Audrey O. (Vol.2 E9) Comic – Masks and Expressions

Audrey O. is adjusting to the post-Covid life, but one thing she still hasn’t got used to is wearing a mask. Not just uncomfortable, masks also “hides her expression”.

After a whole pandemic-stricken year, we’ve all gotten pretty much used to quarantine and wearing masks. We’ve understood the problems and also the benefits of quarantine. But one thing I haven’t still gotten used to is wearing a mask!

In India, thankfully due to early lockdowns and country-wide quarantines, we’re now very close to achieving herd immunity. So now when you go out, you see very few people even bothering to wear masks. Of course, some are more careful than others, as always. But for the majority of us, we still wear them when we go out, only to find it as uncomfortable as we’ve always found them!

Like seriously, after a few minutes, I feel I can’t breathe and for the majority of the year, I’ve even avoided going out because of how uncomfortable masks are (of course, I didn’t want to get sick either!). Anyway, looks like Audrey O. is going through a few struggles of her own that come along with wearing masks…

Audrey O. Comic Strip (Vol.2 E9) – Masks and Expressions

audrey-o-comic-v2e9-cartoon-Coronavirus-Lockdown quarantine masks-and-expression

Well, Audrey, I’m so glad that not being able to be as expressive is the biggest trouble you’re facing right now!

So what about you all? Have you gotten used to wearing masks? Are you still wearing them or skipping them? And how many masks do you have in your drawer? Lemme know all about your experiences below!

Muaah <3

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