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What is fashion all about – Coco tackles the age old question on her blog, and gives us an unexpected answer. Let’s hear it from the fashion guru herself!

Hey everyone! Today’s episode is a little different. Ever since I developed the character of our favorite cat, Coco, I’ve always thought of her as a sage, the ultimate guru. But of course, just like Audrey, she’s still also a modern working woman. Her work was revealed early on, when in Audrey O. Vol. 1 E05: Sick Leave, she was writing a blog post about shoes. However, we didn’t find out if she was a lifestyle blogger, a fashion blogger or something else. But she’s revealed to be a serious professional, wanting to complete her post before the work day was over. I always thought that with her work ethics, the quality of work was gonna be high – her blog was going to be sassy, witty and of course, wise.

Audrey O. (Vol.1 E39) – What is Fashion All About

Coco’s blog article titled “What Fashion Really Is: The Secret is Out!” is undoubtedly wise – just like her. Just in time for this season’s fashion weeks, Coco spreads some wisdom and tells us what fashion is all about.

While mere fashion bloggers like myself talk about clothes and accessories, Coco questions the whole meaning of fashion in relation to these materialistic things. For her, fashion is beyond them, it’s even beyond personal style. Let’s find out what is fashion all about from Coco herself, and how we can be fashionable, too!

audrey-o-comic-girl-s1e39-coco What is Fashion All About cocos-blog-funny-joke-cartoon

Well, Coco, we’d love to learn to walk like you. Maybe a YouTube catwalk tutorial from you would be helpful!

So, everyone please let Coco know how much we’d love her to post a tutorial on how to really walk! Did you guys like tonight’s episode? Give me your feedback @shilpa1ahuja! And also lemme know your thoughts on the meaning of fashion: what is fashion all about according to you? Don’t forget to follow Audrey O. on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @audreyocomics!

Muaah 🙂

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