: Everyday Office Supplies

8. Inspiration Board

Turn your pin-up board into an inspiration board by collecting images and texts that visually stimulate or inspire you and help you think of new ideas!

Image Credit: Homeedit.com

We are sure you’re inspired by our workstation decor ideas. How are you decorating your workplace? Let us know in the comments!

Happy decorating!

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