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Gender-Fluid Fashion for All!

August 2022 Issue |
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Model: Reza Moosavi (@rezamoosavi1); Photographer: Rose (Fatemeh Marzoughi @rosephotoart); Stylist: Komeil Mohammadi (@komeil_mohammadi); Hair: Komeil Ghorbani (@comeilghorbaniiii)

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Men’s Fashion Trends 2022 | 11 Styles to Look Out for

by Staff Writer/ Fashion Journalist Akarshi Srivastava

Cover Story

We’ve looked at 15+ designer collections, a slew of celebrity trends, and the Instagram feeds of the biggest fashion influencers to help you revive your wardrobe. 

1. Androgynous

Genderless clothing is progressively finding its way into mainstream culture as a fashion movement. Thanks to young celebrities and fashion designers, people of all genders and sexual orientations are defying conventions with their clothing choices, hairstyles, accessories, makeup, and more.

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