Audrey O. (Vol.1 E8) – The Party Gown

Audrey O. has to go to a party and Coco suggests she wear a party gown that gets Audrey loads of compliments. But let’s see how it turns out for her…

Hey everyone! It’s Saturday night, and I’m posting today’s episode of Audrey O. just now, because my dad’s in town to meet me, and you all know how exciting that can get! But nonetheless, I finally finished all the sketching and compiling.

Today’s episode of really fun, because for the first time, Audrey O. is seen in a different dress and hair. Let’s she what she wears!

Audrey O. (Vol.1 E8) – The Party Gown

You know those parties we just can’t wear the comfy clothes to? And you know those dresses we love wearing that are so uncomfy that we don’t actually “love” wearing them as soon as we put them on? Yes, that’s what today’s episode is about. Audrey O. has to go to a fancy party, and her flared skirt just won’t do. At least that’s what Coco seems to think. But who are we to argue with her? Afterall, her choice of gown got Audrey so many compliments! Let’s see how it turns out for her…


Coco quoted Blair from Gossip Girl, “Fashion knows not of comfort.” So true, and even more so is what Audrey O. says, “Why do the pretty dresses have to be so uncomfortable?” Why?

It seems Audrey O. will take Coco’s fashion advice again despite the discomfort. Or won’t she? But at least she won’t wear this designer gown again. Or will she?

You lemme know what you think. Do you have any such dresses? And do you choose comfort over style or style over comfort? Comment below! Lemme know!

Muaah XOXO 🙂

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