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Audrey O. (Vol.1 E5) – Sick Leave

Does it ever happen with you that when you really, really want something, you get it? Audrey O. didn’t want to go to work, and she didn’t have to. Or rather, didn’t get to!

Hey everyone! Audrey O. is back this Saturday with a new episode! Hope you’ve been following our weekly comic series. If you’ve missed on any of the previous episodes, check out the webpage Audrey O. Comics and also follow her on Audrey O. Facebook page!

Audrey O. (Vol.01 E5) – Sick Leave

I’ve been sick all week, and so obviously, I decided to make a comic about it! Because what better way to heal than with the medicine of humor! And sure, I worked all week but Audrey didn’t want to. So with an unfortunate twist of fate, she didn’t get to! But how did that turn out for her?

So let’s see what Audrey O. does when she’s unwell!


Aww! Hope Audrey O. gets well soon, and also hope I do too, so I can draw the cartoon without a headache! 😛

So how did you like this latest episode of Audrey O.? Comment below! Lemme know!

Muaah! 🙂 XOXO

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